Sunday, August 28, 2011

[PERF] 110828 Super Junior - Mr.Simple @ Inkigayo {Heechul's Last Stage}


Winning + Encore

Credit : CrazyCarrotNew310@youtube

[Eng Sub]

Credit : MrSarangKpop5@youtube

My Comment :
Heechul oppa, We (ELF) will always stay there for you.. And I will be the no.1 backup fans who will cheer you when after 2years you come back from military.. We always do love you.. You popularity on SJ was still always the highest.. ♥

Saturday, August 27, 2011

[PERF] Super Junior - Mr.Simple & ShinMin Emcee @ Music Core

Mr.Simple + ShinMin Emcee

Credit : snowhyun@youtube

My Comment :
Yeah!! My long waited Sungmin oppa has finally learn to be part of Music Core Emcee. ^^ His aegyo has never gone.=D I love this aegyo king more and more everyday when I saw him ^^

Friday, August 26, 2011

[PERF] 110826 Super Junior - Superman & Mr.Simple @ Daegu IAAF World Championships

Superman + Talking + Mr.Simple

Credit : hyhae0415@youtube

[PERF] 110826 Super Junior - Mr.Simple @ Music Bank

Mr.Simple + Winning + Encore Stage

Credit : tear916@youtube

My Comment :
OMO!!! Today Sungmin oppa is extremely super duper HOT!! He look sooo great with his sunglasses. Really super love today stage... Sorry to be so bias.. But I think every ELF should agree with me too right?? xD Besides that, Heechul look so charisma too!! I will never miss any stage or any chance to see Heechul oppa on stage till 31st of August.. T.T I'm gonna miss you!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

[PERF] 110825 Super Junior - Mr.Simple & Sorry Sorry @ Mnet Countdown

Mr.Simple + Sorry Sorry + Winning + Encore Stage

Credit : MrSarangKpop5@youtube

My Comment :
Sad to see only 7 members perform the whole Sorry Sorry stage.. =( But anyway, I hope Donghae injured could faster cure then all ELF could see uri Donghae oppa on the stage performing with the other members.. ^^ Beside that, every ELF must have know that Heechul is going to leave soon for military service right?? All Heechul fans must be really sad, but lets all wish the best for him and wish to see the real man of Heechul after 2 years.. Saranghae~ <3

Sunday, August 21, 2011

[PERF] 110821 Super Junior - Sorry Sorry & Mr.Simple @ Open Concert

Sorry Sorry + Mr.Simple

Credit : aboutkorea1@youtube

[PERF] 110821 Super Junior - Mr.Simple @ Inkigayo

Edited post from Admin Ivy

Special Dance Stage Performance feat f(x) Victoria + Mr.Simple + Winning + Encore

Credit : snowhyun@youtube

My Comment :
OMG!! The dance stage was super duper DAEBAK!! ^^ When Kyuhyun came out, I misunderstand thought that was Eunhyuk, then I was thinking 'When did Eunhyuk change his clothes so fast?' xD End up that is not Eunhyuk but is Kyuhyun.. I think many ELF misunderstand too when they first saw Kyuhyun with the yellow jacket. =D

Saturday, August 20, 2011

[PERF] 110820 Super Junior - Mr.Simple Performance @ Music Core

EunHae Emcee Cuts + Mr.Simple Performance

Credit : asia182h@youtube

My Comment : Wahhhh!! Eunhae emcees again... Good Good!! Really love to see them together ^^ Next week will be Shindong and Sungmin turn to be emcee.. ^^ Can't wait for next week episode. =D

Friday, August 19, 2011

[PERF] 110819 Super Junior - Mr.Simple Performance @ Music Bank

Backstage Interview + Mr.Simple Performance + Winning + Encore Stage

Credit : mykikiikyu3@youtube

My Comment : Owhhhhh!! Sungmin stand infront during the backstage interview.. So proud for him ^^ KyuMin~ Besides that, the 'Beyonce' encore stage really awesome!! Congratulation once again to uri oppa~ <3

Thursday, August 18, 2011

[VIDEO] 110818 Super Junior - CeCi Magazine Fashion Movie

Ceci Official Fashion Movie

Credit : Mysaeleedonghae1015@youtube

Comment : Bad Guy Look vs Good Guy Look.. Which type of guy do you like? I will of course choose Sungmin (which is the bad guy look). This does not mean I like bad guy.. I just like him... ^^ As long his heart is not bad.. The look was nothing to me.. xD

[PERF] 110818 Super Junior - Mr.Simple @ Mnet Countdown

Super Junior Cuts

Mr.Simple Performance

Winning + Encore

Credit : hyhae0415@youtube

My Comment : Yeah!! Congratulation oppa for winning the again.. Tomorrow must win again... ^^

Sunday, August 14, 2011

[PERF] 110814 Super Junior 'Mr.Simple' @ Inkigayo

Super Junior 'Mr.Simple'

My Comment :
I was keep thinking that Super Junior can crown their Mr.Simple song for the third time on today's stage.
But... It was 2NE1 who won.
I couldn't believe this till I saw one post on my Facebook homepage. She said : It was not SJ who lose to 2NE1, they didn't won is because Inkigayo rules was to count the album sales and everything after 2 weeks a particular singer made their comeback stage.
Oh! Thanks God!! At least, they are not at the bottom. ^^

Credit : MrSarangKpop4 @ Youtube

Saturday, August 13, 2011

[PERF] 110813 Super Junior 'Mr.Simple' @ Music Core

Eunhyuk and Donghae (EunHae) MC

Super Junior 'Mr.Simple'

My Comment :
LOL!! I thought the EunHae MC was on last week. But I waiting to watch, end up don't have. >< I didn't it was my mistake, it was actually on this week.. xD
Anyway, really enjoy watching them become part of Music Core MC for today! ^^

Credit : LiveSuperJunior & MrSarangKpop4 @ Youtube

Thursday, August 11, 2011

[PERF] 110812 Super Junior 'Mr.Simple' Second Crown @ Music Bank

Super Junior Back Stage Interview

Super Junior 'Mr.Simple + Winning Speech + Encore Stage'

My Comment :
Today stage was much awesome compare to last week comeback on Music Bank, but they cut the part for Leeteuk and Shindong singing part.. So it was not complete.. ><
Anyway, I still do enjoy the performance so much ^^
Once again, congratulation to Super Junior, who won for the second time for this week. =D
Yesung 'break dance' will be shown for encore stage.. xD

Credit : MrSarangKpop4 @ Youtube

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[PERF] 110811 Super Junior Comeback Stage @ M! Countdown

Super Junior 'Superman + Mr.Simple + Winning Speech + Encore Stage

My Comment : Congratulation to Super Junior!! This is their first winning after releasing 'Mr.Simple'. Chukhahae~

Credit : MrSarangKpop4 @ Youtube

Sunday, August 7, 2011

[PERF] 110807 Super Junior Comeback Stage @ Inkigayo

Super Junior 'Superman + Mr.Simple'

Me : OMO!! Sungmin and Shindong playing during the interview.. So cuteeee~ ^^ [So sorry that I couldn't find the video for the interview section]
I really like the style Inkigayo camera man record the performance, cause I get to watch some parts that MB and MC never shown. ^^

Credit : MrSarangKpop4 @ Youtube

Saturday, August 6, 2011

[VARIETY/PERF] 110806 Super Junior Kyuhyun @ KBS Immortal Song

Kyuhyun and G.O.D Son Ho Young sang G.O.D 'Lie 거짓말' for Immortal Song

My Comment : I love the ballad version of this song... All thanks to Kyuhyun who sang this. ^^
It's okay even though you lose in this show but you won many fans heart out there.. Aja Aja Hwaiting!!

Credit : arirang7soul7 @Youtube

[PERF] 110806 Super Junior's Comeback Stage @ Music Core

Super Junior 'Superman + Mr.Simple'

Comment from ME : Today Sungmin and Donghae SUPER DUPER handsome! ^^

Credit : MrSarangKpop4 @ Youtube

Friday, August 5, 2011

[PERF] 110805 Super Junior Comeback Stage @ Music Bank

Super Junior's backstage Interview [Eng Sub]

Super Junior Comeback Stage 'Superman + Mr.Simple'

Credit : MrSarangKpop4 @ Youtube

Thursday, August 4, 2011

[Fan-chant] 110804 Super Junior Official 'Mr.Simple' fan-chant

* FanChant might change *

[Cr: SME Official Website]

Because You Naughty, Naughty Hey! Mr. Simple Because You Naughty, Naughty
(슈.퍼.주.니.어 미.스.터.심.플 슈.퍼.주.니.어 미.스.터.심.플) 데레데데데~ 슈주 간다!
( Mis.ter.sim.ple Mis.ter Sim.ple ) ( SuJu KanDa! )

세상이 내 맘대로 안 된다고 화만 내면 안 돼 그럴 필요 없지 (조규현) ( Cho KyuHyun )
걱정도 팔자다 작은 일에 너무 연연하지 말자 몸에 좋지 않아 (최시원) ( Choi SiWon )

성적이 좋았다가 나빴다가 그런 거지 뭐 흥! 실적이 올랐다가 떨어졌다 그런 때도 있지 (긴희철) ( Kim HeeChul )
어쩌면 괜찮아 쉬어 가는 것도 좋아 모든 것이 때, 때, 때, 때, 때가 있는 거니까 (이동해) ( Lee DongHae )

그대가 남자라면 친굴 만나 술 한 잔에 털어버리고 (Alright!) [김종운] ( Kim JongWoon ) Alright (Alright)
그대가 여자라면 친굴 만나 수다 떨어 날려버리고 (Alright!) [김려욱] ( Kim RyeoWook ) Alright, Alright

봐라 Mr. Simple, Simple 그대는 그대는 그대로 멋져 ( Mon-cheo )
봐라 Miss Simple, Simple 그대는 그대로 예뻐 (S J Call!)
봐라 Mr. Simple, Simple 그대는 그대는 그대로 멋져 ( Mon-cheo )
봐라 Miss Simple, Simple 그대는 그대로 예뻐 (S J Call!)

가자 가자 어서 가자 막혔을 땐 돌아가자 골치 아파 죽겠다면 오늘 하루만 놀고 보자
안 그래도 거친 세상 죽어라 뛰면 나만 지쳐 기다려봐 아껴둬 봐 너의 날이 곧 올 테니까

Blow Your Mind 가라 Mr. Simple
Blow Your Mind 때가 왔잖아 두려워 말고
Blow Your Mind 가자 Mr. Simple
Blow Your Mind 때가 왔잖아 준비 됐잖아

속 썩는 일이 한 두 가지 아닌 세상에 우린 살아 그건 애도 알아 (이성민) ( Lee SungMin )
뭐 이렇게 어렵나 우리 잘 먹고 잘 자고 또 잘하면 그렇게 하면 되지 (박정수) ( Park JungSoo )

그대가 화가 나면 친굴 만나 뒷담화로 풀어버리고 (Alright!) [김려욱] ( Kim RyeoWook ) Alright (Alright)
그대가 괴롭다면 노래 불러 소리 질러 날려버리고 (Alright!) [이혁재] ( Lee HyukJae ) Alright, Alright

봐라 Mr. Simple, Simple 그대는 그대는 그대로 멋져 ( Mon-cheo )
봐라 Miss Simple, Simple 그대는 그대로 예뻐 (S J Call!)
봐라 Mr. Simple, Simple 그대는 그대는 그대로 멋져 ( Mon-cheo )
봐라 Miss Simple, Simple 그대는 그대로 예뻐 (S J Call!)

Dance 자유란 게 뭐 그리 별거 있나 Just Get It (박정수) ( Park JungSoo )Get It
소소한 일탈의 재미 둥둥둥 쿵쿵쿵 (Dong Dong Dong Kung Kung Kung )
살아있는 그댈 느끼고 싶나 Just Grab It (신동희) ( Shin DongHee ) Grab It
가슴 뛰는 내 꿈들의 얘기 둥둥둥 쿵쿵쿵 ( Dong Dong Dong Kung Kung Kung )

(Because You Naughty, Naughty)

이제 걱정 하지마 앞엔 좋은 날이 올 거야 심각한 얘긴 다 뒤로 미뤄두고
오늘은 밝게 웃어봐 그대의 환한 웃음에 모두 기분 좋아져

봐라 Mr. Simple, Simple 그대는 그대는 그대로 멋져 ( Mon-cheo )
봐라 Miss Simple, Simple 그대는 그대로 예뻐 (S J Call!)
봐라 Mr. Simple, Simple 그대는 그대는 그대로 멋져 ( Mon-cheo )
봐라 Miss Simple, Simple 그대는 그대로 예뻐 (S J Call!)

가자 가자 어서 가자 막혔을 땐 돌아가자 골치 아파 죽겠다면 오늘 하루만 놀고 보자
안 그래도 거친 세상 죽어라 뛰면 나만 지쳐 기다려봐 아껴둬 봐 너의 날이 곧 올 테니까

Blow Your Mind 가라 Mr. Simple
Blow Your Mind 때가 왔잖아 두려워 말고
Blow Your Mind 가자 Mr. Simple
Blow Your Mind 가라 Mr. Simple

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[MV] 110803 Super Junior 'Mr.Simple' Official Music Video

Official Music Video upload by SM Entertainment.

 Credit : SM Town @ Youtube

[MISC] 110803 Super Junior 'Mr.Simple' Official Press Conference

'Mr.Simple' Press Conference

Event = Super Junior the 5th album 'Mr. Simple' official press conference
When = August 4th, 2011 at 11:30am (Thursday)
Where = Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul

Q1) About the comeback
Leeteuk : Top of the K-pop! Leader of Global Korean Wave! Super Junior came back with the 5th album 'Mr. Simple!' We felt pressure while preparing the 5th album but I believe those pressures will change to expectations by receiving love from our fans. We will present you a great performance at tomorrow's comeback stage.
Sungmin : We know that a lot of fans from various countries are cheering for us. There are a lot of countries that we couldn't visit, so with this album, we would try our best to visit countries as much as we can and perform.
Eunhyuk : I think we are making the comeback with great expectation from public so we are also very excited. Right now, the atmosphere of our team is better than ever so I believe we will perform in best condition.

Q2) About the album
Leeteuk : The title song, 'Mr. Simple' expresses the best strength of Super Junior. Since the title of the song is 'Mr. Simple,' I hope you can focus more on lyrics and relieve your stress from daily life.
Shindong : We have prepared great dance performances by discussing within the team so the teamwork should be the best ever. We tried to organize the dance which only 10 members can present. (Dance by Eunhyuk)
Yesung : The 5th album includes 13 songs and I want to recommend the ballad song 'Memories' because all members participated for this song. Even though Shindong and Eunhyuk are rappers, they also participated for this ballad song so I think it means a lot to us.
Ryeowook : Donghae wrote a song for the album and its melody and lyrics are great.
Donghae : Yes, I wrote the song 'Y' and it's medium tempo R&B ballad song. The lyric is about the love story which I personally experienced. I hope that many of you can enjoy the song.
Heechul : I think the 5th album is very charming, like the good looks of our members~!
Kyuhyun : We have filmed the music video in Korean and Japanese so it was a tough schedule. I would like to appreciate for all the hard work we did. Good work guys~!

Q3) To Taiwanese fans
Siwon : Like Eunhyuk said, we will try to arrange a lot of occasions that we can express our feelings to fans worldwide.
Donghae : At first, we were scheduled to film the drama for 6 months in Taiwan but we had to reduce it to 3months because of preparation for the 5th album. I sincerely appreciate for the staffs who understood our situation. I think the drama will be on air before the end of this year. I hope everyone can enjoy it.

Q4) Last speech
Leeteuk : We would like to thank all the people who waited for our album. There is a saying in Asia, '馬不停蹄,' which means 'running horse never stops its horseshoe.' Like the saying, we will present our stages for 24hours, 365 days a year! Thank you fans!!! We'll do our best for the 5th album!

Credit : SM Town @ Youtube


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