Sunday, January 3, 2010

[NEWS] 091229 No other group will replace Hankyung at "Over the edge" concert

Stars like Wang Lee Hom, Jolin Tsai, Super Junior, Li Yuchun and other artists has been gathered for the “Over the edge” concert held on the 16 of next month. However, with issues HanGeng going solo, fans are afraid that Super Junior might cancel the concert due for that day. Yesterday, SM representatives released a statement saying that, even if HanGeng doesn’t turn up for the concert, the concert would not be cancelled.

The recent case of HanGeng and SM Entertainment contract issues has been a rage in the entertainment circle, and because of HanGeng’s case, the concert scheduled might be affected . According to reports, SM Entertainment has collaborated Henry and Zhang Li Yin to form a new group in place of Super Junior, so as to replace them in any major events. This group will perform on the 30 December event, and the most anticipated event, the Mango Station’s New Year concert, might also have to settle for the replacement group. Our reporter was able to contact the person-in-charge, and they stated that even if HanGeng is unable to turn up, they will definitely not allow Henry and Zhang Li Yin to replace, but instead, to invite the other Super Junior members to turn up. At the same time, our reporter also understands that the management is requesting for the rest of the Super Junior members to attend the “Over the edge” concert.

However, in terms of the sales of concert tickets, Super Junior’s fans makes up most of the sales, since Li Yuchun’s fans isn’t particularly interested in this concert, perhaps due to the recent concert Li Yuchun held in Beijing on the 26th.

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