Saturday, August 28, 2010

[COMPETITION] Breakers: Want to battle Jay Park & other bboys in Seoul?

Calling all b-boys and b-girls… The Seoul Dream Series has launched a new competition for breakdancers worldwide to show off their greatest moves online for a chance to battle Jay Park, Bruce Lee (not to be confused with the Chinese martial arts icon), Vero, Pocket, Skim and Rookie right in Seoul!

As a government-sponsored program designed to promote tourism in Korea, the Seoul Dream Series has featured TVXQ, Super Junior, Girl’s Generation and Rain in past commercials. Last year’s singing contest gave two lucky winners a free trip to Seoul, the opportunity to meet TVXQ, Super Junior and SNSD and a chance to participate in the official recording of the later-released Seoul Song.

Without further ado, check out the contest teaser below!

Want to win a trip to Seoul and get a chance to have a b-boy battle with Jay Park and some of the top b-boys in Seoul?

For more information, go to

The contest starts in early September. B-boys in Seoul will show you their moves, and you have to post a video response showing your best moves! The top 6 will be chosen to fly to Seoul and have a 6-on-6 battle with these b-boys in Seoul.

The contest starts in the first week of September, so be ready!!!!

Stay tuned by subscribing to the Seoul City Youtube channel

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New photos of Seoul everyday

See you soon!

Music by FUSIK

Credit : Allkpop 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Kim Jong Woon Oppa! ♥

All the best oppa! ^^
 생일축하해 우리예성오빠!
Happy Birthday uri Yesung @ Kim Jong Woon Oppa! ♥
Wish you all the best oppa!
Stay healthy oppa! =D

Translation tweet from Yesung (credit to MYSJ@twitter) :
@shfly3424: 27th birthday ... I'm very happy that I can be together with families .. People who I'm really thankful, cause you always stay by my side and support me so that I can become the Yesung now.. Thank you ..
RT @shfly3424: 27번째 생일 ... 가족과 함께할수있어서 너무행복합니다 .. 지금에 예성이가 될수있도록 항상제옆에서 힘되어주시는 정말고마운분들.. 고맙습니다 ..


Saturday, August 21, 2010



Do ELF miss KiBum oppa?
I really miss him so much!
I miss him, I also miss the moment when he with his oppa and dongsaeng playing together.
I miss his ENGLISH!
I miss his RAP!
I miss his VOICE!

I hope he can do his best in his job.
Enjoy your life oppa!
All the best opaa!
Don't forget to stay contact with ELF and SJ oppa!

P.S : ELF, you can leave comment here to wish KiBum oppa Birthday!


Kibum Wink~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

[SHOW] Super Junior Purpose {ENG SUB}

All ELF sure will LOVE this video after watching it.
Cause I'm the same too. XD
Leave some comment after watching it.
Share with everyone which purpose you like the most?

Credit : whiteblonde11@youtube

[SHOW] 070629 Super Junior - MNET Starwatch {ENG SUB}

Credit : SJinlove@youtube

[SHOW] Super Junior - Line Up Cut {ENG SUB}

I love this video so much. But I'm not sure what show is this video from. If you know and have the link for this full show, would you mind to share the links with me and other fans here? =D Thanks

After watching this video, please do post a comment and tell me which speech you like the most and give me a reason. Thank you! [Don't be afraid to leave comments here, I'm will be happy if I see your comment. =D]

My Comment : My favourite speech in this video is Leetuek's speech 'Anyunghashimnika??' That's just too cute for him to say it. ^^ Other then that, Donghae loud greeting is very cool too! XD Lastly I will like to say Kibum shyness is so cute and funny. =D {Please share some comment over here kay?} Thank you!

 P.S : I watch this more then 5 times and I still really can't stop laughing and watching it. This is just to nice to spend my time. XD

Credit : hudamax92@youtube

[SHOW] Happy Day with Super Junior {ENG SUB}

Credit : SJinlove@Youtube

[SHOW] Super Junior Story and their Success {ENG SUB}

Credit : ohsnapitslouise@youtube


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