Monday, October 18, 2010

[MY SHARING] EunTeuk in my Dream~

You can find the running part from this MV ^^

Hahahaha... One word to describe my dream 'FUNNY' XD
Wanna know what so funny??
Here you go~ This is how my dream look like :
I'm in shopping mall, just came out from the wash room.
Female and Male washroom is like opposite only right?
Then when I just came out, I saw 2 guys with familiar faces.
Guess who, they really look like Leeteuk and Eunhyuk oppa. XD
When I want to look closely to confirm myself.
Then when they notice I know them, then they quickly ran. [you can imagine it like those cartoon running or maybe SuJu Happy the song name called 'Yoriwang / Cooking Cooking' that type of running.]
Then I was like Sunny ran to chase them.
While running, I get to catch Leeteuk. I forget how was it look like. ^^
Then I cuddle his arm like couple type and ask him a question :
I : 你是Leeteuk Oppa 吗?[Trans : Are you Leeteuk Oppa?]
LT : 我不是。[Trans : No, I'm not]
I : 你当然不是Leeteuk oppa 啦。[Trans : Of course you are not Leeteuk Oppa.]
[Why did I said like this, is just because he replied me in mandarin, so I say he is not Leeteuk Oppa. But his face is like 99% look like Leeteuk oppa and same goes to Eunhyuk oppa too. ] ^^
Then I continued my conversation with him by saying one more sentence :
I : 我不理, 你一定要跟我拍照。[Trans : I don't care, you still must take a picture with me.]
So I cuddle his arm and take photo with him. It's like we are really close friend ^^ 
Don't worry, there is someone helping us to hold the camera. =D
Then after taking photo with him, I ask him to called Eunhyuk oppa to come here.
Why need to called is because he ran away until I can't catch him too.
So I ask Leeteuk Oppa to called Eunhyuk oppa here, so that I can take photo with him too... XD
That's all my dream~
Was it FUNNY?
I feel it is super funny..
Cause even when I just wake up I have slightly smile on my face and telling myself 'THIS IS JUST A DREAM' Hahahahaha~
Why can't I dream of Sungmin only.
But I still satisfied just by dreaming all members. ^^
Are you hoping to listen more to my dream story?
Then hope you will wait with patient ^^
See ya~
Sweet dream my dears. ^^

Thursday, October 14, 2010

[101015] Saengil Chukahae Donghae Oppa ♥

생일축하해 우리동해오빠!! 사랑해요!
Wish you all the best for now and your future.
Stay Healthy oppa!!
And do always stick with Eunhyuk and Sungmin Oppa!!
I don't mind to share you with Eunhyuk oppa!!
But please do remember me.
I will forever support you and Super Junior forever and never end.
Oppa Hwaiting!! Super Junior Hwaiting!!

[MV] G20 - Let's Go

OMGosh!! This is really awesome... ^^ The song is really DAEBAK too!! ^^ G20 Jjang!!

Credit : kyunerdful@youtube

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Henry!!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

[AUDIO/MP3] Lee Seung Gi - Hoi Hoi Song

Have you heard before this Hoi Hoi Song?
This is a song from 'My Girlfriend is a nine-fox tail'
I really love this song.
Cause is a song Dae woong sing for Mi Ho.
It is a song which contains love to her girlfriend.
Hope you girls and guys will like it. ^^

Credit : jstasimplesub2@youtube

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[NEWS] 101004 2PM, Kara, and Super Junior to be judges for MBC’s ‘The Birth of a Great Star Audition’

Last month, it was revealed that broadcast company MBC would be doing their own version of Mnet’s ‘Superstar K‘ called ‘The Birth of a Great Star Audition,’ where they audition people from around the world to find the next great star.

Well, it has been revealed that for the global auditions, Korea’s top representative idol stars will participate as the judges for countries that they are associated with, or have ties to. 2PM will judge in Thailand, Kara for Japan, and Super Junior will officiate over hopefuls in China.

It’s quite surprising that they chose idols because judges are usually veterans who have years of experience as artists.

Some of the netizens revealed their opinions in this matter, stating, “Do young idols have the right to judge?,” “How can idols who are being trained judge?” and “The participants can probably do better judging.”

Perhaps they chose idols to attract more participants, or to stand out from other programs.

In any case, ‘The Birth of a Great Star Audition’ is organized to have a 20-episode season, and will have its first 70-minute live-broadcast on Friday, November 5th at 9:55PM KST.

Source: Nate

Photo: The Birth of a Great Star Audition


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