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Happy Birthday Ryeowook Oppa! ♥ /

Today is our SJ Ryeowook Oppa Birthday!
Saegilchukahamnida Ryeowook oppa! =D
I see that you guys are having lot's of fun this morning. XD
It's nice to see your happy smile ^^
Hope we can see this smile last forever and ever.

Once again! Wish you all the best oppa and stay healthy!
4Jib and SS3 asia tour daebak.
Oppas Fighting!
Uri Super Juni~OR! Uri ELF~OR!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

[INFO] Final sales and Final award

Time flies, and Bonamana has already been out for a month. Super Junior’s 3rd album is very popular in every corner in Asia, and we can still feel the heat of Sorry Sorry. However, what is in front of us is the 4th album Bonamana,and sadly to say,that’s very probably our last album.

We should not stick in the success of Sorry Sorry, and we should not stick in 200,000 pre-order of Bonamana. We still have a lot more to do.
We think the title song Bonamana is great and catchy, but does anyone know how the Koreans respond to this new song?
In fact, their position in Korea is not high, and SM does not really want to promote the group.From the low-cost MV, we can see how the company thinks about the group.
The result of SJ is all their effort

And how about the result of the 4th album? We won MB(Music Bank) for 3 weeks continuously, and everytime it depended on Album Sales. When our album sales were high, the total score was high. And when the sales fell, the total score dropped immediately. Last week we were in the 4th place, this week we were in the 5th. This is the 4th Album that we have been longing for, do you just want to end it now??

And Album Sales took a major part for the winning groups of these two weeks.
Although Digital Scores make up a greater portion, it is not easy to boost it up right away. Moreover, as overseas ELFs, we cannot listen through Melon and Bugs, so we basically can help nothing.

Korean ELF suggestion: to help SJ get back the 1st place, the quickest and best way will be boosting the album sales.

Lets look at our Album Sales data from Hanteo:
Week 1(5/13——5/16):A ver.-62270,B ver.-not released (MB Album score12145)
Week 2(5/17——5/23):A ver.-41204,B ver.-28417 (MB Album score10387)
Week 3(5/24——5/30):A ver.-6286,B ver.-11053 (MB Album score5505)
Week 4(5/31——6/6):A ver.-4603,B ver.-3603 (MB Album score2394)
Week 5(6/7——6/13):A ver.-2811,B ver.-836 (MB Album score1917)
Week 6(6/14——6/20):A ver.-687,B ver.-620(until 18/6)

See our sales record? Do you think we can win again?

Do you think we can get 13 champions as EunHyuk has said in Twitter?
Getting 13 champions has always been SJ members’ dream, and we missed that for the 3rd album. Will they still have the chance to get 13 champions? Probably this is the last chance. From the 13-member group to the 12-member Sorry Sorry, from the 12-member SS2 to the 11-member SS2, and now is the 10-member 4th album and SS3. We have gone through so much, and do we still don’t know what is in front of us?

HeeChul is happy to see lots of ELF cheering for them in live shows and they received lots of presents from ELF , but he said in Young Street, “I don’t need any cheering and present, but I want to see the sales of the 4th album reaching 500,000.”
Can you see it? SJ’s expectation, SJ’s effort for Bonamana. HeeChul’s leg is not that well because of the accident in 2006. He appeared in the last part of Sorry Sorry for 4 seconds only because he couldn’t dance violently, but for Bonamana, he danced for the whole song. And KyuHyun, who was never considered as a dancer, is one of the main dancers of Bonamana. Please remember that he had a serious car accident three years ago, and almost lost his life. During Bonamana’s practice, he had also hurt his leg. And our leader LeeTeuk, while having a very packed schedule, he is practicing for Bonamana every day. These causes his waist hurting again and again, and unable to sit well.

Our old members LeeTeuk and HeeChul both said in the Fan Meeting that they have already reached the age to get into the army, and the end of next year will be the latest time.
Please don’t expect SJ still can be on the stage without some members.Kangin is going to join the army in July and be back 2 yrs later.Then the other members in and out for 2 yrs and 2 yrs alternatively.How many 2 yrs we have to wait for the next album?Also,without core members,SJ will not be as popular as now.We can only expect the 4th album is our most brilliant era.Reality is reality.

That’s why they put everything on the 4th album, hoping that we can go through it, and then we may still be able to see SJ on stage. If the 4th is not going to succeed, the chance to see them again is very small.Leeteuk said in Strong Heart:”Nothing lasts forever.”
Why do they have to work so hard? All because they want SJ to continue.Do you share the same thought with them?

The music score of Bonamana is not ideal. During Sorry Sorry period, even though we didn’t win, we were the 1st runner-up. But how about now? We are at the 5th place, and next week, we could rank even lower.

Are we going to let SJ stop here? No!
Their new song is coming soon, Music Bank and Inkigayo will count the sales of version C.We cannot help with Digital scores, so we should help with album sales. However, since Golden Disk only counts Version A, so when you bulk order version C, it will be great if you can buy version A again, as many as possible for both versions.They are equally important!

Korean and Chinese ELFs are already organizing the 2nd bulk order of Version A.Then before the year-end awards,they will organize the bulk order of Version A again.

We are not in advantage since the very strong group Big Bang is going to comeback soon,and there is a half more year to go, that means our ranking in the yearly chart can change easily.
For the sake of winning in the year-end awards, I wish foreign ELF can buy version A once more directly from Korea when you buy version C,so we can increase the sales difference between us and the 2nd position on the 2010 album sales chart.You are part of the ELF family,right?

You should not buy from your own country because that will not be counted.The chart is based on the sales at Korean domestics CD stores.Only those albums purchased from Korean local stores will be counted.

Also,The chart only reflects the sales of Korean Version albums.Taiwanese version, Japanese version, Hong Kong version, Pirated version, they are all not counted.

If you can, please try not to buy version C during the first week when it is released, but the next few weeks, so that the number of sales can be spreaded, and the music scores can be high for few more weeks.

Please make all your effort to let SJ win in all Korean music ceremonies.At least they can leave with victory. If this is going to be the last album,why not make it the best one and end it with the love of all ELF?Why not make sure there’s no any regret.

Please fight together and tell everyone that ELFs are the strongest fans in the world.

Please share this note by yourself and spread it wherever you go.
I hope you can pose this on your wall,your groups and pages,or your blogs and twitter.
If you know who can organize the bulk order,please let me know so that i can help to promote.
Thanks for your effort!

Please love them more……..
Always being happy on stage? Behind the camera, SJ is teary:
What you see isn’t true – SJ isn’t a happy group:
Not every fans can be called as ELF:

Credits: LaiLai
Translated by: Clarice Fung

[NEWS] 100617 SJ-M busy with promotions; will not attend Golden Melody Awards

(CNA Reporter Cai Xin Hua, Taipei, 17th reports) Korean idol group Super Junior’s sub-group Super Junior-M, was nominated for the "Best Group" award in this year's Golden Melody Awards with their mini album "Super Girl", however due to their recent hectic schedule with promotions of their latest album, has confirmed that they are unable to attend the Golden Melody Awards.

Ever since the release of the nominations till now, many fans were concerned over whether SJ-M would attend the Golden Melody Awards that is to be held on the 26th; but their record company Avex expressed today that 4 members of SJ-M have a tight schedule with their main group SJ's new album "BONAMANA" promotions, hence confirming that they are unable to attend the ceremony in person.

Releasing their first mini album "SUPER GIRL", SJ-M has received affirmation in the Golden Melody Award with the nomination, they expressed that they are filled with gratitute towards this (nomination). To break into the Chinese music scene, SJ-M has spent two years learning Mandarin, practicing their Mandarin pronunciation; for their Chinese album to be nominated has greatly increased their confidence.

Member Siwon said, "To be one of the nominees at the very credible Golden Melody Awards, we feel very honored." Avex relayed that SJ-M will work even harder (and) with a serious attitute, to officially integrate into the Chinese pop music scene.

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[NEWS] 100618 Which Super Junior member like football most ? "Needless to say, it's Coach Ye"

On the show KBS2TV "Night star", Super Junior members have chosen Yesung to be the member of SJ who like football most.

On that show, when the MC asked which member of Super Junior like football most, all the members that attending the filming had chosen Yesung. And the members even call him "Coach Ye" in real life which prove that he has a wide knowledge about football.

Member Siwon also said Yesung always brings his laptop along with himself to the waiting rooms of the music shows to watch football and they have to prepare a special seat for him.

Besides, when being asked which member is the worst at playing football, all the SJ members also chose 1 person which gained a lot of attention.

The show will be aired at 11.15PM on June 20th

original article is here
translated by
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[NEWS] 100618 Super Junior Choi Siwon, "Iris 2" joining the cast as an elite agent

Group Super Junior's Choi Siwon will be joining the spin off of the drama "Iris" called "Athena: The Goddess of War" as an elite new agent.

Choi Siwon has recently showcased his various charms and received favorable reviews from his role as the main character "Sung Minwoo" in the drama "Oh! My Lady."

In "Athena, The Goddess of War," he will be playing a role named "Kim Junho" and are expected to invigorate the drama.

"Kim Junho" longed to be in the world of spies and has dreamed of becoming a secret agent. After joining NTS, he thinks of sunbae agent "Jungwoo" who is confident and stylish as his life mentor.

Because of his handsome features, "Kim Junho" receives all NTS women sunbaes' love along with being an elite agent.

Moreover, in the beginning of the drama, he will work as a data analyst and in the latter part of the drama, he will be participating the action scenes, accomplishing missions. Choi Siwon will show off his usual aspect of being a flower boy as a gentle and soft guy. Also, he will express his full spirit and masculinity through lively action.

Choi Siwon is already visiting an action school daily even though he is busy with Super Junior's 4th album activity, showing his determination to properly act his character as a secret agent.

Meanwhile, "Athena" which has received great attention with the casting of Jung Woosung, Cha Seungwon, Soo Ae, Lee Jiah along with Choi Siwon who is a young passionate newcomer will start filming this month with the intent of airing on TV at the end of this year.

Source: Hankyung
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

[NEWS] 100618 Super Junior Kim Heechul Choi Siwon Transformed into "Runaway" and "Pursuer"

Super Junior members Kim Heechul and Choi Siwon who recently released their 4th album and are actively promoting revealed their manly and frank image through an interview with the lifestyle magazine "Singles."

Kim Heechul and Choi Siwon showcased their different charms with the concept of a "daring criminal" and a "gentle cop" in the photo shoot, which looked as if it was from a scene from a movie. Also, in the interview which occurred at the same time as the photo shoot, they frankly revealed their personality, charms, and their ideal type of girl with the topic of "real mind of homme fatale."

First, Kim Heechul said, "my personality is like, "wielding a sword." I need a women who can be like, "a sheath." I like someone who's elegant, nice and can softly lead me. I didn't care if they were older or younger than me before, but now, since there are many cute women hoobaes, I'm more attracted to a younger woman."

Similar to Kim Heechul, Choi Siwon said, "I like someone who's positive and has pure eyes. I hope my future wife will be someone who can understand my unstable occupation and is able to maintain the household well." Both of them preferred "a woman who can take care of them well."

Even though they look social, to become truly close to them, there seems to be a wall that you can't cross. How are they on one on one meetings, how are they normally and kind of people are they? Kim Heechul said, "there are limited number of people who I'm deeply close to. Hongki and Mithra are two people that I mostly meet with. Because we three are AB blood type, we are attracted to each other." When we meet, we would normally see a movie, talk about girls and have fun time. We would say this person from a girl group is pretty, so and so. Don't most guys talk about this?." He revealed his honesty as a young man in his 20s.

Recently, other members imitated on a variety show Choi Siwon's daily life which looks as if it's from a photo shoot. When asked about how true that was, he said, "somethings are exaggerated. So, I do feel somewhat aggrieved. To me, it was a natural motion, to the hyungs, they thought it was funny. Truthfully, I don't say hello with three fingers up."

These two are already members of a veteran group who debuted 5 years ago. When asked if they have habits or living style that they've acquired through them living as celebrities, Kim Heechul said, "I changed a lot that even the members would agree. Actually, at the beginning of the debut, I hated if someone was next to me. However, I realized that inconsistency with my emotion was bad for programs. So, I try to smooth over the situation and that made my personality change."

Choi, Siwon said, "because other members are playful, my personality became more cheerful that I would be playing with them together. Before, if a member would joke, I would just watch from the side. Now, I chip in. Even though I don't try to do it purposely, I'm naturally influenced by them." He revealed his love for the group by saing, "it's not because I'm a celebrity. I've change because I'm a Super Junior member."

You can see for yourself Super Junior Kim Heechul and Choi Siwon's fashion photo shoot and the detailed interview in July issue of the lifestyle magazine, "Singles."

Source: Freezone News
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

[NEWS] 100618 Kangin to enter the army this July 5

Super Junior member Kangin who is 25 years old will be joining in the servicemen in the military this coming July 5.

on the 18th, according to the officials of his entertainment company, He will be entering the army this July 5 in the afternoon in Nonsan Army Camp.

He will be receiving five weeks of basic military training and do his military duty for 2 years. He is the first member from Super Junior who will take on his military obligations.

His warrant was originally scheduled in October, but he applied for an earlier enlistment and his enlistment proposal was admitted last 12th.

Kangin will be going to the military to reflect more on his self discipline after his DUI accident last October 2009. He showed up at the Super Junior fanmeeting last May where he said his thanks to the fans for supporting him and Super Junior and for supporting him before he will enter the army.

He said, "This is where I get strength from, Since the new album of Super Junior, the fans continued to cheer on them as they started their activity, I will show my best as I enter the Military and I will be back as a better man and I will work harder", he said which made a lot of fans cry.

Meanwhile, Super Junior has been promoting with 10 members for their 4th album.

source: starnews
credits: blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

[NEWS] 100612 Super Junior Kyuhyun, “No return on stage yet.”

On June 11, Super Junior performed on KBS 2TV Music Bank. However, Kyuhyun, who is still resting after getting discharged upon a middle ear surgery, could not be present on stage. During a phone call with Newsen, an official representative of SM Entertainment said "Kyuhyun has been discharged, but he is still taking a break," and "Once he will have got sufficient rest, he will come back on stage. He won't be able to be on stage with the others this week."

Original Source. Newsen
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET

[NEWS] 100611 Super Junior in YES!! Magazine

After last year's album , and a 1 year and 2 months wait, ELFs have finally anticipated for Super Junior (SJ)'s 4th album (Miinah) ! After the new album was out for 2 weeks, album sales have already broken the 100,000 record and 200,000 pre-orders, for singers, this is an impressive number. Introducing the genre [Super Junior Funky] for SJ, the single [BONAMANA], after being out for a week already snagged 1st in Music program rankings, the special "skating" choreography has already caused quite the craze, and certainly does not lose to [SORRY,SORRY]! Apart from the addictive kyrics that have brainwashed the fans, the members have also spent a lot of time to suit the theme of "Miinah". The biggest sell point, definitely is the members on the dancefloor, to emit their "flower boy" temperament!

[Waking up in the middle of the night to work out]
From the bottom half of 2009 to the beginning of 2010, SJ was so busy with their second concert tour, that the time they were on the plane was more than the time spent on land. At the same time, members also appeared in dramas and variety shows, they were so busy they nearly couldn't sleep. But for this new album, SJ members that they had prepared unlimited surprises. At this time, apart from practicing their new song, they also secretly followed Siwon who has the best body, to work out, becoming "Beast" idols! Among them with the biggest transformation, Donghae and Eunhyuk who is known for being very thin. Donghae even uploaded a picture that showed him working out with a fellow SHINee colleague. Leader Leeteuk revealed on his radio show that he often goes to work out in the middle of the night. Actually many fans had already noticed through daily shows that the members' bodies had changed, eventually the members revealed it all when the album was out.
[Showing their abs]
For the people who have noticed SJ's new image, you should have noticed that the concept this time has a vintage feel. Apart from that, they also played with the vampire trend. The members not only used whites for their makeup to look more deadly, all of them used eyeliner elegantly to emphasise their eyes, added with dark outfits and a yellowed background. But the thing causing the most impact is the pictures in the album jacket that showed the members' abs. Before abs were Siwon's "thing" but this time, once Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Sungmin's photos were out, fans caused a large commotion. Fans were extremely shocked by the perfect bodies the boys had. This time Siwon decided to lie low and let the 3 take the spotlight.

[Doing excellent while performing]
Think that after releasing their album and showing their bodies, thats it? It's not as easy as that! After releasing the album on the 13th, SJ appeared on with a Come Back status and immediately became the nation's hot topic. Although SJ also has a 'black' concept, their outfits are especially different compared to other groups. Other groups always wear the same clothes, and when Sj performs 3 days in a row, they wear really different outfits 3 days in a row. Going down the same 'dark' path, their clothes are still more elegant than others. In 3 of their comeback performances they were wearing were from the famous Korean fashion show of 2010, emphasising the boys' trendy image. Waiting one whole year for their comeback, at live shows Fanservice is a must! Apart from Leeteuk's 'vacuum' costume (topless) and Donghae's Deep V Tee, there's also Eunhyuk's solo where he lifts his shirt up, causing fans to scream like hell!
[More stylish for magazines]
The SJ flower boys have already dominated singing, movies and dramas, but for this time's , they had a photoshoot done for magazine again with their new concept! The series of photos with eyecatching makeup and hairstyles. Apart from every member having different hairstyles and colours, Donghae and Heechul's hairstyles have become the talk of the readers. Leeteuk and Eunhyuk who is responsible for showing their abs again, show their masculine charms. Sj has captured the hearts of young girls and they are expected to also capture the hearts of old ladies (?).

[More beautiful than Beauties]
As mentioned before, recently many kpop idols have signed up on twitter and they update even more often than Cantopop idols. It started off with Shindong who joined first and like a flu it passed on to the other members. The member who loves uploading pretty pictures the most --- Heechul! Everytime he meets female idols from the same company, the photos of them would always end up on his twitter. The surprising thing is, Heechul the "beauty", competes with female idols. Netizens mostly say that Heechul is "even prettier than female idols" to show their admiration towards his beauty!
[Couple fantasies]
For friends who pay attention to kpop idols, many male idol groups have pairing relationships. Because there are many people in SJ, the couples in Sj outnumber the ones in other idol groups. The couples in SJ include, KangTeuk, HanChul, EunHae, YeWook, KyuMin and SiBum. Now that HanGeng, Kangin and Kibum are excluded from the 4th album activities, all of the coupling attention is on Eunhyuk and Donghae. For the fans, as the album was out, they uploaded many "loving" photos of themselves, causing fantasies from fans to bloom. Now that is out, fans would call Heechul and Donghae their "Miinahs"!

[Touching fan meeting]
In 2009, you could say that SJ had been through many ups and downs. Although had brought them limitless reputation, Kangin and Hangeng's incidents had caused SJ to be emotionally down. To go with the 4th album, SJ specially held 2 fan meetings for faithful fans. The members also prepared interesting performances and games to play with the fans. But just when Kangin suddenly appeared in between the event. the originally happy atmosphere immediately took a 180 degree turn. When Kangin announced that he would be enlisted in July, the fan's emotions were down, and cries were heard from the crowd. Seeing his own fans crying for him, Kangin couldn't hold on to his tears and neither could the other members. Heechul had cried so hard he needed to hide backstage. Although some members could not participate in 4th album activities, everybody should feel SJ's deep love and appreciation towards their fans.
[Attacking overseas for the 2nd half of the year?]
Rumours say that after the wild success of and the performance at the Shanghaei world expo on May 30th, and then news say that they will be in Singapore to hold a fan meeting! Other sources say that there is a chance that SJM members will be in Taiwan for a music awards ceremony. As Koreans are very attentive towards the World Cup, before it started, SJ invited everyone to sing to cheer everybody on. In August, subgroup KRY along with Donghae and Sungmin will be in Japan for a concert. After that, the rumoured "Super Show 3" would unfold. If these rumours are true, 2010 will be Super Junior's!

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[NEWS] 100611 Heechul wearing a feminine yellow cat tee?

Kim hee chul is seen wearing a yellow-striped baggy tee with a pink cat imprinted on it. I don’t think this tee is meant for guys because of the cat on it but if it is, it should be given as a gift by his fans.

During his radio ‘ Youngstreet’ today, he wore this tee and was also seen revealing half of his shoulders. Many netizens have given positive comments such as ‘
i see him teasing me/us/petals/undead with an exposure of his shoulder’ and ‘He always looks beautiful with any kind of clothes~ ^^’

Check him out imitating cn blue’s YongHwa in love:

Reported by Ting18♥ DKP
Credits: angel 13ay @ yt
Shared by : ryeocookie @ SJ-WORLD.NET

[NEWS] 100611 Photobook pamphlet to be released specially for KRY concert

A photobook pamphlet with photos taken just for the SUPER JUNIOR K.R.Y Special Concert in Japan is now available for preorder.

Order dates are as follows:
From convenience stores - June 11th 2010 / 2pm ~ June 24th 2010 / 5pm
By credit card - June 11th 2010 / 2pm ~ June 30th 2010 / 5pm

A4 size, 32 pages (28 pages + 4 cover pages)
Price: 2500 yen
Delivery charge throughout Japan: 840 yen

Please take note - this photobook will NOT be sold at the concert venue. You do not need to have concert tickets / go to the concert in order to buy this photobook. HOWEVER, they are only shipping within Japan so you need a Japanese address if you want to get it mailed to you by post.

For those going to the concert, you can pick up the photobook pamphlet at the concert venue itself on the day of the concert. For those choosing to get it by mail, they are sending out the books on AUGUST 2ND.

Order it over here:

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[PERF] 100611 Super Junior in Waiting Room + Miinah

Credit : Super4jib@youtube

Thursday, June 10, 2010

[NEWS] 100607 Super Junior takes 3rd win on TV music program

Korean male idols Super Junior continued their reign atop a televised music program over the weekend.

The group collected their third consecutive win on KBS' music show "Music Bank" with their title track "BONAMANA" from their fourth studio release of the same name, up against "2 Different Tears" by the Wonder Girls.

The boy band thanked their agency SM Entertainment in their acceptance speech while for their encore performance, they changed the word "BONAMANA" in their song to "Kyuhyun" who had been unable to perform on the show due to undergoing surgery for a middle-ear infection last week.

Other performances on the show included those by Monday Kiz, SS501, 8eight, and T.MAX.

The boys have been enjoying a successful comeback with their new album "BONAMANA" released on May 13 and are currently preparing for their third Asia Tour "SUPER SHOW 3" which will begin in mid-August.

Meanwhile, a special documentary featuring the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Korea aired instead of SBS' weekend program "Inkigayo" to commemorate the country's Memorial Day.

[NEWS] 100607 Super Junior to hold 3rd Asia tour

Asian pop sensation Super Junior will hold their third Asia tour starting August, according to their agency on Monday.

SM Entertainment announced through a press release that the band will perform in a total of 13 cities throughout Asia for the "SUPER SHOW 3" starting mid-August.

The tour will kick off in their home country of South Korea where there will stage two shows -- on August 14 and 15 at the Olympic Park in Seoul -- and continue on into other cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Manilla.

The boys had wrapped up their second round of concerts in Asia, a nine-month long tour carried out in nine cities, in the Philippines this April.

The show had set several new records such as the band becoming the first artists to hold a standing concert in China and the foreign artist to attract the largest audience.

Super Junior, created and managed by major talent house SM Entertainment, has been one of the most popular K-pop acts in Asia since their debut in 2005 and have numerous hits including "Don't Don" and "Sorry, Sorry."

Originally composed of 13 members, they are currently promoting their fourth full-length album "BONAMANA" as a ten-man band as members Kang-in, Kibum and Hangeng decided to take a break from group activities.

Tickets for the Seoul show will be available at online reservation site Gmarket starting June 17, 8 p.m.

[NEWS] 100607 Super Junior is set to start their 3rd Asian tour ‘Super Show 3′, taking the Asian cities by storm once more.

Super Junior will start ‘The 3rd ASIA TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW 3′ from Seoul then moving on to cities like Beijing, ShangHai, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila etc – a total of 16 concert performances in 13 cities.

The first concert performance in Seoul will be on 14th and 15th August in Seoul Olympic Stadium. And the Super Junior members will perform their hits including those in their recent 4th album, showing off their unique charms on stage.

The ticket sales (for Korea) will start from 8pm on 17th June on Gmarket ( It is anticipated that the tickets will be very much sought after by fans.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is promoting the title song ‘Bona Mana’ off their 4th album.

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