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Happy 25th Birthday Sungmin Oppa!! And a Happy New Year!!

31st of Dicember is a kinda of big day for everyone!!

Those who are with friends at shopping mall or outside somewhere are waiting to countdown for the new day of 2010!! But some E.L.F (means Super Junior Fans) are also helping Sungmin oppa to countdown his birthday!! I'm one of it too!! Sungmin oppa birthday are really easy to remember!! So none of Sungmin oppa fans will forget his birthday!!

I wish Sungmin oppa all the best and Suju will get to the highest rete for all the album!!
Hope Suju will getting more and more popular everyday!!
seingchukahamnida Sungmin oppa!!
Always support Super Junior!!
Super Junior fighting!!
HaPpY NeW YeAr!!

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[VIDEO] 091225 Super Junior & SNSD - S.E.O.U.L MV Behind the Scenes

Part 1 SEOUL MV Behind The Screen - Kyuhyun and Seohyun

Part 2 SEOUL MV Behind The Screen - Shindong and Sun ny

Part 3 SEOUL MV Behind The Screen - Sungmin and Jessica

Part 4 SEOUL MV Behind The Screen - Siwon, Leetuek and Taeyeon

Credit : seouldreamseries@youtube

[NEWS] Leeteuk, Yesung, Kangin, Eunhyuk and Donghae following Han Geng's steps and wanting to modify their contracts

Currently an article ㅡ crediting as the source ㅡ about Leeteuk, Yesung, Kangin, Eunhyuk and Donghae following Han Geng's steps and wanting to modify their contracts is circulating on various websites. I have been checking Korean news since this morning, and there's absolutely nothing on this. Furthermore, Alice received an email from (which is a popular Chinese website for Leeteuk and Kangin ㅡ currently inaccessible), and this is what they stated:

If you come across news articles claiming that six members of Super Junior filed lawsuits against SM Entertainment: it's an unconfirmed rumour.

This gossip has been presented in various forms, one of the most pular ones is that the webmasters of three major Super Junior fansites (Wannabe, Yuri9doo, and a Donghae fansite) witnessed the aforementioned Super Junior members filing said lawsuits.

If the rumour eventually turns out to be true, what we know fur sure though is that this information did not come from Wannabe or Yuri9doo.

Another version of this rumour quotes a fan who goes by the name of mybaby as the source; members of contacted mybaby and were assured that she never said anything about this rumour.

Original Source. Yume and Yoyo at
Reported by SJ-WORLD.NET

[NEWS] The reason why Hankyung brought in the lawsuit against SM

These are 6 unfair points from Hankyung's exclusive contract with SM which are stated by Hankyung's side (not sure whether it's from his lawyer or his representative)

1. The contract has many provisions which are in SM's favor.

When the first contract was signed (January 2003) Hankyung was 18 then (underage) and being a Chinese person, he didn't know everything about Korean showbiz, so SM gave him a contract with the content that SM itself suggested.

Not only that, but also side agreements with SM after then (Febuary 2007 and December 2007) were only from SM, which means that Hankyung didn't have the chance to suggest provisions in his favor.

2. The period of the exclusive contract is 13 years, it is too long.

The first contract he signed stated that it will be ended 10 years after Super Junior's 1st album, but the second time it was modified it has been extended to 13 years. Super Junior's 1st album was released in December 2005, so the contract will be ended in December 2018 and Hankyung will be 35 then.

Moreover, if Hankyung does not take part in some activities because of his health or studies, the contract's period will be extended according to the situation, so it currently is 13 years on paper, but it could be longer in real life. This clause severely violates Hankyung's civil rights.

3. There is a clause stating that Hankyung will have to pay SM a large sum of money in case of breaking contract clauses or creating damages, thus this prevents Hankyung to cancel the contract itself, or some agreements on it.

If Hankyung wants to move to another company and continue his activities, he will have to pay SM threefold of the money that SM had invested to him and pay twofold for the loss of the remaining time of his contract.

4. The amount between Hankyung's rights and responsibilities stated in the contract are not the same.

Hankyung has to follow and attend all the schedule that SM gives him, he has to do/follow all SM's orders/intructions unconditionally, but he doesn't have a right to request for his contract to be revised.

5. SM has forced Hankyung to do some activities against his will.

During training time, if Hankyung was late, or absent, or didn't fulfill his duty, he would be fined 10,000 won (= USD 9 currently) for the 1st time, 20,000 won (= USD 17 currently) for the 2nd time, etc. After debut, if he was late or absent from his schedule, he would have to pay for all the damage; if he cuts the contacts with SM for more than 1 day according to the situation, SM can cancel his contract. And if he doesn't fulfill his duties, according to the situation he could be fined 5,000,000 won (= USD 4,245 currently).

According to the contract, Hankyung doesn't have any right to decide for his schedule, he has to follow SM's words and only attend the events/performances that SM's manager designed for him. Hankyung even had been forced to attend some activities because of SM's order when he was ill.

6. The profit distribution and copyrights between SM and Hankyung.

During the contract period, all the copyright of albums and song will belong to SM. Even if Hankyung were to write, compose, and/or arrange the songs, they can be used by SM without his permission.

As for the profit, the album has to sell more than 50,000 copies before Hankyung can receive 2% of the profit.
The digital sales have to be equal with the net profit before Hankyung can get 10% of the profit.
The overseas income has to be equal with the net profit too before Hankyung can get 60% of the profit.

As for overseas activities income, after SM deducts all the promotion activities expenses & fees, the remaining money will be divided among the group members.

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[NEWS] 091224 Super Junior, 2PM, MBLAQ, B2ST, Lee Seunggi to have a MJ tribute performance at SBS Gayo daejeon

Idol groups 2PM, Super Junior, MBLAQ, B2ST and singer Lee Seunggi will have a tribute performance for "The King of Pop" Michael Jackson at "2009 SBS Gayo daejeon". This is a special stage for them to show their admiration for the late singer Michael Jackson.

Each group and singer Le Seunggi will perform/dance those hit songs of MJ.

The show will be aired live via SBS on December 29th's evening.

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[NEWS] Translation of a piece of news regarding SJ-M's manager Kim Min Wook.

"SJ-M's Manager: News of Han Geng's contract termination was released by fans, in the midst of coordinating with the company."

December 21, reports have emerged that Chinese celebrity Han Geng has officially filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment with the Seoul District Court, asking for a termination of contract. Once this news was released, the level of this 'explosion' is no less than that of Dong Bang Shin Ki's case previously. has contacted SJ-M's manager Kim Min Wook (?) to respond to Han Geng's opting out. Kim Min Wook said he himself was not sure if Han Geng initiated the termination of contract, and that he saw the news from the internet, "All news were said by fans, the company does not know (anything)."

Kim Min Wook added, he saw that a lot of Super Junior related news surfaced online today, but in regard to whether Han Geng, as per what the rumours have stated, has filed the lawsuit with the Seoul District Court against SM Entertainment's to be terminated, he isn't very sure himself, and is currently reaffirming this with the company, Kim Min Wook said, "All the news are what fans said."

As to whether it is a worry, as being Super Junior's only foreign Chinese artiste, if Han Geng's opting out will affect Super Junior's development in China, Kim Min Wook repeated again, "If there is really something, we will discuss it well with Han Geng and hope that Super Junior's future development will not be affected." Once the news of Han Geng terminating the contract spread, surveyed fans. 80% of the fans think that it is SM's doing of cooking up publicity for Super Junior's Asia tour next year. To why they say it's a form of cooking up publicity, Kim Min Wook declined to respond but only repeated "Thank You" non-stop and hurriedly hung up the phone.

translated by ゞilσvεjr⌒★
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[NEWS] Translation of the phone interview with Hankyung's lawyer Kim Jinwook.

Super Junior's Chinese Member Hankyung has filed a litigation at the Seoul District Court on the 21st at 1pm about the effect of his exclusive contract.

Reporters are currently on a phone interview with Hankyung's (who is in China) lawyer, Kim Jinwook. Lawyer Kim said, indeed he has filed a litigation about terminating the contract with SM, but to whether Hankyung will continue Super Junior's activities, it has been undecided.

[*] -It has been heard 2 types of litigation were filed today.
"It is confirmed that 2 litigations have been filed against the exclusive contract to not be valid and to terminate the contract. Simply put, the former says to terminate the exclusive contract and the latter is saying that until the exclusive contract is terminated, and until legal effect of the termination has taken place, (he) will be able to act in accordance of temporary activities at (his) own will."

[*]-When did Hankyung prepare for this litigation?
"This is hard to answer. When the statement is released, it will be answered."

[*]-The main point of this litigation is similar to Dong Bang Shin Ki 3 member's exclusive contract?
"Majority speaking, it is almost similar. Hankyung's contract is valid for 13 years, there are indeed many unfair clauses, so (he) decided to file the litigation."

[*]-Has he been contacting the 3 members of DBSK?
"I am not very sure. Hankyung will state his own stand as soon as possible."

[*]-Has the first date of the trial been decided?
"At the moment, not yet. The full situation has been sorted out properly. DBSK's sequestration contract has been terminated, and the process of applying it to finishing the statement, takes about 2 months. Hankyung does not want to spend such a long time. DBSK's situation has mediation in between, and has undergone trial a few times, so the time spent has been pretty long, we hope that Hankyung's litigation will be solved as soon as possible."

[*]-Did Hankyung think of continuing activities as part of Super Junior or will he leave the group?"
"That I am not too sure. As for Super Junior's activities, up till now, there has been no decision made."

[*]-It has been heard that (he) plans to have solo activities in China?
"I have not heard of that."

Source: here
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[NEWS] 091223 Leeteuk is chosen as main MC for "Oh! Brothers" and "Teuk academy" will perform at "2009 SBS Entertainment award"

Super Junior's Leeteuk has been chosen as one of the main MCs for the new SBS show "Oh! Brothers". The other MCs are Kim Kookjin, Nam Heeseok, Yoo Seyoon.

The first epsidoe will be aired at 6:30PM on December 25th.


{Strong heart}'s corner {Teukigayo}'s Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong will have a special performance at "2009 SBS Entertainment award". Besides, on the ceremony, {Star junior show} Kim Gura's son Kim Donghyun, Jo Hyeryeon's son Kim Wooju, Oh Jeonghye's son Kim Younghyun will perform Super Junior's {Sorry sorry}.

The show will be aired live via SBS at 8:50PM on December 30th.

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[NEWS] 091222 Kim Heechul - Park Shinhye - Jeong Yonghwa to be MCs for "SBS Gayo Daejeon"

SBS Drama 's Kim Heechul and 's Park Shinhye & Jeong Yonghwa will be MCs for "2009 SBS Gayo Daejeon".

The music show will be held on December 29th at Ilsan Kintex and will be aired live via SBS.

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[INFO] 091222 Super Junior will perform at "2009 welfare TV sharing concert" and "KBS Music bank year-end special"

2009 WBC welfare-TV sharing concert

Time : 2:00PM, December 24th 2009
Place : Indoor badminton stadium, Manseok Park, Suwon city, Kyungki-do
Artists : Super Junior, Shinee, One-two, Kim Jonghwan...

2009 KBS Music bank year-end special

Time : 06:40PM, December 25th 2009
Place : KBS hall

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[NEWS] 091220 Suju Leeteuk sent an encouraging message to SNSD members

SNSD have expressed that they had got a full-of-loved message from the same-company sunbae Super Junior's Leeteuk on the press conference for their concert "Into the new world".

When being asked what advice do you get from the sunbae for your first concert, SNSD Taeyeon said "Super Junior's Leeteuk sunbae has sent message to all the members".

Leeteuk wrote "This is your first concert so you'll feel very nervous but let's do your best" in his message and send to SNSD to cheer for them.

Moreover, on the concert, Suju's Eunhyuk & Shindong also have a special performance with SNSD's Yoonah "Introducing a good person" thus showing the close friendship between the two groups.

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[NEWS] 091219 Suju Kim Kibum will directly call out my name ?

To celebrate OZ having more than 1 million members, LG Telecom will hold an event in which netizen can directly participate in the OZ's commercial.

In this event, you will go to OZ Generation's micro site and write your thought of "OZ me". The deadline is December 26th, one best story will be chosen and Kim Kibum will directly call out your name as well as introduce your story on a OZ's TV commercial on December 29th.

The CF will be aired on December 29th on MBC after "Queen Seondeok" and the winner will be announced on December 28th afternoon.

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[NEWS] 091213 short article about SJM's interview in Global Pop Music

Currently promoting in China, Super Junior M(SJ-M), is a group that all medias have been competing to interview. In the hotel where the Global Pop Music interview is held, fans crowd and gather and waited faithfully for their idols' appearance. Seems like the charisma and charm these 7 active boys possess is simply irresistable.

On the day of the interview, one of SJ-M members, Lee DongHae, fell ill and was unable to attend the interview. Henry joked that, because DongHae's position is between his and HanKyung's, it felt weird without DongHae's presence. The members also unanimously agreed that among them, DongHae is the "girl killer". He is the most popular among young girls.

The 7 boys each have their own strengths and individuality and they have also showed their talent in composing in their new album, "SuperGirl". Self-admiting that he has not much experience in love and romance, ZhouMi had written lyrics for 2 of their songs. Namely, " You & Me" and "Confession". SJ-M have been actively carving out their career. HanKyung have been participating in several dramas but he,as well as the members, hope that all 7 of them will be able to act in a drama specially written for themselves.

Although they have a very packed and busy schedule, SJ-M still hope that they wil be able to promote in Singapore as soon as possible.

original source:
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[NEWS] 091219 SJ-M fooled Patty Hou and causes her to cry

YOUTUBE announced on 18th december ' 2009 Hot MusicVideo of the year ( Taiwan ) ' ! Korean boyband SuperJunior achieved 1 million clicks with their SORRY SORRY music video. Thus, becoming first on the MV of the year chart.

On the 20th December is Patty Hou's 31st birthday. Super Junior M leader, Hangeng suddenly got mad and refused to continue in the recording. Patty Hou keep on asking whether she had said anything wrong ( which make Hangeng angry ) ? The other members were curious about Hangeng sudden change too. Finally, he ( Hangeng ) got a birthday cake out and sang Happy Birthday song to her, which caused her, who has been fooled for the first time since debut felt shocked yet happy. She even cried on the scene.

Original article here
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[NEWS] 091218 SJ-M short-listed in Rookie ceremony

Recently, 'Meng Niu Suan Suan Ru* Music Chart' revealed to the public that Korean popular boy group SJM will attend next year's 'Rookie ceremony'. Also, the 2nd Rookie ceremony date had been decided, which is 11 Jan 2010 and will be held in Beijing.

Yesterday 'Meng Niu Suan Suan Ru Music Chart' released the news that SJ-M which is led by Hangeng will attend the ceremony. This year's ceremony organiser was affirmative about their new mini album, and also because SJ-M's success was seen in both Korea and China within these 2 years. SJ-M also used their professionalism and affability to win their fame. As for which award SJ-M will be contesting, 'Meng Niu Suan Suan Ru Music Chart' is currently unable to reveal.

Within these 2 years, Korean's artistes fame and popularity in China had been on a decline,
SJ-M is one of the rare groups that has both high fame and popularity in both Korea and China, which
allowed them to have a strong and big fan base. SJ-M's popularity also caused the Korean wave
to start again.

Meng Niu Suan Suan Ru*- pinyu of the ceremony
Note:only SJ-M part was translated

Original article here
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[MV] Zhang Li Yin (Jang Ri In) { MV feat Super Junior Hangeng & Siwon}

Zhang Li Yin feat TVXQ Xiah Junsu (Part 1)

Zhang Li Yin feat TVXQ Xiah Junsu (Part 2)

Credit : woaiya@youtube

Zhang Li Yin - I Will (Part 1)

Zhang Li Yin - The Left Shore of Happiness (Part 2)

Credit : FarewelI@youtube

[VIDEO] 091218 100% Entertainment - Super Junior M 粉丝同乐会 Fan Meeting Part 2

Part 1

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Credits : shu3535613@youtube

[VIDEO] 091217 100% Entertainment - Super Junior M 粉丝同乐会 Fan Meeting

Part 1

Part 2,Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Credits : marukoisme107@youtube

[NEWS] 091214 SJ’s Hangeng needs work permit to enter Taiwan

Asia Pacific Film Festival will be inviting Rain and Super Junior (SJ), among which member Hangeng who was born in mainland China. Due to this he will need to apply for a work permit one to two months in advance or else he might not be allowed to enter Taiwan, but it is said that there might be some “special channels” to speed up the clearance. At the same time, the recent East Asian Games raised Anti-Korean sentiment in Taiwan, and Internet users have become are not very happy with Korean Idols. President Zhou of the Asia Pacific Film Festival said “I believe people will not make irrational behavior. It is two different things, we need to be sensible. We will also make sure that the security will be very tight.”

SJ will also take this opportunity to promote their Super Show 2 in Taipei Arena on the 20th of February next year. Yesterday at 10 am, the ticket was already available for sale; they were all sold out in less than 4 hours. Due to this high demand, it is expected that there will be another round of ticket-selling on the 21st at 3pm.

中國時報 + 修的丫头 @
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[INTERVIEW] 091218 Interview with ISplus at their GDA's after-party

① Super Junior "now it still pulls at our heartstrings to be able to get GDA daesang"

Eunhyuk cheered with soda instead of alcohol

I (the reporter) had a drink with Suju on December 10th. After the GDA ceremony, they had had a after-party at a samkyeobsal restaurant at Apgujeong, Kangnam. Although it had been near midnight but there were still about 100 fans surrounded outside the restaurant.

On that day, except Kangin who got into the DUI accident, Kibum who was filming "Jumujin" and Shindong who got radio show "Simsimtapa", the all other 10 members joined in the party.

- Congratulation
Leeteuk : I'm very happy because as a singer, to be able to stand at that palce is like a dream. I want to thank to our fanclub ELF who had given us a lot of support.

- You had cried a lot at the ceremony, what emotion you have been filled with ?
Leeteuk : Although I said that I wont cry but in the end I burst out with tears. I felt sad because Kangin & Kibum cant be with us today.

- How about Kangin ?
Leeteuk : I talked to him after the ceremoney ended...he also is watching the ceremony at home. He himself was very happy that he cried. "Hyung, I'm so so sorry" I heard him said that and it really tugged at my heart.

- And Kibum ?
Leeteuk : He is filming for the movie "Jumujin" at Kangwondo. He might feel happy a lot as well.

Leeteuk "I feel very sad about DBSG's argument"

- Do you also cried because now you has escaped from DBSG's shadow, dont you ?
Leeteuk : Although DBSG debuted earlier than us but they're still our dongsaeng when it comes to age. In fact we always envy with DBSG. Whenever we see them as the best group in the world, we always think that "when will we be able to become like that ?"

- So do you really care about DBSG in danger of breakup ?
Leeteuk : Yes, I feel very sad. They are all my good dongsaeng...especially I had met Xiah Junsu since he was a trainee in his Junior high/high school time, he has been a friend and a hoobae who shared happiness and sorrow with me. He always asks me for advice if he faced a difficult problem. I feel that we're the same and dont have much difference.

Eunhyuk " I myself directly prepared the celebrities' photos for 'Strong heart' 'Teukigayo' "

- SBS Strong heart's Teukigayo is really funny
Eunhyuk : Thank you. With Leeteuk hyung and Shindong hyung, 3 of us also have a lot of fun in preparing for the show. Fortunately, there are many people who like it so I feel more confident.

- Another person do the writing thing ?
Eunhyuk : No, we ourselves directly do all, from the ideas to practice, performace, finding celebrities' past photo and print them. After having the in-charged PD's agreement, we feel like we can be those gagmans from Gag concert.

- Has Boom in military contacted you ?
Eunhyuk : Not yet. But before Boom hyung entered the army, he had given Leeteuk-hyung a letter of attorney for "Teukigayo" (laugh)

- Your image in "Let's go Dram team season 2" has been very impressed
Eunhyuk : Because my body structure is slimmer than the other members' so there many people think it looks like a girl's but my dream when I was young is to be a footbal player. I used to be a footbal player in the team of Neungkok elementary school, Kyungki-do.

Heechul "I know that people choose me because of my outlook more than my singing ability"

- Heechul-sshi, it's not easy to be an entertainer even with you , right ?
Heechul : It's hard to do both acting and entertainment at the same time. I have to be serious when acting and funny and bitter when it comes to entertainment. Therefore recently I cut down my appearance in variety show to focus on acting.

- What role do you want to try ?
Heechul : I want to try the villain role like a murderer or a psychopath. Those like the role of Ha Jeongwoo-sshi in "The chaser" or Jang Geunseok in "The case of Itaewon homicide"

- Did the other members complain about your individual activities ?
Heechul : Of course. There were many problems about how we could do the promotion for this album "Sorry sorry". I was called the problem child among the team. But the other members had practiced the dance steps without me and still left my spot blank to wait for me. I'm very thankful.

- What do you think about being chosen because of your outlook ?
Heechul : To be honest I know that my outlook impressed people more than my singing or dancing ability. That's why recently I pay a lot of attention in managing my weight. Before filming the drama "Loving you 10 million times" I thought about my fans and had lost 8kg within 2 weeks.

Heechul together with Leeteuk is the eldest hyungs who lead the group. Heechul's special humour had made the atmosphere of the celebration party become mellow. He also amazed the reporter by saying that recently he met Kang Jihwan quite often and he also showed the congratulation message that Kim Myungin sent to him.

② Super Junior Shiwon "My ideal type is a person who lead a conversation well"

Shiwon ""My ideal type is a person who lead a conversation well"

- Shiwon-sshi had a role in the Korea-China-Japan movie "Battle of wits", right ?
Shiwon : Yes, it was a nice experience to me. I felt honour to be able to act with the Korean-Chinese great actors like Ahn Seongki and Andy Lau.

- You have bulit a friendship with Andy Lau-sshi ?
Shiwon : because of the concert so whenever I have to go to Hongkong from China he always invites me to come to his house. I feel thankful that he doesnt forget to contact me.

- You dont act that much often
Shiwon : I really want to do but above all I have to do "sorry sorry". Perhaps next year I can meet the fans with a drama or a movie.

- How about attending variety show like the other members ?
Shiwon : I admire the other members whenever I see them on the variety shows. But I cant do well like that so I will just sit and watch (laugh)

- Your ideal type ?
Shiwon : I like a person who lead a conversation well and have a good heart.

Before everyone know, 2 hours has passed but we still have 6 members to meet. But we will interviewed Sungmin and Hankyung first so that they can go home because they are suffering from stomachache and cold. They will move to the next seat of Ryeowook, Donghae, Yesung, Kyuhyun.

Hankyung who was born in China "The best guide for Korean life is Heechul"

- Sungmin-sshi, you seems to be especially close with SNSD's Sunny.
Sungmin : We did a radio show together so we are close. The joke around was just for making the atmosphere (laugh)

- It's very pity that MBC "Opppa band " has ended
Sungmin : It just last more than 3 months so I'm sad. But I feel greatful that I can have a close friendship with the people who joined in the show.

- Hankyung-sshi, you have the nickname of "1,3 billion's miracle", right ?
Hankyung was born in China so his Korean is poor, he also is suffering from cold. But compare with the first-days activities, his Korean has got a lot better.

Hankyung : It means that among 1,3 billions people in China, I'm the only one who got chosen to be a singer in Suju (laugh). And however I'm still the one who are more popular than the other in SJM when we have activities in China (laugh)

Ryeowook "I have a tone like girl's"

- Ryeowook is also a member of SJM, right ?
Ryeowook : Recently I travel by plane in China a lot that I even feel like I'm taking the bus to travel around the city. And I like it because now I have saved a lot of mileage (laugh)

- When you come to China, everything you will have to depend on Hankyung, right ?
Ryeowook : Yes, it is. When I'm in China I look up to Hankyung-hyung. At first I'm not close with hyung because of his poor Korean but after coming to China, it has change.

- Do you have any talent that no one else in the group has ?
Ryeowook : It's my most useful talent. It's 13-member activities so if you dont have any individual talent, you will be covered easily. My individual talent is I have a tone like a girl.

- What do think is the condition of a good singer ?
Ryeowook : You have to be in love. The person who has been in love and hasnt been in love have different sensibility. I think I should try to be in love now (laugh)

③ Super Junior "We've debuted for 4 years...there are many nuna fans who got married"

Donghae "Being cut out from the entertainment show is a big hurt"

- Donghae-sshi, what was your feeling when you listened to "sorry sorry" for the first time ?
Donghae : At that time Leeteuk hyung showed a "I really dont like it" reaction. But my thought was it would be a big success. And when we did the dance step, I had felt that it was very cool (laugh)

- Do you have a better foresight ability than leader Leeteuk ?
Donghae : No. Everytime there was a new song, the members' opinions are very various. The members' opinion that "sorry sorry" would be successful or not were just half-and-half.

- You dont appear on entertainment show much
Donghae : I really want to do it but dont know how. Everybody has their own ability. Broadcasting is cold-hearted. Everytime I appear on a variety show, they cut out almost my part and it hurt me a lot (laugh)

On the stage they are the most shining idol stars, but here inside a noisy samkyeobsal restaurant they are like those friends who are having a class union after a long time, it's very peaceful and warm. They drink soju and lastly we have a question for all the members.
"We've debuted for 4 years...there are many nuna fans who got married"

- You have debuted for 4 years, how is the feeling of getting older ?
Kyuhyun : The aunt & nuna fans are getting married and ah, I feel that the time has passed very fast (laugh)
Yesung : As seeing on today award ceremony, there are not many people who are our sunbae.

- Is there any field that you're interested in besides the group activities ?
Yesung : I'm interested in acting too. I've just played in the musical "namhansansung" and acting is really interesting. I also like movie, I own more than 1000 DVDs.
Leeteuk : I want to be a MC and Kang Hodong sunbae is my role model.

- What is the image of Suju when you're 40~50 years old ?
Eunhyuk : although we're middle-age men then but I hope we still can sing, act, be a MC and various individual activities by the name of Suju.

Suju will come to Nanjing tomorrow to have a concert but today Suju are happy with their award and having a sincere interview. They open their heart and voice out their true feeling. With the flush face and red cheek, they said "now we have achieved something" with satisfaction.

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[NEWS] 091219 Sungmin, Jonghyun and Jokwon form handsome boy group... 'Christmas Boys'

The Christmas Special episode of saw the making of a project male group 'Christmas Boys'. Sungmin, Jonghyun and Jokwon make up the four-member handsome boy group which includes Kim Jiho.

Despite being blind, Kim Jiho has previously managed to touch the hearts of the audience on through his beautiful voice and singing ability.

Standing on a special stairway set in matching white suits, 'Christmas Boys' performed Irish boyband Westlife's with their captivating voices.

This special episode will air on 19 December at 6.30pm.

Source: Mydaily
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Friday, December 18, 2009

[NEWS] 091218 Super Junior + SHINee + f(x) Hand Printing Event

SM Entertainment's corporate affiliate SM Amusement opened the cultural space "everysing" in Myungdong on December 18th.

At 2 PM of the 18th, SM artists Super Junior's Lee Teuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Yesung, and Sungmin as well as SHINee and f(x) all came and participated in the hand printing event.

After hand printing they ate ddukbokgi and other items off the menu at the cafe in everysing, such as rice balls and bibimbap, for the opening event.

Many fans came to watch the popular idol groups at this event.

On another note, at "everysing" there is an audition booth where you can audition for SM as well as make your own video, and there is also a cafe, a booth selling character items, and photo sticker booths where you can take pictures with your favorite celebrities (in the background).

source: newsen | translations by filmsession @ omona_prection (lj)
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[NEWS] 091217 Suju Shindong "My ideal type is a small-frame female student"

Super Junior Shindong has revealed his ideal type during a show filming.

On the show KBS Drama "Super Junior's Miracle" which will be aired on December 19th, Shindong has talked about his ideal type in front of the university students.

On that day, Super Junior has gone to the university to directly choose a mentee student. Shindong had talked to the students and suggested a popular poll in which member Leeteuk asked him if he has set his mind on someone or not.

Shindong said "My ideal type is a small-frame girl" which Leeteuk pointed a female student and said "She's pretty". Then Eunhyuk asked her "What do you think about Shindong-sshi ?" which she said ambiguously "I like Super Junior", but then feeling that she missed out Shindong, she said "Ah Shindong-sshi is the one....that I like most" which made everybody laughing.

Also on the show, you can see Shindong's active image through "Soccer Shindong".

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[NEWS] 091217 Sukira's blood donating campaign "Red Christmas"

Super Junior Leeteuk & Eunhyuk's radio show "Super Junior's Kiss the radio" (Sukira) and Korean Red Cross together will start a campaign called "Red Christmas" for blood donating.

There will be a Sukira Open broadcasting/concert in the evening od December 18th. The event will be split into 3 parts "Youth's Red", "New life & Love's Red", "Passion's Red", at the event the questions about blood donating will be answered and this also remind everybody the meaning of love between people.

Shinee, MBLAQ, T-ara, K-will will attend this event and the concert will be aired at 10PM on December 25th.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

[NEWS] 091216 Suju Eunhyuk "IU, the most beautiful person in this world"

Super Junior Eunhyuk has expressed his feeling toward singer IU in the year-end special epsidoe of the show KBS Drama "Super Junior's Miracle". One-two, IU, Jungmo are the guests in that epsidoe.

In the beginning of the epsidoe, Eunhyuk has introduced IU as "the girl who melts all the guys' heart" in which Super Junior Leeteuk
asked "She melted your heart, right ?" and expressed the curiousity about Eunhyuk & IU's relationship. When IU came to the filming place, Leeteuk Shindong One-two & Jungmo said "You two look good together, it's like a picture when you two stand side by side like that" which made Eunhyuk smile.

When playing game to create sentence/phrase with IU's name*, Eunhyuk has said "You're beautiful, you're the most beautiful person in this world, Yooboochobab**" which gave a wrong message and thus making people laughing.

Then they have a soccer match with the mentee students, when Eunhyuk made a tied-score goal, he has showed IU the dance of "Marshmallow" to celebrate.

The show will be aired at 10AM on December 19th.

* IU (아이유) is made by 3 words, 아-ah 이-ee and 유-yu, the game is that you will use those 3 words, each words to begin a phrase/sentence
** Yooboochobab (유부초밥) is a kind of food "seasoned rice wrapped in a fried tofu bag " here. They laughed because Eunhyuk supposed to say something about IU which was begun with "yoo", not a name of food ^^

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[PERF/SPECH] 091216 Super Junior @ 2009 Melon Music Awards

Digital Generation Band (with Sungmin and Eunhyuk)

Credit : bluprincez@youtube

Top 10 Super Junior Acceptance Speech

Super Junior M Acceptance Speech

Credits : Minniemink@youtube

Interview Room - 8eight + Super Junior + 브아걸

Credit : bwmow5@youtube

[NEWS] 091216 G-Dragon’s criminal investigations underway

After G-Dragon's sexual escapades in front of 12 year olds at his first solo concert (Shine a Light), criminal investigations for his actions are now underway.

Prosecutors have collected all evidence and video footage of the concert and stated to Newsen on the 15th:
"We are in the process of reviewing all charges and examining the data. At this point however, we cannot say how long the investigations will take."

The prosecutor added:
"Depending on the outcome of the initial examination, the offender may be summoned for further investigations."

G-Dragon just may be in for some serious trouble.


[NEWS] 091216 Super Junior is chosen as "Top 10" artists at "2009 Melon music award"

Super Junior was chosen as one of the "Top 10" artist at the "2009 Melon music award" which was held on December 16th at Olympic hall, Seoul Olympic park.

When accepting the award, Leeteuk said "I want to say sorry that all the members can't be here today, may be they're watching this in oversea too", "This year we had had happy & great moment and also hard & lonely moment. However, it's nice to have this great award to wrap up a year". Yesung also said "I want to say thank to our parents who raise us Super Junior to be cool like this. And Kangin Kibum do you see this ? We want to share this award with all the members"

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[NEWS] 091216 Nickhun Eunhyuk Sungmin Jungmo form a project band

It was known that 2PM's Nickhun, SJ's Sungmin & Eunhyuk, IRIS's Juni, The TRAX's Jungmo, rapper Outsider and BooHwal's Kim Taewon will form a project band called "DG band". The band will perform the opening stage at 1st Melon music award which will be held place on December 16th at Olympic hall, Seoul Olympic Park.

IRIS's Juni and Sungmin will be the main vocals of the band. Nickhun will be in charge of playing keyboard and vocal. Eunhyuk & Outsider will be in chagre of rapping and Jungmo & Kim Taewon will be in charge of playing guitar.

"DG band" will perform <200>'s OST as opening stage for Melon music award. "2009 Melon music award" will be aired live from 7PM to 10PM on December 16th via Y-STAR, Dramax, ComedyTV.

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[VIDEO] 091216 Super Junior M @ 娛樂百分百 100% Entertainment

Credit : marukoisme107@youtube

P.S: Don't miss tonight SJ M fan meeting!! I'm jealous of taiwan fans!! They are really lucky!!

[INFO] 091216 Super Junior Wraps up China Concert in Success

Super Junior Wraps up China Concert in Success

Korean idol group Super Junior successfully wrapped up their second Asian tour over the weekend, according to a press release by their agency SM Entertainment.

The boy band finished off their "Super Show 2" in Nanjing on Saturday, performing at a fully-packed Nanjing Olympic Sports Center for three hours.

Super Junior sang a total of 33 songs including the smash hit "Sorry, Sorry", "U", "It's You" and "Miracle". The concert also featured individual performances by the members and by the group's sub-units Super Junior-M, Super Junior-T and Super Junior-K.R.Y.

The fans particularly loved the Chinese version of "Superman", where Super Junior-T member Heechul and Shindong changed parts of the song's lyrics into Chinese.

Super Junior, composed of 13 members, has been one of the most popular K-pop acts in Asia since their debut in 2005. They recently won 3 awards at Korea's Annual Golden Disc Awards, including the grand prize for their hit album "Sorry, Sorry."

(Source: Asiae )
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

[NEWS] 091212 'Suju' Heechul Hugs 'Soshi' Taeyeon, Taeyeon fans jealous 'Really Too Long'?

Regarding Super Junior's Heechul hugging Sonyushidae's Taeyeon, Taeyeon fans & netizens have showed jealousy, turning it into a talking point.

During the 24th Golden Disk Awards Ceremony held on the 10th of December, Suju won the revered award. Suju members hugged each other, full of happiness.

Prior to this, Sonyushidae had won award, & were present on stage before Suju, looking on as Suju received their award. After Soshi's conferral, they stayed on stage to congratulate Suju on their win.

In particular, on that day Suju's Heechul & Soshi's Taeyeon embraced to congratulate each other on their wins. In addition, Heechul also stroked Taeyeon's cheek, showing how how affectionate they are. But because this hug was very intense, the reaction of Taeyeon fans & netizens have been that of jealousy.

On the bulletin board of Suju's win on the Golden Disk site, one netizen made a thread. After seeing the picture, netizens laughed leaving comments like, "Heechul, the hug was too long!", "You can't, Taeyeon.", "intimate relations prohibited, Heechul" etc. Also, "Only touch the cheek!", "Selfish Heechul", & "Burning with anger, jealous".

In addition, "because both peopleare from the same company, it's understandable", there are also netizens who feel warmhearted, raising attention.

On the other hand, Soshi & Suju have received even more love from fans this year. Fans are looking forward toeven better music & another activities from them next year.

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[NEWS] 091215 SJ-M to attend Asia Pacific Film Festival

SJ will send their sub-group SJ-M to support (the film festival), they will go straight to Taiwan on the 18th after their performance in Wenzhou.

SJ-M to take over; Work permits etc are all ok

While Rain is not coming to Taiwan, SJ-M is still supportive of the Asia Pacific Film Festival, after their performance in Wenzhou on the 18th, they will take the car for 4 hours, go to Ningbo to fly to Hong Kong then Taiwan. The manager, Qiu Li Kuan, that helped the Film Festival invite them said, "They didn't ask about the pay, agreed immediately, even though they may not get a night of sleep." She said. SJ-M's visa and work permits are all not a problem, they are confirmed coming. The tickets to Super Junior's concert next year on 20th Feb in the Taipei Arena has all been sold out, the organisers, Super Dome, said, they are coordinating for an extra show on the 21st afternoon.

Source: Ryeowook's Baidu Bar & here
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[NEWS] 091214 Leeteuk to participate in new game show 'Oh! Brothers'

SBS announced on the 14th that it "will be producing a new game variety show 'Oh! Brothers', with 12 celebrities split into six groups of two". The format of this show will be unlike that of reality entertainment shows which are currently in fashion; on the contrary, it will be remodeling after the programme X-MAN, which ended in April 2007.

Hosted by Kim Gook Jin, the show will have six regular male guests, including Super Junior's Leeteuk and SHINee's Minho. SNSD's Sooyoung and Kara's Nicole will also be part of the programme.

The first filming will take place in the afternoon of 15 December at Deungchon-dong, Seoul. The pilot programme will air on the 25th, at 6.30pm.

SR: Newsen
CR: teuki teuki @ JSholic
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[NEWS] 091215 JYP wants to produce for Taeyang

Recently, JYP was on “Come 2 Play” promoting his new song and he was asked to list “Artists he would like to produce for” – Taeyang was his NO.2 choice of artists he’d like to work with.

He praised Taeyang, saying ” He dances really great and plays with the rhythm. TaeYang can express in his dance the feel that is uniquely black”

JYP was very impressed with Taeyang in his “Where U At” music video as well.

Original article in here.

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[NEWS] 091213 JYP wants to bring Daesung to America?

Park Jin Young has grabbed the hand of YG's Daesung. On the recent Family Outing, JYP who had won a game, picked Daesung to follow him as his partner to do the chores of picking out chrysanthemum flowers.

Despite coming from two of the most popular and respected entertainment companies, JYP and Daesung oddly put the flowers on their heads and shared a nice conversation.

Daesung first sparked the hilarious conversation by saying, "There's no such thing as 'president' or whatsoever here (Family Outing). I'm actually one of the founding members and the truth is that I'm a lorena."

The hilarious "dumber" Daesung surprised JYP by saying, "There was once a dance battle between JYP and YG. The way I heard it was that YG won 2 to 0."

However, JYP took it lightly and showed his affection by saying, "When I first saw you, you were smiling so brightly that I just wanted to take you to our agency."

Daesung brightly smiled and replied, "I also wanted to go to America." To this JYP replied, "The fastest method to go to America is to becoming one of the Wonder Girls and we'll see within the next year!"

Daesung instantly "auditioned" by doing the Wonder Girl's dance moves, which led to JYP to give him crushing but a hilarious answer: "Just stick with Big Bang."

However, that did not stop Daesung, because he brightly smiled once more and said, "Even if i have to go solo, I would want to go to America!"

These two match real well, don't they?


[NEWS] 091215 Big Bang , Ambassadors of Korea.

According to Korean media, on the 2009 Korea Contents Awards Ceremony happening on the 15th of December, Big Bang and Wonder Girls will be awarded for being ambassadors of Korea, to show recognition to their efforts in promoting Korean culture to all.

The committee of the Korea Contents Awards Ceremony expressed in 2009, BigBang and Wonder Girls has been actively performing in Japan and US respectively, and to show recognition to their efforts in promoting Korean culture, they will be presented with a special award.

However, BigBang and the Wonder Girls who are still busy with their schedules in Japan and US respectively, will not be able to attend the ceremony in the afternoon of 15th December, and thus the award will be received by a representative from their company.

Korea Contents Award Ceremony is to award groups who are often active in overseas performance to promote Korea and its culture. In this year's awards, other than BigBang and Wonder Girls, those receiving the awards includes 朴光元 from MNet and 申柱赫 from Star Empire Entertainment.

{trans: cofemix@wgspectacle}

[NEWS] 091214 SBS Gayo Daejun, Special Stage with SNSD

Group Super Junior's gonna use Year-End Shows to meet with Fans.
Super Junior is gonna be End of the Year SBS Gayo Daejun's Special Guest.
Super Junior will perform songs, and have a special stage with SNSD.
A Gayo Daejun Staff said, "Super Junior will attend Gayo Daejun, with exciting
performances. Super Junior is the top-notch group of the year. Because of
Individual activities, and Asia Second Tour, they can't meet with the fans
in Korea. They've decided to use this opportunity to show everyone an
exciting performance. After Super Junior finished promotions for ,
they've begun drama filming, MC roles, and Radio DJing. Super Junior chose
SBS Gayo Daejun's stage for the Korean fans. Besides Kibum, who's shooting
a film; and Kangin, who's resting, all members will attend Gayo Daejun.

credit: sj-market

Sunday, December 13, 2009

[NEWS] 091212 Kim Shinyoung Surprised At Yuri's Body Hair

On 'Invincible Youth' aired on December 11th, Yuri taught yoga to the G7 members.
She is currently in charge of the yoga session before beginning a day of work.

While Yuri was teaching yoga, her top slipped and slightly exposed the hair under her belly button.
Kim shinyoung exclaimed "what kind of idol has belly button hair?!" Yuri was also shocked.

The G7 members are showing new and fresh characteristics; the 'does anything she is told' 'Haragoo,'
'Hip Hop Idol' Narsha, 'Blank Paper Princess' Sunhwa, 'Gag idol' Sunny.

On a more serious note, Yuri, Kim TaeWoo and Sunhwa are developing a love triangle.

Source: Newsen
Translation: Just Love~! @

[NEWS] 091212 Big Bang & Wonder Girls Artists of the Year

Meanwhile back in Korea, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism selected Wonder Girls and Korean boy group Big Bang as the Artists of the Year. The two groups are scheduled to receive awards at the 2009 Korea Content Award for their contributions overseas. The boy group performed a similar feat with their hit shows in Japan.

By Kim Hee-sung Staff Writer

Source: (Official English website of the Korean government)


[NEWS] 091212 Suju Leeteuk "I learn to be a MC from Kang Hodong"

Idol group Super Junior's leader Leeteuk has revealed that "I had got lessions to be a MC from Kang Hodong".

In a recent interview with Moneytoday starnews, Leeteuk said "I had wanted to be a MC since when I debuted" and "Not long ago, Hodong hyung told me ".

Since Super Junior's debut in 2005, Leeteuk has been MC & panel on some TV entertainment shows, with his witness he had showed to have a lot of possibility to become a MC. Currently, he is attending SBS "Strong heart" & "Star king" with the fellow members Eunhyuk & Shindong.

Leeteuk revealed that "chime in" and "shouting" are the main points in Kang Hodong's MC lession. "Whenever anybody says something, you must chime in with a right way, it's the most important thing, and speak loudly the word 'Ita'* ", "In the future if you want to be a national MC, the work experience is important. Even 10 years later you become like this (a national MC) you still have to practice and work hard"

Leeteuk said "I always say it's Hodong hyung whenever people ask me who is the best MC" and adding "because there is a reason that I havent had chance to do show with Yoo Jaeseok-sshi yet". "Actually there are many people who do very well so it took me quite a long time to get Hodong hyung's recognition. I think that I had done well in the beginning so I should work harder no matter what"

Leeteuk also said that Kang Hodong always emphasised the importance of "family", "Hodong hyung always tells me that family is the most important and precious thing. 'Family is important. The dorm where you live, the broadcasting station and even the office are also the family. Once you do all this activities, you will realize that family is way more important than money' is what he taught me and it's always deep in my heart. And I came to know that not anyone can become 'national MC' "

Leeteuk continued with "Hodong hyung always chooses Lee Kyungkyu to be the best MC", and he said determinedly "My dream is that once I become a popular MC, whenever people ask me who is the best MC I will say it's Kang Hodong"

* "Ita" (이다) is a verb in Korean which is used to express a statement sentence.

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[NEWS] 091212 Shindong's problems on "BoBoBo", "the kids always make fun of me because I'm chubby"

Super Junior Shindong has revealed his difficulty when doing the show for children of MBC "BoBoBo".

On the show SBS "Quiz! Sixth sense", there is a question "Which behavior of the children is not good ?", Shindong said both angrily and jokingly "Everyday the kids who are on the show with me always make fun of me because I'm chubby".

The show will be aired at 10.45AM on December 13th.

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[NEWS] 091210 Super Junior and SNSD celebrated together in a Barbeque Restaurant, After Golden Disk Award

Super Junior and SNSD ‘cheers using soft drink’ at a Barbeque place

At the 2009 Golden Disk Award , Super Junior and SNSD who won the Daesang for both disk and digital award went together to a BBQ restaurant located around the Jiangnan District for an after party celebration on 10th December.

After winning the Daesang, both the brother-sister group who hugged one another and cried had gather together in a BBQ restaurant at around 11:30PM. They all removed their make up and turned up with a comfortable normal make up and clothes, *the expression on their face can’t cover their excited feeling.

Normally after winning a big award, there is always wine and have a alcohol party. But, because there are some member who are underage, and have a lot of schedule, so instead of using wine , they replaced it with soft drink and cheers !

Due to the schedule of SSII concert in Nanjing, Super Junior can’t drink too much ( wine ). However, Super Junior member Leeteuk, Heechul and some other members added some Soju into their soft drinks and even act a cross-cupped wine scene. Both group together with company staff in total 50 people had reserved the whole 2nd storey of the BBQ place. In a blink of eye, 80 portion of Streaky pork had finished. Just the meal fee alone already cost them about **$1,300

Although past midnight it started to drizzle, the weather also became cool, but on the entry of the BBQ place, there are still over 100 fans who stay till 3AM keep cheering for SJ and SNSD name.

Some of the SuperJunior members even shook hand with the fans. During the party, there is also SM representative Kim Young Min and TVXQ member Yunho who joined them and congratulate them.

* I direct translate this part. Can't find suitable sentence to translate it so it may sound abit weird.
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** it's 1,500,000 won (which is about $1,330)

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Friday, December 11, 2009

[NEWS] 091210 YG releases apology for G-dragon’s antics

YG Entertainment has released their official statement on the case of G-Dragon’s controversial solo concert.

“We came in contact with an article that said the Korean Family Health Department requested that G-Dragon’s solo concert be examined in further detail for violating the child protection law and sexual promiscuity performance,” said YGE.

“We should have considered the extreme impact popular culture can have on young adults. We are sincerely sorry for the controversy and have no intentions of putting the blame on other people or making excuses in order to refuse responsibility. YG will cooperate willingly with any investigations, and we accept all responsibility for the controversy.”

“Also, although this is a separate matter from the controversy, we would like to mention that for a lot of artists, a solo concert is a big dream as well as a big pressure for them. Usually on music programs, they perform a couple of songs, whereas in a solo concert, an artist must lead the audience for more than 2 hours by himself. We feel that artists feel pressured to show extreme performances in some cases due to the huge amount of expectation put on them.”

“In the concert DVD, all controversial scenes that were deemed inappropriate will be excluded or edited. We apologize once again for the trouble caused, and will take extreme caution to avoid causing any sort of controversy similar to this in the future. Thank you.”

Either way, YG has officially apologized for the actions of the Big Bang leader, regardless of whether or not he did anything wrong.

credits: allkpop

[PERF] 091210 Super Junior, SNSD & SHINee cuts @ Golden Disk Awards

Super Junior Golden Disk Daesang

Credit : Minniemink@youtube

2009 Golden Disk Awards - Super Junior won Bonsang

Credit : uketsu@youtube


Credit : pr13ansj@youtube

Super Junior, Shinee & SNSD-MJ Tribute

Credit : SSYY02@youtbe

Super Junior won Popularity Award @ Golden Disk Award 2009

Credit : HyukGem@youtube

SNSD - Chocolate Love & Gee (Remix)

SHINee - Intro + Shinee World + Ring Ding Dong

credits : breakingthis@youtube


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