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[NEWS] 091028 Leeteuk cheered for Boom who will enlist "have a safe trip and be healthy"

Super Junior Leeteuk had cheered for Boom, who will enlist soon.

Leeteuk had wrote on his own cyworld on October 27th that "Minho-hyung, have a safe trip". He also posted a picture of him and Boom together and put the title "Hyung, have a safe trip" for that entry.

Leeteuk wrote in his entry that "Boom Academy leader..Boom Minho-hyung, have a safe trip and stay healthy, without knowing it, [our] feelings grew deep....thank you for taking care [of me]....although people don't really know what hyung is really like....but hyung your way of working hard has touched me again.."

He continued with "..really can't let go..ㅠㅠ..don't worry, I'll work hard....ah..the recent weather also makes a person feel matter what suitable departure [it] is always a painful thing.." to expressed his sadness toward Boom's leaving.

Boom who will enlist at the 102 Replacement Depot in Kangwondo Chuncheon wrote on his own cyworld on October 27th that "I will have a safe trip. There are many people who cheered for me and also gave me hug. It's so heartwarming".

Before enlisting, Boom is regular guest on SBS "Strong heart", "Star King" and MC of MBC Every1 "The teacher is coming"

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[NEWS] 091028 "Strong heart" PD "Boom Academy will be continued without Boom"

Regarding the news that Boom will enlist soon, SBS "Strong heart" PD has said that "Boom Academy" will be continued without Boom. "Boom Academy" contains Boom, Super Junior's Leeteuk & Eunhyuk and they created a corner in the show "Strong heart" called "Boomkigayo" which bring a lot of laughter to people.

Park Sanghyuk, PD of "Strong heart" has said in a phonecall with Newsen on October 28th that although Boom will leave soon for his military service but "Boom Academy" will be continued with Leeteuk & Eunhyuk. He also said they plan to hold an audition to choose a new face for Boom Academy and Boom Academy will compete against Bracademy which contains FTTS's Brian and Jokwon.

Park PD said after Boom's leaving, Leeteuk will carry the responsibility of taking care of Boom Academy.

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[NEWS] 091029 Big Bang’s Seungri is going to school with SNSD’s Yuri

Big Bang's Seungri and SNSD's Yuri have both been accepted by Chung-Ang University and will start attending classes in 2010 as freshmen.

According to Chung-Ang University on the 29th, the two of them had beat out some tough competition to make it into the school. To be exact, a ratio of 23 to 1. Both of them will be majoring in theatre and acting.

Seungri had previously withdrawn from high school due to his activities with Big Bang, however last May, Seungri passed with a GED (Good Enough Diploma).

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[NEWS] 091028 Super Junior Happy will perform at Korean Hope concert, along with 2PM and Shinee

Super Junior Happy along with 2PM and Shinee will perform at 1st Korean Hope Concert which will be held on November 14th at Busan Asiad Main Stadium. This concert will be the second time 2PM perform with 6 members since Dream Concert. However, because of the recent bad incident, Super Junior Happy's Kangin wont attend with the other members.

The money from the concert will be used to help 40 teenagers, each of them will be given about 4 million won to pay for their university's tutor fee. Each idol groups will perform about 6 songs and also have a small talk with the audience.

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[NEWS] 091028 An article about Sungmin's Dad and family

If you vist "sendbill" official homepage, you will be surprised to hear popular idol group Super Junior members singing the logo song for the company.

Super Junior member Sungmin is the son of the president of the company Lee ChunHwa. Because of his Dad, Sungmin had written a cheerful, catchy logo song to promote for "sendbill" service.

Lee president said that "Sometimes there are fans of my son come crowding around my house. It's because my son is famous, I find it a good thing rather than feeling annoyed" and showed a satisfied expression. Besides, Lee ChunHwa president's wife has done a lot of charity activities for the handicapped people for over 3 years, she even received a Seoul City award for that.

With the father being successful with his own company, the mother with her charity activities and the son with his popularity in the showbiz, we expect to hear more good news about Lee ChunHwa presient's family in the future.

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[NEWS] 091029 G-Dragon Concert tickets sold out in 10 minutes!

I'm sure you guys were trying to find some way to get to G-Dragon's "Shine A Light" concert after watching the commercial. But unfortunately, you probably can't.

As soon as the first round of tickets went on sale, they were gone! In 10 minutes, fans had already reserved 12,000 seats at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. Approximately 10,000 fans fought for tickets and 1 out of 10 were lucky enough to get them for this highly anticipated concert.

But you still have a chance as the second round of ticket sales will open on the 30th. Which will most likely be just as challenging as the first round.

YG Entertainment stated:

"We tried to give more fans a chance to come this time. We had more seats available than the Big Bang concerts but it still sold out immediately."

This will be an epic concert as G-Dragon will perform songs from his album that were never performed before and I'm sure his fellow YG family members will come and support him on stage.

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[NEWS] 091029 Donghae - Jonghyun - Amber, SM's dinosaur trio are coming !

It is known that Super Junior Donghae, Shinee's Jonghyun and f(x)'s Amber are close with each other.

On October 29th, Shinee's Jonghyun has posted to Shinee's me2day a picture of him, Donghae & Amber taking together. Jonghyun wrote jokingly under the pic "Where am I...?". The reason fro him to say that is because the three look alike each other. Jonghyun, Donghae, Amber were known with the nickname "SM dinosaur trio" among the fans because their appearance resemble those cute little dinosaur.

Netizens has left comments like "They're very cute", "They're SM dinosaur trio", "They're super dinosaur trio".

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[NEWS] 091030 Big Bang’s Hallelujah on IRIS

Big Bang was rumored to release a new song titled Hallelujah for the IRIS OST (soundtrack). Well, it seems the track isn't out yet on music portals, but the song played on the drama itself.

1TYM member Teddy is said to have produced the track and it reportedly was co-written by both Teddy and G-Dragon. It seems with this song, Big Bang is taking it back to their hip hop roots.

You can listen to the track as you view T.O.P beating up some guys in a club and smoothly walking out afterwards

Hallelujah [On air Ver.]

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[NEWS] 091029 SJ-M’s High Popularity, New Single Seizes Number 1 on China’s Charts

Super Junior-M (of Korea’s SM Entertainment), who are active in the music world, monopolized number one on China’s well-known television and radio charts in one move with their recently released new album “Super Girl”. Once again proving their super high popularity in China.

SJ-M released “Super Girl” at the end of last month and obtained good results with number one in the fourth week of October on China’s authoritative music charts, “Pepsi Music Chart” and CNR’s Music Radio “China’s TOP Chart”. These two charts separately represent China’s television and radio, these two are largely the most authoritative music charts. They do not only represent some regions in China, but rather it is based and judged on nationwide album sales and degree of popularity. With their peak popularity, SJ-M ascending such popular Chinese music charts has also undoubtedly confirmed their super high popularity once again.

Also, when SJ-M’s first mini album “Super Girl” hit the market in Taiwan it achieved number one in album sales soon afterwards. Now at present after achieving such proud achievements on China’s two most authoritative charts on television and radio, this truly proves the “Super Girl” craze is already blowing everywhere.

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[NEWS] 091030 Siwon will be attending the "ADDICTION TO PASSION" concert in Hong Kong, Jaeson Ma's outreach concert at the Noah’s Ark on Ma Wan Island


Noah's Ark Exact Size Replica in Hong Kong

For everyone in Hong Kong, make sure you come to our concert & outreach “ADDICTION TO PASSION” on Oct 31st, 2009 at 7PM at the Noah’s Ark on Ma Wan Island. We are expecting nearly 3,000 to come to a sold out show with my friends MC Jin, Van Ness Wu, Sean from “JinuSean” Korea, Sherman Chung, & my boy Siwon Choi from “Super Junior” and myself throwing it down on Halloween for God’s glory…

Recently, in the last years there has been major problems with drug addictions, alcohol, violence and sexual immorality to the point city officials don’t know what to do in Hong Kong. We are holding this event to proclaim a message of freedom in Jesus Christ to set the many youth in Hong Kong free from these destructive addictions. My “Soldiers of Light” Jin, Van Ness, Sean, Sherman, Siwon and others will be not only performing, but sharing personal testimonies of how God has changed their lives for the better. I KNOW this is going to be more than an event, or concert, it’s going to be a straight on ENCOUNTER WITH GOD and HIS ANGELS setting every young person in that place free from darkness by the power of His LIGHT!!!

As of right now, the concert is sold out but call your local ticket holders or go to this link to see if there are any options. Pray for this concert and outreach to rain down God’s glory, set free every prisoner in bondage and release the light of Jesus Christ into Hong Kong for a new revival across this island….GOD KNOWS WE NEED LIGHT IN THESE DAYS…

Source: Jaeson Ma's official website

Thursday, October 29, 2009

[NEWS] 091026 ‘19′ drama starring TOP and Seungri out on November 12th

‘19′ drama starring TOP and Seungri out on November 12th

Telecinema production ‘19′ (19 years old) starring Big Bang’s TOP and Seungri, and YG actress Heo Yi Jae has a date now, this telecinema project will be released on November 12th.

This a suspense drama about the life of 3 teenagers that become friends after running away and they investigate homicide cases together. TOP and Seungri escaped from a police station after they were accused of murdering someone, Heo Yi Jae then joins them as well and they all become close. Just like the title, they all play a 19 year old teenager role.

This is a telecinema that is produced simultaneously for television and cinema. Each act is 120 minutes long and two episodes each. The drama versions will air in Korea whereas the film versions will air in Japan. There will be 14 Episodes in total, TOP and Seungri will be starring in the 7th Episode, the last one to come out on November 12th.

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[NEWS] 091024 G-Dragon to perform Seo Taiji’s I Know on Inkigayo

G-Dragon to perform Seo Taiji’s I Know on Inkigayo

Having wowed many with his first tv performance of A Boy together with Michael Jackson's Billie Jean on Inkigayo last Sunday, G-Dragon will be offering something special again this Sunday, 25th for viewers.

G-Dragon will still be performing A Boy like last week, but this time, he will be adding Seo Taiji's I Know to his performance. Having already raised eyebrows with his wavy blonde wig for his performance last week, many are anticipating what will the fashionista pull off this time.

This awesome Inkigayo episode will also include performances by Taeyang for Where U At, SS501 comeback stage and many more. Take 7 will be fought out between G-Dragon, Kim Tae Woo and SHINee. Non-performers are not listed.

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[NEWS] 091022 Shindong and Eunhyuk challenged B-boys with aerobic dance

During the filming of MBC Ilbam's , Shindong and Eunhyuk met the best B-boy group in the world, 'Last For One'.

Nodaji's MC Crew fully unleashed their hidden dancing abilities in front of the world-class B-boys while special guests Shindong and Eunhyuk thanked the B-boys for their magnificent performance with a light aerobic dance.

The MCs picked up a couple of basic B-boy moves from the members of 'Last For One', and an impromptu performance showdown then unfolded, with Shindong and Eunhyuk decisively distinguishing themselves in the battle. Having seen Eunhyuk's splendid dancing talent, Shin Junghwan joked with Eunhyuk, asking him to leave Super Junior and join 'Last For One' instead.

This episode will air on 25 Oct, at 6.45pm.

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[NEWS] 091022 SHINee’s Album is a Big Hit!

SHINee's new mini-album "2009, Year Of Us," was finally released on the 22nd. And the physical album release was a big hit, as they already received 60,000 orders and claimed the first spot in Hanteo's album sales chart!

SHINee's latest album has a total of 6 tracks - all of which you can feel an atmosphere that only "SHINee" has. The title-song "Ring Ding Dong" has been red hot, as it has been dominating music charts all throughout portal sites ever since its release.

Fans have even more to be excited about as SHINee will give opportunities for fans to get their autograph's on the 24th, at YoungDeungPo Kyobo Hottracks, in YongSan Fantastic Media Store.

SHINee commented, "We thank you all, and we are happy that our album has been garnering a lot of attention. We hope we will receive more love, as we work hard on our activities with 'Ring Ding Dong.''

Stay tuned to SBS Inkigayo this week on the 25th, as they will perform their title-song "Ring Ding Dong."

Make sure to check out SFI for more on SHINee.

Credit : allkpop

[VIDEO] Super Junior - The Making Of 2nd Album MV

Don't Don MV - Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Marry U MV - Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Credit : lit0dr3amz @ youtube

[NEWS] 091022 Super Junior’s Heechul to Release Solo Song

As you all know, Kim Heechul of Super Junior is currently a cast for SBS "I Love You Thousand Times." Well, it has just been revealed that he will release a solo track for the OST of this drama!

Park Sae Joon, the music director of this drama, recommended Heechul to do a solo track entitled "ChoByul," which will be his theme song.

Through concerts Heechul has shown a variety of solo stages in the past, but this will be his first official solo song. The song will be released through online portal sites such as Bugs, Melon, and Dosirak on November 6th.

Stay tuned to this weekend's episode of "I Love You Thousand Times," as viewers will be able to hear his song "ChoByul" for the very first time.

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[NEWS] 091020 Hankyung and Henry recall their tough experiences in Korea

When asked about their past training in Korea on a certain entertainment programme on Enlight Media, both Hankyung and Henry said that the experience was extremely scary to them at that point in time and it is not inappropriate to call it a “boot camp (lit. ‘devil training’)”. Additionally, the language barrier that they faced made life even more difficult for them.

Henry shared that when he first arrived in Korea, he was completely unable to understand the menus in restaurants. As he only knew how to say “I’d like a bowl of chicken soup,” in Korean, he could only eat that same dish in that same restaurant. He did so for two whole months, learning Korean as he drank the soup. His revelation amused the other members in the group.

Chinese member Hankyung also had such a (training) experience, saying that although he did not drink chicken soup for as long a time (as Henry did), his training experience was indeed rather tough. As a foreigner on unfamiliar land, everything he did required a lot of time. However, he soon changed his stance, saying, “Looking back on the experience I had, it actually wasn’t unbearable. If it weren’t for that experience, I’d not have the results that I have achieved today, and no one would know me. So I am very thankful for that seemingly difficult period of time.” Hankyung’s words brought on a lasting applause from the crew members off-stage.

The host then told Super Junior M about the three trainees of Enlight Media who are bound for training in Korea and asked them to teach the trainees on where to get Korean delicacies. In response to that request, Hankyung said in a serious tone that having the chance to receive such training in Korea is a good opportunity for youngsters. He explained that Korea is particularly strict in the aspect of nurturing celebrities, hence one should not think about how to enjoy himself in Korea, but focus on learning and picking up skills instead. He even jokingly said that to protect the young trainees, the members will not disclose their ‘strategies’ to Korean delicacies.

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[NEWS] 091021 Big Bang and 2NE1 on CNN

Back in April, Korean Electronics company LG recruited YG Entertainment artists Big Bang and 2NE1 to sponsor and advertise their new Lollipop phone. On October 20th, CNN aired a segment on what many have called "Asia's most wired city" and sent reporter Kristie Lu to Seoul, Korea.

The segment basically talks about the phones in Korea and why Korean electronics companies Samsung (world's largest conglomerate, world's largest electronics company, and world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer) and LG (large conglomerate, one of the world's largest electronics companies, and world's third-biggest maker of mobile phones) are the ones dominating the market there. The answer given was because of the marketing / celebrity endorsements by Samsung's Anycall Haptic and LG's Lollipop. After this, a small portion of the Lollipop MV was played.

Even though it was for a few seconds, I thought it was pretty cool to see Big Bang and 2NE1 on CNN. Rain / Bi is also scheduled to be on CNN's Talk Asia soon. Also check out the BBVIP Forums and YG Ladies Forum.

The Big Bang and 2ne1 part starts at 1:05 youy can sheck it out HERE

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[NEWS] 091022 It's Taeyang versus G-Dragon!

After 9 years of friendship, Taeyang and G-Dragon meet for the first time not as Big Bang members but as solo artists.

The two have been friends since 6th grade and started as trainees in YG Entertainment in 2000. Even now, they work together as Big Bang members but on the 25th, they will push that aside and perform their solo work. They will be promoting their individual work on SBS Inkigayo this week.

Taeyang will be performing his latest single "Where You At?" which was released on the 15th. G-Dragon, who showed off his fashion don't last week with a perm that was to imitate Michael Jackson, will be performing "A Boy."

It'll be a packed Inkigayo this week even with just these two artists. Whose performance are you guys anticipating more?

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[NEWS] 091021 Big Bang To Sing Opening Theme Of Japanese Drama

The group’s third single, “Koe wo Kikasete” (Let Me Hear Your Voice), which will be released Nov.4, will be used as the opening number for TBS’ “Ohitorisama,” or “Single,” its agency said in a statement Friday.

“The track is a love song that brings out the members’ distinctive voices and harmonies,” it said.

Members T.O.P and Tae-yang worked on the original soundtrack for local drama “Friends, Our Story” early this year, but it is the first time for the whole group to participate in a project for a Japanese television series.

It will also be the first time for Dae-sung to work on a new song after being injured in a car accident last August.

The drama Single features the romance between a successful single teacher and a fellow faculty member, who happens to be 10 years younger than her.

Japan’s so-called “Barbie doll,” Alisa Mizuki, will appear as the teacher, while popular actor Teppei Koike will star as the younger employee, alongside other prominent actors including Ami Suzuki and Nao Matsushita.

According to YG, the song will prove once again the star power the group has in Japan, considering the fact the group made its debut on Japanese soil only four months ago.

Each of the members has released their own single albums, the most recent being Tae-yang’s “Where U At.” love.png love.png love.png love.png

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[NEWS] 091020 SJ-M To Release 2nd Full Album Next Year

Releasing their mini album not too long ago, SJ-M gives an interview with WangYi Entertainment Chatroom. Being the first mainland having members from various countries, SJ-M has caught attention of many people. In this interview, every member of SJ-M all talked about their image of their Super Girl. Han Geng says his Super Girl is his mom. During the game segment, the Korean members showed off their Chinese speaking and used Chinese to thank their fans. They also said that they will release their 2nd full album early next year.

Source: Wangyi

[NEWS] 091021 SJ-M guests for Stefanie Sun's concert

In Chengdu, Stefanie Sun “Meeting” SJ-M 2009/10/21 03:12 Sze Chuan news website- Chengdu newspaper

After 5 years, Stefanie Sun’s Chengdu Concert, who would be the guests at the concert? Is it him, Chen Chu Sheng? Or them, SJ(Super Junior) group? Confirmed, yesterday. The spokesperson for the concert had confirmed it to the media. 6th of November, Stefanie Sun’s “The answer is…Stefanie Sun 2009 World Tour” guests would be Korea’s hot band’s SJ’s sub group that is venturing into the Chinese market-SJ-M( Super Junior-M). Joining Stefanie Sun’s concert, what exciting performance would leader Han Geng leading SJ-M seven handsome guys bring? Would they and Stefanie Sun sing 《Yu Jian》in Chengdu together? Let us anticipate the idols in Chengdu who would “fly” in the Super show!

SJ-M released their first album 《Mi》 in April of last year and entered the Chinese market, 5 of the members from SJ: Han Geng, Si Won, Dong Hae, Kyu Hyun and Ryeo Wook and new additional members, Henry and Zhoumi formed the group- SJ-M, the M stands for Mandarin, and shows that SJ-M will use mandarin to perform.

This time to support Stefanine Sun, SJ-M will perform songs from their latest mini album 《super girl》、《sorry sorry》and other songs. Korean members that have been in china for quite some time, their Chinese speaking skills have improved a lot and their abilities to adapt to the local places is very good, When they speak “Hu jiao Sze Chuan dialect”, it wasn’t half-bad, let us see then…

Source Translated by Take out with full credits

[NEWS] 091021 SJ-M guests for Stefanie Sun's concert

In Chengdu, Stefanie Sun “Meeting” SJ-M 2009/10/21 03:12 Sze Chuan news website- Chengdu newspaper

After 5 years, Stefanie Sun’s Chengdu Concert, who would be the guests at the concert? Is it him, Chen Chu Sheng? Or them, SJ(Super Junior) group? Confirmed, yesterday. The spokesperson for the concert had confirmed it to the media. 6th of November, Stefanie Sun’s “The answer is…Stefanie Sun 2009 World Tour” guests would be Korea’s hot band’s SJ’s sub group that is venturing into the Chinese market-SJ-M( Super Junior-M). Joining Stefanie Sun’s concert, what exciting performance would leader Han Geng leading SJ-M seven handsome guys bring? Would they and Stefanie Sun sing 《Yu Jian》in Chengdu together? Let us anticipate the idols in Chengdu who would “fly” in the Super show!

SJ-M released their first album 《Mi》 in April of last year and entered the Chinese market, 5 of the members from SJ: Han Geng, Si Won, Dong Hae, Kyu Hyun and Ryeo Wook and new additional members, Henry and Zhoumi formed the group- SJ-M, the M stands for Mandarin, and shows that SJ-M will use mandarin to perform.

This time to support Stefanine Sun, SJ-M will perform songs from their latest mini album 《super girl》、《sorry sorry》and other songs. Korean members that have been in china for quite some time, their Chinese speaking skills have improved a lot and their abilities to adapt to the local places is very good, When they speak “Hu jiao Sze Chuan dialect”, it wasn’t half-bad, let us see then…

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[NEWS] 091021 GD 1st Solo Concert Coming Soon


Big Bang's G-Dragon released his first solo album "HEARTBREAKER," back in August and now he's preparing to have his first solo concert. YG Entertainment recently updated their website with information pertaining to the heartbreaker's first concert.

The concert is titled "Shine A Light" and will be held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. There will be two concerts, the first concert will be on December 5th at 7PM, and the second concert will be on December 6th at 6PM. Tickets for the concert will be 77,000 won (around $66 US). For the December 5th concert, ticket sales open on October 28th at 8PM. For the December 6th concert, ticket sales open on October 30th at 8PM. You can reserve and purchase the tickets at

Video credit : TYPICALpocky @ youtube
credits : allkpop

[VIDEO] 091021 KBS Iris Drama - T.O.P

OMG!! I did not know that TOP can be so cool and so evil!!
I can't wait to watch this drama with sub!!
Enjoy Wathing!!

Video Credit : CodeMonmonSeason4 @ Youtube

[NEWS] 091019 Super Junior’s “Sorry dance” becomes a hit across Asia

South Korean idol group Super Junior’s “Sorry dance” becomes a hit across Asia
Taiwanese idols all want to imitate this

South Korean idols Super Junior brought about the “Sorry dance”, the ‘hand-wringing, leg-patting, and encircling hands “Trilogy”#’ becomes a hit, and even Jacky Wu, Patty Hou and Jolin Tsai* are dancing to this too!

After popular South Korean group Wonder Girls led their new song “Nobody” to fame across Asia, idol group Super Junior (SJ) released their new album “Sorry, Sorry” in March this year. The title song shot to fame from South Korea to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, and was even crowned first on South Korean music charts (t/n: the 8 weeks consecutive should be from Sorry, Sorry AND It's You) for 8 consecutive weeks. Apart from 13 good-looking boys being a reason for their success, being a dance song with a heavy electronic beat matched with hot dance moves is another reason why this song is popular, making the “Sorry dance” almost a national dance, shooting to fame rapidly!

Also, SJ was invited to Taiwan in June to perform in the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, and while there were criticisms regarding their lipsyncing performance at the awards ceremony, the popularity of “Sorry, Sorry” was not affected at all, and instead, continued shooting upwards, with many Taiwanese artistes wanting to imitate the classic “trilogy” moves “hand-wringing, leg-patting, and encircling hands”# on shows with 100% entertainment value, fully displaying its popularity!

Super Junior has debuted for 4 years and are sitting steadily at No. 1 in the Korean music industry
The popular idol group SJ made their debut 4 years ago, with their activities ranging from starring in movies, to being MCs, to releasing music albums, sitting steadily at the top of the Korean music industry.

SJ’s management SM Entertainment has held auditions in many places before, with competition during preliminary rounds being very fierce. Many have since left (the company) because the wait for debut was too long, and even if they do manage to make their debut, if they do not shoot to fame, they may also be cast aside, but if they are able to become one of SM’s popular idol groups, they will display multi talents like singing, dancing, being an MC, acting, being a DJ etc.

Making their debut at the end of 2005, SJ members have an average height of 1.8m, and aside from being able to sing, the members Leeteuk, Heechul, Han Geng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum and Kyuhyun are all also able to take up the posts of MCs, DJs, runway models, actors etc.

While the large size of 13 is rare amongst idol groups, they are popular across Asia, and SM has even used the special concept of dividing the members into smaller sub-groups to release albums; such as Super Junior – K.R.Y. with their sweet voices as their main concept; or Super Junior – M, which is led by Chinese national Han Geng and targets the Chinese market.

SJ also has rather active solo performances; Leeteuk, Kangin, Eunhyuk and Shindong are active in variety shows and radio broadcasts; Siwon participated in the Hong Kong historical film “A Battle of Wits”; Heechul and Kibum with outstanding drama performances such as in “Snow Flower”, “Bad Family”, “Golden Bride” and many other popular dramas.

“Sorry MV” has hits over a billion
The reporter went online and found out that on YouTube alone, there are as many as 20 versions of SJ’s “Sorry, Sorry” MV##, with global hits totalling over a billion.

Besides that, Taiwanese gag stars Na Dou, Chen Han Dian and Ah Ken, among others, formed the group “Super Juni儿” (pronounced: Super Juni-er) on Taiwanese variety show “Quan Min Zui Da Dang”*, and performed a poor quality parody** of “Sorry, Sorry” and in the performance threw in nonsensical Korean, to the laughter of the audience; other related parodies have also attracted over 500,000 hits, and is successively being imitated or made into poor quality “Kuso”** parodies, with names that play with the title such as “Shou Li Shou Li” or “Xiu Li Xiu Li”***!

# ‘Hand-wringing, leg-patting, and encircling hands “Trilogy” ’ – the 3 main dance moves in the chorus of Sorry, Sorry
## “20 versions of SJ’s “Sorry, Sorry” MV” – I think the reporter means that there are about 20 user-created covers and parodies of the song, I’m not sure if fan-made vids are also included

* Jacky Wu (吴宗宪/吳宗憲) – famous Taiwanese talk show host; Patty Hou (侯佩岑) – former Taiwanese news anchor, now TV host; Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) – famous Taiwanese Mandopop singer; Quan Min Zui Da Dang (全民最大黨) – a Taiwanese variety show famous for ridiculing the Taiwanese political scene, occasionally does parodies of popular songs.
** Kuso– “Reckless doing” is the literal meaning of the Chinese word恶搞/惡搞 (which was used twice in the article) and is often used as a synonym or description of the meaning of the original Japanese word “Kuso”. “Kuso” literally means “shit” and can be used to describe outrageous matters or things of poor quality.
*** “Shou Li” (收礼) – literally “receiving presents”; “Xiu Li”(修理) – literally “fixing (things)”. Both words sound like Sorry.

Source: omy
Translated by: exultation
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[NEWS] 091019 Super Junior wraps up Shanghai concert in success

Korean idol group Super Junior successfully wrapped up their concert in Shanghai, according to their agency on Monday.

"THE 2nd ASIA TOUR 'SUPER SHOW 2' in Shanghai", held at a fully-packed Pudong Yuanshen Sports Center on October 18, was attended by 12,000 fans, SM Entertainment said in a press release.

The concert featured their hit songs including "U", "Don’t Don", "Sorry Sorry", performances by the group's sub-units -- Super Junior-K.R.Y, Super Junior-T, Super Junior-M -- and solo performances by individual members.

The idol group sang a total of 36 songs, including a parody of "Gee", a hit song by K-pop girl band Girls' Generation.

"It has been about a year since we came to Shanghai, and we are glad and grateful that our Chinese fans have been so welcoming," the idol group was quoted as saying. "We ask for your great hopes and support for the rest of the Asia Tour."

Super Junior's concert was also the official opening performance for the 11th Shanghai International Art Festival, a major event hosted by China's Ministry of Culture. The festival, which runs til November 18, features 55 art performances from all over the world in theater, dance and exhibition.

The boy band received a medal of appreciation from the city of Shanghai for their participation in the festival and for their contribution in the cultural exchange between Korea and China.

Super Junior, composed of 13 members, has been one of the most popular K-pop acts in Asia since their debut in 2005.

Reporter : Lynn Kim
Editor : Jessica Kim
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>


Sunday, October 18, 2009

[NEWS] 091015 Han Geng As " Asia Dancing King"

Han Geng As " Asia Dancing King"

In Asia's music industry , there are many artists that are able to dance but among these artists , artists that could be praised by fans and also gaining the title " Dancing King " from fans is getting lesser day by day . Chinese music pop industry's Vanness Wu , Show Luo , Han Geng , Huang Li Xing or Kpop artists , Jang Woohyuk , Yoo Seung Jun , Hyeon Joon and Rain , they all have tempting dance posture . Who is the " Asia Dancing King " in China netizens' heart ?

In this international online survey (国际在线) , with 560000 votes , Han Geng won the title " Dancing King " ! Han Geng graduated from Department of Dance [中央民族学舞蹈系]. He is able to dance 56 types of traditional dance , specialised in ballet , martial arts and modern dance . Besides that , he is good looking , friendly .

# Han Geng [ 563726 ]
# Rain [ 271796 ]
# Show Luo [ 99045 ]
# Vanness Wu[ 18055 ]
# Huang Li Xing [ 17779]
# Jang Woohyuk [ 16443 ]
# Hyeon Joon [ 15134 ]
# Yoo Seung Jun [ 14997 ]

Source :
Credits to : SJ_忠爱@
Translated by : -Estee28♥~ @ Daily Kpop News

Saturday, October 17, 2009

[VIDEO] Super Junior @ Star King Random Cuts

Yesung Spazzy Dance

Credit : SoopieSan @ youtube

EunHyuk's dance

EunHyuk's treat gain

Credit : pinkiegemmy @ youtube

Eunhyuk @ Leetuek cute singing

Leeteuk funny kungfu cuts

Leeteuk and Sungmin playing xylophone cut

Credit : christiecml2 @ Youtube

Sungmin Talent @ Star King Part 1

Sungmin Talent @ Star king part 2

Credit : pinkiegemmy @ youtube

[PIC] 091015 Stage for Super Show II in Shanghai Being Prepared

Credit: sapphirepearls

[VIDEO] 091004 Heart Breaker Parody @ SBS Star King

SBS Star King JoKwon(2AM) and T-GDragon Heartbreaker Parody

Credit : BabyBang11

It's funny!! V.I.P must watch!!

[NEWS] 091012 Sandara Park will be on Family Outing with UEE

2NE1's Sandara Park and After School's UEE will be guests on Family Outing.

They haven't even filmed their episode yet but their appearance has been confirmed after the show invited them on. Jang Hyuk Jae PD said, "The two of them will come on the show. We will film sometime in this October."

Sandara Park has only been on one variety show so far, Strong Heart / Kang Shim Jang, with her fellow 2NE1 members which will air tomorrow. This is the first time Dara gets to be on a variety show alone. UEE on the other hand has a lot of variety show experience including We Got Married, Star King and more.

It has been announced that a new side of Sandara will be shown. People are anticipating on what UEE and Sandara will bring to the show since this is the first time Family Outing has 2 women guests at the same time.

Thanks to heartfacee@allkpop

Friday, October 16, 2009

[VIDEO] 090726 Oppa Band Ep06

Hidden camera Part 1

Hidden Camera Part 2

Creadit : yawnroo

Funny HeeChul & Oppa'sssss trying to ruin "Sorry Sorry"

Credit : KaNGaRooBaby910 @ youtube

[MV] 4 Tomorrow - Tomorrow

4Tomorrow = GaIn(Brown Eyed Girls) + SeungYeon(Kara) + Uee(After School) + HyunAh(4MINUTE)

Creadit : CodeMonmonSeason4 @ Youtube

[VIDEO] 091014 KBSdrama Super Junior's Miracle Ep 6 cut

Creadit : jaybirdm001@yt

Ye Sung tried to his musical song but he failed. He sing in the dirty way!!
Lee Teuk sing about why he got reject from musical audition!!
Enjoy Wathing!!

[VIDEO] 091016 You're Beautiful Ep 3 & 4 - Sorry Sorry Parody & Name game!

You're Beautiful Ep3 ~ Sorry Sorry parody

You're Beautiful Ep4 ~ Name out all of Super Junior Member Names

credit to akilovesSJ@youtube

Thursday, October 15, 2009

[NEWS] 091010 "Miracle" MC's video msg to Kangin "Dont be depressed too much"

On the show KBS Drama "Super Junior's miracle" which will be aired at 8PM on October 10th, MC Park Kyunglim, Lee Sooyoung, SJ Leeteuk, Eunhyuk & Shindong had sent a video msg to Kangin.

The members on the October 28th's filming had said that Kangin is a "strong & patient person" and send support msg to him "It's pity that we cant be together (on the show)", "You cant be so depressed at time like this. Stop being depressed so much", "I hope that you'll come back soon", "We'll wait for you".

Besides, Super Junior's leader Leeteuk also revealed the story of him sending a msg to Lee Sooman to lighten the serious atmosphere about Kangin's incident. He wrote "Sunsaengnim, I will give a good talking to him. Plz dont worry" and Lee Sooman sent a msg back to him said that "OK, I believe in all of you", Leeteuk also imitated Lee Sooman's voice which made everybody laughing.

original article is here
translated by
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[NEWS] 091010 Super Junior, 2009 Dream Concert Best Performing Stage

[Sport Chosun T-News reporter Baek Ji Eun]

At 2009 Dream Concert, Super Junior showed the best performance.

Member Kim Heechul performed as Dream Concert's MC. Heechul, with Song Jihyo and MC Mong were selected as MC, showed of their skill at talking.

Super Junior's unit group Super Junior M in part 1 of Dream Concert, for the first time showed off 'Super Girl' Korean Version. Swept over each high ranking on music charts in China and caused the popularity of "Super Girl" in Korea, made fans couldn't hide their joy.

Super Junior in part 2 of Dream Concert performed their hit songs 'Sorry Sorry' and 'It's You". As a final, Super Junior with SNSD and Shinee of the same company, together sang "Bon Voyage(/Let's Go On A Trip)", arranged a special stage. One group with MC and unit group, formal group, at one performance; performing special stage like this was quite unsual.

With Super Junior's best performance, fans kept shouting "encore"; responded with the best cheer.

translated by superlover♫
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[NEWS] 091011 Donghae revealed "I have no girlfriend at all" On Woody talk (Thai variety talk show)

,, As you known, 2 weeks ago Super Junior came to Thailand for 12plus BB powder CF shooting. They had a lot of activities with their fans. However Lee Donghae seem to be more special, he had special interview in HOT FM radio and "Woody talk" TV program also.

Time passed so fast, then 11 Oct. "Woody talk" has on-aired with anticipated of many fans

In the show, Donghae has got role as Woody's stylish and went to "Zenze" the deluxe restaurant on floor17 of Central world department store for exclusive interview. They talk each other with lively. Woody taught Donghae speak Thai many words, in addition "Khun-keu-kwam-as-sa-chan-khong-phom" (You're my mirecle) and "Nean-ner" (very smooth) that are the part of CF word, he spoke "A-roi-mai" (Delicious?), "khun-lor-mak" (You're so handsome) and "phom-lor-kwa" (I'm better) also.

But the most interested thing wasn't all that word. It is this question "Donghae, Do you have girlfriend?". Donghae answer with strong voice for emphasize "I have no girlfriend at all !!". He also added "I'm so lonely, I have the mobile phone but have no one called me." Then woody asked him for his phone number but Donghae fudge on that ask with very cute smile and said that "I can't give you now, but I'll ask SM to SMS to you, we can talk after that."

"Woody talk" this episode on-aired on 11 Oct. 10.20PM

Please take it out with full credit~*
Report :: Luli~ (kawaii~ne)

[NEWS] 091012 "Oppa band" official concert on October 19th

"Oppa band" will have their official concert "Dream" on October 19th at Ilsan MBC Dream center Public Hall. Viewers have left many support msg on Oppa band's official site's bulletin board. Also this news is getting a lot of attention because it will decide whether the concert will be a farewell performance of Oppa band to viewers or a smart step to help the show recover.

Besides, after the news that Oppa band might be canceled because of the low rating was out, viewers had left many objection msg on the show's official site.

original article is here, Oppa band's site
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[PIC] 090709 Star Self Pics (BTS - Kyochon CF), [13P] Except Kibum

Credits: SM /SBS/ gagpouw@
Reupload: ♥~Ğizώסּ~♥ @ & PAIRable @

[NEWS] 091013 Suju Heechul - Shinee - f(x), SM 3 groups' picture "it's heartwarming"

The heartwarming picture of SM 3 idol groups was made public.

On October 13th, girl group f(x) member Suli had posted on her own me2day a picture of her own group f(x), Shinee and Super Junior Kim Heechul which was taken on October 10th at 2009 Dream concert.

Suli wrote "This is a picture which was taken at the waiting room of Dream concert with Heechul sunbaenim and Shinee sunbaenim ! I gained more strength because Heechul sunbaenim, who I really admire, has gave me a lot of support" and "Like sunbaenim (Heechul) said, I will become a good Suli who always listen to leader Vic unnie ~^^ !", thus showing the love for her same company sunbaenim.

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[PIC] 091013 LISA MAGAZINE - Donghae & Siwon

credit to lisa magazine + lala_01@sj-market
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[VIDEO] 091007 FUN music SHINee talking about SJ-M and SuJu MVs

091007东风37.FUN音乐.SHINee嘉宾 - 谈及SJM和SuJu部分 [清晰完整版]

[NEWS] 091012 Reasons for Big Bang and G-Dragon Dream Concert TV Broadcast Absence

We already knew beforehand that 2PM's performance won't be shown during the tv broadcast of the 2009 Dream Concert on 11 October through SBS. But fans, especially VIPs wasn't counting on that to happen to Big Bang and G-Dragon as well. On the day of the concert, it was revealed that along with 2PM, Big Bang and G-Dragon's performances will not be shown on tv. Why was this so?

A Dream Concert staff tried to explain the situation, "When we signed the contract with YG Entertainment earlier in August, they had actually opted for the non-broadcast clause. There was no problem with that absolutely." YG Entertainment said, "We felt that it was not important whether the performance was broadcast or not, it was the participation that mattered. Besides it's a written rule in YG Entertainment that the non-broadcast clause is enforced when it's not a promotion period."

But that statement sounded ambigious especially when their performance at the recent Asia Song Festival in September without Daesung was aired. Furthermore, why was G-Dragon affected? Isn't he currently in the midst of promotions? And what about 2NE1 then? Aren't they currently on hiatus, preparing for their new album?

YG Entertainment explained further, "Although Big Bang performed as five on stage last night, Daesung who has just recovered from his injuries wasn't at his best condition, meaning that the overall performance level of Big Bang was affected as well. Thus, we decided to opt for a non-broadcast since Big Bang couldn't show off their best."

Now, tell me if YG Entertainment just contradicted themselves.
Check out the FANCAMS anyway.


[INFO] 091013 G-Dragon, Shine a light concert


This is YG Entertainment.

On August 18, G-Dragon released his first solo album “HEARTBREAKER” which leads to many controversial topics.

We would like to present you his very first solo concert titled “Shine A Light.”

The information and how to book a ticket are as followed.

★ Show Overview ★

● Title: G-DRAGON CONCERT [Shine A Light]
● Date: Saturday 2009/12/5 at 7pm and Sunday 2009/12/6 at 6pm
● Venue: Seoul Olympic Stadium
● Ticket price: KRW 77,000 (VAT included)
● Promoter/Organizer: YG Entertanment
● Co-promoter: 11st

★ Ticket Information ★

● Booking: Only available at 11st ( )

● Booking Dates:
- For the showtime on Saturday 2009/12/5 at 7pm: Wednesday 2009/10/28 at 8pm onwards
- For the showtime on Sunday 2009/12/6 at 6pm 2009: Friday 2009/10/30 at 8pm onwards

* Further information on the booking will be available on the website bulletin commencing on October 21, 2009. If you have any questions, please contact the ticket agent.

Thank you

Credits : juhjuh@ygbigbang livejournal

[NEWS] 091013 Heartbreaker or heartbreaking?: G-Dragon Heartbreaker Review

Heartbreaker or heartbreaking?
G-Dragon Heartbreaker review


The reason why we raise this issue is that we find this particular piece a very thorough well-written song review by Joelle of [/] Fly Reviews. She did some researches on the terms of hip-hop sampling, rap, intellectual property law and, of course, plagiarism. We totally agree with her that shifting of people’s mindset is very hard.Let alone ours.

When people hear from a news, they start judging others by the headlines in which we think that it’s a prejudicial and unfair treatment to the creativity and musicianship of those hardworking lyricists, composers and artists.

We highly recommend you all to go read her full review here smile.png.

In Verse 1 of Flo-Rida’s Right Round, the second eighth-beat is broken. Flo-Rida took a breath and separated the sentence into two. This is the same for the fourth eighth-beat. If you listen carefully to the pauses in Flo-Rida’s rap, they are always on the eighth beat.

Heartbreaker’s Verse 1 had three different breaks found on the second fourth-beat, the third fourth-beat and the fourth fourth-beat. G-Dragon’s breaks in raps are always on the fourth beats.

The second verse repeats the same pattern, mentioned above, in Heartbreaker. The second verse of Right Round however, is longer with eight beats of eight.

During the chorus, Right Round uses only bass drums. The down-tempo is significantly absent. The use of the down-tempo beat returns only during the final part of the chorus. As for Heartbreaker, the down-tempo is used throughout the song, except for the bridge.

Both bridges of the songs are very different. The bridge of Right Roundcomposes of rapping, whereas Heartbreaker has a singing bridge.

To my best knowledge, at least I do not think G-Dragon plagiarized. Sampled probably, but not plagiarised. It is pretty obvious to me that Heartbreaker has a more commercialised and mainstream sound compared to Right Round.

Heartbreaker follows the ‘standard’ structure for popular music (pop songs, if you’d like to call them). It starts with a verse followed by a chorus and repeats this pattern, before a bridge and then a chorus to end the song off.

Then on does who start at the first win?

Lastly, don’t people always say ‘the first one to come out wins’? Well, now you know why.

For all we know, G-Dragon might have been working on his solo album for the past eight years and wrote the song two years ago. Just because it came out afterRight Round, it is plagiarism. Of course, that this is just my assumption.

G-Dragon started training in YG Entertainment since he was 13. If he had been trained to write music this way, then is it not natural that he wrote his debut album this way? If you listened to all of the songs he had written, was it not all done this way – a rapping verse, followed by a singing chorus?

It really sums YG & G-Dragon up

If G-Dragon is branded as a ‘plagiarist’, there is no way Big Bang or YG Entertainment can rebuild their reputations again. People need not hear for themselves to decide if G-Dragon plagiarised or not. As long as they believe the news that is circulating online, they, without second thought, will strike him off their list of listens, like I did two years ago.

It’s disheartening for me to come to this conclusion: Music is not the common language anymore; money is.

Credits: teambigbang.wordpress nd [/] Fly Reviews

Friday, October 9, 2009

[NEWS] 091006 TOP about competition in acting with UKnow, “I never thought of it that way”

Group Big Bang member TOP has denied being compared in terms of acting with Dong Bang Shin Ki member Jung YunHo.
TOP was present at the press conference for upcoming KBS drama ‘IRIS’ on 5th October in Seoul Lotte Hotel, when he was asked the question of how he felt about the competition with Jung YunHo who is also having his acting debut in ‘Heading To The Ground’ at the same time period. His answer was, “I never thought of it that way.”

He said, “I started acting 2 years back with ‘I Am Sam’ without much thinking. Back then I was really very scared. But now I have a certain level of interests for acting, and I even have the greed to do better. Because acting has now become more of a responsibility to me, I don’t think about the burden of competition with other idol group members.”

And when asked if he had to do any special preparations for his role as a killer, he said, “I do not have much acting experiences unlike the other seonbae actors, because of that I do whatever I can and have to. I did a lot of shotting practice at the ball firing practice courts.”
He also added about his experience working with the other seonbae actors, “They treated me very well like a real dongsaeng (younger sibling) and I get the feeling of the maknae (youngest) in a family.”

Credits:K Bites

[NEWS] 091009 Big Bang and 2ne1 fans are being accused of? or it is really true??

Remember last year's Dream Concert when the combined forces of TVXQ / DBSK, SS501 and Super Junior fan clubs (Cassiopeia, Triple S and E.L.F.) decided to give SNSD / Girls' Generation the silent treatment while they were performing? It looks like some people tried to stir the pot up once again and told others to do the same this year - but ended up making their own favorite artist(s) look pretty bad.

Yiseul is a manager of a small (around 5,000 members) Naver cafe dedicated to SHINee. On October 3rd, Yiseul decided to write a notice on the cafe that read as follows:

"Hello, this is manager Yiseul. Dream Concert is coming up on the 10th, and of course, SHINee will be on the stage. Today I am writing to tell you about "SNSD silence." Fans of SNSD, also known as Sotakus (note: a derogatory term), caused grief to other fan clubs even after 2008 Dream Concert, and their disruptive behavior still continues in 2009. They're doing things such as making anti cafes, hacking accounts of fan club managers, hacking for access to various fan club chatting rooms and much more. It's time that the SHINee world take a stand. If you're a member of an SNSD fan club, please quit. If you're going to be present at this year's Dream Concert, please turn off your glow stick and keep silent during SNSD's performance. Sotakus are males, and because they are so arrogant all they have to show is their strength. Let us teach Sotakus of their foolishness. There is no need for sympathy just because we are all a part of SM. Please share this with fan clubs of other bands that will take part in Dream Concert."

The notice not only talks down on SNSD and their fans, it also contains obvious sexism; overall, the notice is just asking for blood. Fortunately, SHINee fans didn't buy it - the notice was greeted with satirical messages from SHINee fans telling the manager not to make other fans look so bad. Some members doubted that this was even the real Yiseul. So some decided to get in contact with the management in real life and they found out that the supposed manager who posted the above notice was in fact an impostor. Now, who was / is this impostor and what was his/her motivation behind their action? Well, here's a twist. It turns out that the impostor was actually a member of Big Bang and 2NE1 fan cafes! The blame has naturally shifted to YG fans, with people accusing YG fans for trying to cause a fight / dissension between fans of SM's bands. With HOTTESTs blaming Big Bang fans for leading anti-Jaebeom movement (in order to reduce media attention on G Dragon's plagiarism controversy), some VIP's have appeared to have made new enemies.

Source: click!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

[NEWS] 091003 "Sibling Group" Super Junior and Soshi Will Perform Together in a Special Program

Super Junior & Soshi will both appear in MBC's Special "Star Dance Battle Change", & in the recorded program, Soshi & Super Junior will together sing , &

Also worth mentioning is that, other than , Soshi also performed the popular king Michael Jackson's , demonstrating their distinct charm.

At the same time, Super Junior received strong praise for their little tweaks for their performance, including costumes, song & dance. Though they only performed to , but the dance included G-Dragon's , Super Junior's , Son Dambi's , Brown Eyed Girls' & 2PM's . It can be said that the resulting performance will be worth waiting for.

Other than that, the guests for this show include: Soshi, Kara, Boom, 2AM, SHINee, Super Junior, After School & Epik High.

The show is set to broadcast on the 4th of October, 735PM on MBC

original; pingbook
original translation; 囧囧龟 @ kiss-kangin
chinese to english credits; fragment @
may take out with proper credits, BUT NO ADDING YOURSELF IN THE CREDITS!

[MV & Lyrics] Super Junior - Marry U [Kor/Rom/Eng]

Love oh baby my girl
그댄 나의 전부
눈부시게 아름다운 나의 신부
신이 주신 선물
그대의 까만 눈에서
눈물이 흐르죠
까만 머리 파뿌리 될 때까지도
나의 사랑 나의 그대
사랑할 것을 나 맹세할게요

그대를 사랑한다는 말
평생 매일 해주고 싶어
Would you marry me
널 사랑하고 아끼며
살아가고 싶어
그대가 잠이 들 때마다
내 팔에 재워주고 싶어
Would you marry me
이런 나의 마음 허락해줄래

평생 곁에 있을게 I do
널 사랑하는 걸 I do
눈과 비가와도 아껴주면서 I do
너를 지켜줄게 My love

하얀 드레스를 입은 그대
턱시도 입은 나의 모습
발걸음을 맞추며 걷는 우리
저 달님과 별에 I swear
거짓말 싫어 의심 싫어
사랑하는 나의 공주
Stay with me

우리가 나이를 먹어도
웃으며 살아가고 싶어
Would you marry me
나의 모든 날을 함께 해줄래

힘들고 어려워도 I do
늘 내가 있을게 I do
우리 함께하는 많은날동안 I do
매일 감사할게 My love

예전부터 너를 위해 준비한
내 손에 빛나는 반지를 받아줘
오늘과 같은 맘으로
지금의 약속 기억할게
Would you marry me

평생 곁에 있을게 I do
널 사랑하는 걸 I do
눈과 비가와도 아껴주면서 I do
너를 지켜줄게 I do

내가 그대에게 드릴 것은
사랑밖에 없죠
그저 그뿐인걸 보잘것없죠
서툴러보이고 많이 부족해도
나의 사랑 나의 그대
한가지만 약속해줄래
무슨일 있어도
우리 서로 사랑하기로

나와 결혼해줄래 I do

[EH] Love oh baby my girl
guden naui jonbu
nunbushige arumdaun naui shinbu
shini jushin sonmul

[HC] hengboghangayo
gudeui kkaman nuneso
nunmuri hurujyo
Kkaman mori pappuri doel ttekkajido
naui sarang naui gude
saranghal gosul na mengsehalgeyo

[SM] guderul saranghandanun mal
pyongseng meil hejugo shipho
[RW] would you marry me
nol saranghago akkimyo
saragago shipho
[KI] gudega jami dul ttemada
ne pare jewojugo shipho
[HG] would you marry me
iron naui maum horaghejulle

[KH] pyongseng gyothe issulge I do
nol saranghanun gol I do
[YS] nungwa bigawado akkyojumyonso I do
norul jikhyojulge my love

[DH] hayan dressurul ibun gude
togshido ibun naui mosub
balgorumul madchumyo godnun uri
jo dallimgwa byore I swear
gojidmal shirho uishim shirho
saranghanun naui gongju
stay with me

[SW] uriga nairul mogodo
usumyo saragago shipho
[LT] would you marry me
naui modun narul hamkke hejulle

[RW] himdulgo oryowodo I do
nul nega issulge I do
[YS] uri hamkkehanun manhunnaldongan I do
meil gamsahalge my love

[KH] yejonbutho norul wihe junbihan
ne sone bidnanun banjirul badajwo
[YS] onulgwa gathun mamuro
jigume yagsog gioghalge
would you marry me

[SM] pyongseng gyothe issulge I do
nol saranghanun gol I do
[KH] nungwa bigawado akkyojumyonso I do
norul jikhyojulge I do

[EH] nega gudeyege duril gosun
sarangbakke objyo
gujo guppuningol bojalgodobjyo
sothulloboigo manhi bujoghedo
naui sarang naui gude
[SD] hangajiman yagsoghejulle
musunil issodo
uri soro saranghagiro

nawa gyorhonhejulle I do

Love oh baby my girl
You are my all
So beautifully radiant, my bride
A gift from God
Are you happy
Tears fall from your dark eyes
Until your dark hair turns white
My love, my girl
I’ll swear my love
Saying I love you

I want to do it every day for a lifetime

Would you marry me
Loving and cherishing you
I want to live this way
Every time you fall asleep
I want it to be in my arms
Would you marry me
Would you consent to this heart of mine

For a lifetime I’ll be by your side, I do
Loving you, I do
Cherishing you through the snow and rain, I do
I’ll protect you, My love

Her wearing a white dress
Me wearing a tuxedo
We walk, matching our pace
On the moon and star, I swear
I don’t like lies, I don’t like doubt
My loving princess
Stay with me

Even as we age
I want to go about it smiling
Would you marry me
Would you spend my days with me

Through hardships and difficulties, I do
I’ll always be there, I do
Through our many days together, I do
I’ll be thankful every day, My love

Accept this shining ring in my hand
That I’ve prepared from awhile back
With the same feelings today
I’ll remember the promise made right now
Would you marry me

For a lifetime I’ll be by your side, I do
Loving you, I do
Cherishing you through the snow and rain, I do
I’ll protect you, My love

I have nothing else to give you but love
That’s all, hardly valuable
Though I’m clumsy and am lacking
My love, my girl
I’ll protect you
Will you promise me just one thing
That no matter what happens
We will love each other
That’s it

Will you marry me, I do



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