Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[TWITTER] 110622 Heechul's Tweets

김정모 &김희철
Midnight & Dawn
미아리 & 단계동
M &D
하루에 백번씩 해체하고 상큼함, 귀염도 없고 성질 더럽고 하고싶은대로 하는 이기적인팀 Jungmo & Kim Heechul
Midnight & Dawn
Miari &Dangye-dong
M &D
Disbanding a hundred times during the day and cooling up, without any cutesy and with a bad temper we're a selfish team who does whatever it wants

M&D - 뭘봐(Close ur Mouth Song)가 발표됐대요. 잘돼서 계속 해먹어야 하니까 잘되길 빌지만말고 음원이랑 이것저것ㄱㄱ. 안되면 쿨하게 해체ㄱㄱ
M&D - What Are You Looking At (Close ur Mouth Song) was released. It's got to continue to do well so don't just pray for that but go go with streaming and all that. Or else we'll just coolly disband Go go

RT @BoA_1105 Here's new duet project M&D!! Heechul from super junior, Jungmo from trax!! Digital single "close your mouth song" just came out!! No joke! 
@BoA_1105 Ya~ my terrible sister BoA! Ur smile or exist in my arm. Keep faith with Heeee :) Fuckin' cool group 'M&D'. 야 문법 틀려도 킵해ㅋㅋ
@BoA_1105 Ya~ my terrible sister BoA! Ur smile or exist in my arm. Keep faith with Heeee :) Fuckin' cool group 'M&D'. Hey even if my grammar is incorrect keep itㅋㅋ 
From @BoA_1105: @Heedictator I'm not your A terrible sister!! I'm A terrific sister!!! Congrats for your new challenge with jungmo oppa!!! 
@BoA_1105 야 영어로 블라블라 했는데 다 틀리지?ㅋㅋ미국서 흑인친구들이랑 놀면서 떠들었던 말들임ㅋㅋ
Hey I blahblah-ed in English but was it all incorrect?ㅋㅋAll words I heard while playing with black friends in Americaㅋㅋ

From @BoA_1105: @Heedictator 담엔 나랑 블라블라하자;))
@Heedictator Next time blahblah with me ;))
@BoA_1105 Go Go KOREA

얘길 나눴다. 누구나 매듭이 있다. 문제는 이것을 자르고 새로이 갈 것인가, 아님 매듭을 풀고 이어갈 것인가.. 힘내자 이동해 김희철! 알랍쁑쁑(>_<)/~♥♥ It had been a while since my dongsaeng Donghae and I had a conversation about this ad that till this time of the day. Everyone has knots. The problem is whether to cut this tie and start afresh, or to loosen the knot and go on from there.. Let's be strong Lee Donghae Kim Heechul! I loooove you ( >_<)/~♥♥
* Originally in English

Source: @Heedictator
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[TWITTER] 110619 Yesung's Tweet

5집앨범녹음하러고고씽 ~~ 월욜마다항상있던 불후의명곡2촬영두이제없고 슈키라DJ도이제굿바이군요.. 아쉽지만 조만간엄청난노래들로 만나자구요!!!
Let's GO GO to record for the 5th album ~~ There isn't even filming for Immortal Song 2 every Monday anymore and now it's goodbye to my spot as a SUKIRA DJ as well.. it's upsetting but let's meet with exciting songs shortly!!!

Source: @shfly3424
Translated by vicтoяiaи☆규현 @ SJ-WORLD.NET

[PIC] 110621 Kibum Watch Endorsement

cr: || Shared by: ↙GЯEYCLOUD @

[TWITTER[ 110621 Siwon's Tweet

잘자요 sweet dreams :) !!
Sleep well sweet dreams :) !!

Source: @siwon407
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[TWITTER] 110621 Yesung's Tweet 그동안 고마웠어 슈키라 ^^ Thank you for those times SUKIRA ^^

Source: @shfly3424
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[TWITTER] 110621 Leeteuk's Tweet

미인아 55주 1위...후아...대박...
Miinah 1st for 55 weeks...wah...daebak...*

* daebak = big hit, in this case

Source: @special1004
Translated by vicтoяiaи☆규현 @

[TWITTER] 110621 Ryeowook's Tweets

오늘 저의 생일이에요 ^^ 캬캬 우리 형 누나들이 축하해주고 있어요 케익들고 찰칵 뮤지컬<늑대의 유혹>도 많이 기대해주세요!!!!! 아오~~~~ㅋㅋ
Today is my birthday ^^ kyakya my hyung and nunas are celebrating with me right now A shot holding the cake Please also look forward to the musical a lot!!!!! Waoh~~~~ㅋㅋ

날은 밝아오네. . 고마운 사람들
The day is breaking. . kind people

Source: @ryeong9
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[PIC] 110621 RyeoWook's pictures

This is the bonus gift that I want to give to all ELF.
All these photos was not mine. 
Is just part of my collection.
The credits belongs as tag in the photo. TQ

Hope all Ryeowook fans and all the ELF will enjoy all these pictures. ^^

[110621] 려옥씨가 생일축하해요

려옥씨가 생일축하해요!
zu ni shen ri kuai le.
zu ni shen ri kuai le.
zu ni shen ri kuai le~
zu ni shen ri kuai le. ^^
wo zu ni ke yi yong yuan guo de kuai kuai le le & xin xin fu fu.
wo men ELF hui yong yuan zhi ci ni de.
wo ai ni 

ai ni de ELF, Ivy Lim ^^

Happy Birthday RyeoWook!
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to you.
I wish you could always be happy.
We (ELF) will always support you.
I love you
ELF who love you, Ivy Lim ^^

[Hahahah!] this is the message I wrote myself. I hope Ryeowook oppa could read this.
That's all I want. ^^

Everyone are welcome to write down a birthday wish for SJ's eternal magnae. ^^

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome Our New Admin~

Let's welcome our new admin from Philippine.

New Admin Biodata:
Name: Tanya Villarete
Nationality: Filipino
Birthday: august 25 1995
Height: 5'4 or 5'5 (i don't know?)
Specialty: SINGING! (nope that's not it) okay dancing
Fanclubs: E.L.F & Kamillia
Favorite color: Blue

Hope everyone could give her more support, so you could see more updates from this blog too.
Thank you! ^^

Friday, June 3, 2011

[CONCERT] 110528 Super Junior M First Live Concert In Malaysia @ Hari Belia

The beginning is some korean people perform their traditional drum performance. ^^

These ELF are dancing Good Will ELF song ^^
Henry dancers during rehearsal
 The Concert finally start! It started at 10pm and I waiting from 11am [So tiring] 

They sang Blue Tomorrow ^^

Zhoumi - 3o'clock 凌晨3点钟 sang by 张智成

Ryeowook sang 我只在乎你 by  邓丽君

Credit : ivy520MIN@Twitter or


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