Thursday, December 17, 2009

[NEWS] 091216 Suju Eunhyuk "IU, the most beautiful person in this world"

Super Junior Eunhyuk has expressed his feeling toward singer IU in the year-end special epsidoe of the show KBS Drama "Super Junior's Miracle". One-two, IU, Jungmo are the guests in that epsidoe.

In the beginning of the epsidoe, Eunhyuk has introduced IU as "the girl who melts all the guys' heart" in which Super Junior Leeteuk
asked "She melted your heart, right ?" and expressed the curiousity about Eunhyuk & IU's relationship. When IU came to the filming place, Leeteuk Shindong One-two & Jungmo said "You two look good together, it's like a picture when you two stand side by side like that" which made Eunhyuk smile.

When playing game to create sentence/phrase with IU's name*, Eunhyuk has said "You're beautiful, you're the most beautiful person in this world, Yooboochobab**" which gave a wrong message and thus making people laughing.

Then they have a soccer match with the mentee students, when Eunhyuk made a tied-score goal, he has showed IU the dance of "Marshmallow" to celebrate.

The show will be aired at 10AM on December 19th.

* IU (아이유) is made by 3 words, 아-ah 이-ee and 유-yu, the game is that you will use those 3 words, each words to begin a phrase/sentence
** Yooboochobab (유부초밥) is a kind of food "seasoned rice wrapped in a fried tofu bag " here. They laughed because Eunhyuk supposed to say something about IU which was begun with "yoo", not a name of food ^^

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