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[NEWS] 100611 Super Junior in YES!! Magazine

After last year's album , and a 1 year and 2 months wait, ELFs have finally anticipated for Super Junior (SJ)'s 4th album (Miinah) ! After the new album was out for 2 weeks, album sales have already broken the 100,000 record and 200,000 pre-orders, for singers, this is an impressive number. Introducing the genre [Super Junior Funky] for SJ, the single [BONAMANA], after being out for a week already snagged 1st in Music program rankings, the special "skating" choreography has already caused quite the craze, and certainly does not lose to [SORRY,SORRY]! Apart from the addictive kyrics that have brainwashed the fans, the members have also spent a lot of time to suit the theme of "Miinah". The biggest sell point, definitely is the members on the dancefloor, to emit their "flower boy" temperament!

[Waking up in the middle of the night to work out]
From the bottom half of 2009 to the beginning of 2010, SJ was so busy with their second concert tour, that the time they were on the plane was more than the time spent on land. At the same time, members also appeared in dramas and variety shows, they were so busy they nearly couldn't sleep. But for this new album, SJ members that they had prepared unlimited surprises. At this time, apart from practicing their new song, they also secretly followed Siwon who has the best body, to work out, becoming "Beast" idols! Among them with the biggest transformation, Donghae and Eunhyuk who is known for being very thin. Donghae even uploaded a picture that showed him working out with a fellow SHINee colleague. Leader Leeteuk revealed on his radio show that he often goes to work out in the middle of the night. Actually many fans had already noticed through daily shows that the members' bodies had changed, eventually the members revealed it all when the album was out.
[Showing their abs]
For the people who have noticed SJ's new image, you should have noticed that the concept this time has a vintage feel. Apart from that, they also played with the vampire trend. The members not only used whites for their makeup to look more deadly, all of them used eyeliner elegantly to emphasise their eyes, added with dark outfits and a yellowed background. But the thing causing the most impact is the pictures in the album jacket that showed the members' abs. Before abs were Siwon's "thing" but this time, once Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Sungmin's photos were out, fans caused a large commotion. Fans were extremely shocked by the perfect bodies the boys had. This time Siwon decided to lie low and let the 3 take the spotlight.

[Doing excellent while performing]
Think that after releasing their album and showing their bodies, thats it? It's not as easy as that! After releasing the album on the 13th, SJ appeared on with a Come Back status and immediately became the nation's hot topic. Although SJ also has a 'black' concept, their outfits are especially different compared to other groups. Other groups always wear the same clothes, and when Sj performs 3 days in a row, they wear really different outfits 3 days in a row. Going down the same 'dark' path, their clothes are still more elegant than others. In 3 of their comeback performances they were wearing were from the famous Korean fashion show of 2010, emphasising the boys' trendy image. Waiting one whole year for their comeback, at live shows Fanservice is a must! Apart from Leeteuk's 'vacuum' costume (topless) and Donghae's Deep V Tee, there's also Eunhyuk's solo where he lifts his shirt up, causing fans to scream like hell!
[More stylish for magazines]
The SJ flower boys have already dominated singing, movies and dramas, but for this time's , they had a photoshoot done for magazine again with their new concept! The series of photos with eyecatching makeup and hairstyles. Apart from every member having different hairstyles and colours, Donghae and Heechul's hairstyles have become the talk of the readers. Leeteuk and Eunhyuk who is responsible for showing their abs again, show their masculine charms. Sj has captured the hearts of young girls and they are expected to also capture the hearts of old ladies (?).

[More beautiful than Beauties]
As mentioned before, recently many kpop idols have signed up on twitter and they update even more often than Cantopop idols. It started off with Shindong who joined first and like a flu it passed on to the other members. The member who loves uploading pretty pictures the most --- Heechul! Everytime he meets female idols from the same company, the photos of them would always end up on his twitter. The surprising thing is, Heechul the "beauty", competes with female idols. Netizens mostly say that Heechul is "even prettier than female idols" to show their admiration towards his beauty!
[Couple fantasies]
For friends who pay attention to kpop idols, many male idol groups have pairing relationships. Because there are many people in SJ, the couples in Sj outnumber the ones in other idol groups. The couples in SJ include, KangTeuk, HanChul, EunHae, YeWook, KyuMin and SiBum. Now that HanGeng, Kangin and Kibum are excluded from the 4th album activities, all of the coupling attention is on Eunhyuk and Donghae. For the fans, as the album was out, they uploaded many "loving" photos of themselves, causing fantasies from fans to bloom. Now that is out, fans would call Heechul and Donghae their "Miinahs"!

[Touching fan meeting]
In 2009, you could say that SJ had been through many ups and downs. Although had brought them limitless reputation, Kangin and Hangeng's incidents had caused SJ to be emotionally down. To go with the 4th album, SJ specially held 2 fan meetings for faithful fans. The members also prepared interesting performances and games to play with the fans. But just when Kangin suddenly appeared in between the event. the originally happy atmosphere immediately took a 180 degree turn. When Kangin announced that he would be enlisted in July, the fan's emotions were down, and cries were heard from the crowd. Seeing his own fans crying for him, Kangin couldn't hold on to his tears and neither could the other members. Heechul had cried so hard he needed to hide backstage. Although some members could not participate in 4th album activities, everybody should feel SJ's deep love and appreciation towards their fans.
[Attacking overseas for the 2nd half of the year?]
Rumours say that after the wild success of and the performance at the Shanghaei world expo on May 30th, and then news say that they will be in Singapore to hold a fan meeting! Other sources say that there is a chance that SJM members will be in Taiwan for a music awards ceremony. As Koreans are very attentive towards the World Cup, before it started, SJ invited everyone to sing to cheer everybody on. In August, subgroup KRY along with Donghae and Sungmin will be in Japan for a concert. After that, the rumoured "Super Show 3" would unfold. If these rumours are true, 2010 will be Super Junior's!

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