Wednesday, August 4, 2010

[SHOW] Super Junior - Line Up Cut {ENG SUB}

I love this video so much. But I'm not sure what show is this video from. If you know and have the link for this full show, would you mind to share the links with me and other fans here? =D Thanks

After watching this video, please do post a comment and tell me which speech you like the most and give me a reason. Thank you! [Don't be afraid to leave comments here, I'm will be happy if I see your comment. =D]

My Comment : My favourite speech in this video is Leetuek's speech 'Anyunghashimnika??' That's just too cute for him to say it. ^^ Other then that, Donghae loud greeting is very cool too! XD Lastly I will like to say Kibum shyness is so cute and funny. =D {Please share some comment over here kay?} Thank you!

 P.S : I watch this more then 5 times and I still really can't stop laughing and watching it. This is just to nice to spend my time. XD

Credit : hudamax92@youtube

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