Monday, October 18, 2010

[MY SHARING] EunTeuk in my Dream~

You can find the running part from this MV ^^

Hahahaha... One word to describe my dream 'FUNNY' XD
Wanna know what so funny??
Here you go~ This is how my dream look like :
I'm in shopping mall, just came out from the wash room.
Female and Male washroom is like opposite only right?
Then when I just came out, I saw 2 guys with familiar faces.
Guess who, they really look like Leeteuk and Eunhyuk oppa. XD
When I want to look closely to confirm myself.
Then when they notice I know them, then they quickly ran. [you can imagine it like those cartoon running or maybe SuJu Happy the song name called 'Yoriwang / Cooking Cooking' that type of running.]
Then I was like Sunny ran to chase them.
While running, I get to catch Leeteuk. I forget how was it look like. ^^
Then I cuddle his arm like couple type and ask him a question :
I : 你是Leeteuk Oppa 吗?[Trans : Are you Leeteuk Oppa?]
LT : 我不是。[Trans : No, I'm not]
I : 你当然不是Leeteuk oppa 啦。[Trans : Of course you are not Leeteuk Oppa.]
[Why did I said like this, is just because he replied me in mandarin, so I say he is not Leeteuk Oppa. But his face is like 99% look like Leeteuk oppa and same goes to Eunhyuk oppa too. ] ^^
Then I continued my conversation with him by saying one more sentence :
I : 我不理, 你一定要跟我拍照。[Trans : I don't care, you still must take a picture with me.]
So I cuddle his arm and take photo with him. It's like we are really close friend ^^ 
Don't worry, there is someone helping us to hold the camera. =D
Then after taking photo with him, I ask him to called Eunhyuk oppa to come here.
Why need to called is because he ran away until I can't catch him too.
So I ask Leeteuk Oppa to called Eunhyuk oppa here, so that I can take photo with him too... XD
That's all my dream~
Was it FUNNY?
I feel it is super funny..
Cause even when I just wake up I have slightly smile on my face and telling myself 'THIS IS JUST A DREAM' Hahahahaha~
Why can't I dream of Sungmin only.
But I still satisfied just by dreaming all members. ^^
Are you hoping to listen more to my dream story?
Then hope you will wait with patient ^^
See ya~
Sweet dream my dears. ^^

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