Sunday, April 11, 2010

[NEWS] 100408 Hangeng revealed his lifestyle, always sleeps before 12

Former SJ Member Hangeng has just returned to China, and talks about the things he does after contract termination for the first time. He revealed to the reporter that his life is very disciplined now, he has more time to spend with his parents. Many people are curious what Hangeng's lifestyle is like after termination, this is also the first question the reporter asked Hangeng. Maybe it's because his relationship with SM Entertainment is becoming more distant, Hangeng wasn't as sensitive to the question as the rumors say he is, "After terminating, besides resting, I also learned new things. Regarding a new company, it's managed by my team, I only focus on doing my things, I trust my team." Even though many fans worry about Hangeng's mood after terminating contract, but Hangeng gave these kind of guesses a reply, he said: "Actually it's not like what everyone thinks, because for the past years I was too busy, there's basically no personal time. So after I left the group my life became very disciplined, I sleep before 12o clock everyday now. You can all see my vitality now, it's not bad at all." Hangeng also exposed that he's currently enjoying the alone time he's spending with his parents, "I was too busy before, and was always away, so if I want to see Mom and Dad it's really hard, now I can make up for it." Hangeng himself revealed that he'll be one of the "New forces of Ten Years" that's attending Music Billboard's Ten Year Ceremony being held in ShenZhen.

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