Sunday, April 18, 2010

Please Help Me!

I will like to ask my readers to do me a favour.
Which post do you like to see me post on my blog. (Comment to vote it) :D

1.Video (Variety show, Performance update, New Music Video)
2.K-pop News (More onto which artist are famous)
3.Lyrics (If I get to find out)
4.Download link (Not comfirm yet)
5. Pictures (Concert, Advertise, Taken By Fan)

Okay!! Now it's your turn to choose. Hurry up. Help me decide it. But I will post on my Favourite Idol ^^

Please do copy this when you comment my post
Name :
Age :
Your Favourite Idol :


장위가 said...

Name :WJ
Age :14
Your Favourite Idol :SS501 ( Kim Hyun Joong)
Hey ya~I love your blog so much!!Well,i would like to vote for 2 K Pop News ...>-<

ღ Ivy ♥ Super Junior ღ said...

Thanks for voting!! By the way, What do you mean you are voting for 2? It's only kpop news. What's another one?


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