Tuesday, May 4, 2010

[Fancafe] 100504 1 cafe entry from Kang King

Hello~ It's Kangin.
Posted on 10.05.04 at 15:22

Hello, it's Kangin, have you been doing well?
As you all know, I've hold a time of self-reflection and during that time I've looked back at myself
I am doing well. After writing and erasing many times a message, now at last I'm putting one up

To the people who always supported me and gave me their love I want to bow my head down and say sorry
Now my days are fillied with regrets and reflection on why did I just overlooked the important things around me during that time
These days I get asked from the fans who do not forget me and are waiting if I'll be part of 4th album activities
Everytime I get asked this, there is a lot of worries

Therefore I'm posting this message

The 4th album's work is almost finished and now waiting to meet the fans...
For me, I thought doing those activities was too early,
Because I feel that I need more self-reflection time
You won't find me in this activities.
If you are a Korean man you have to do once your defense duty... the army
I also thought a lot of when I would have to go
I thought to myself whether it was that time now
Even if the exact date is not decided, I'm expecting to be enlisted in a short time.

But I support the members who are always close and I'm thinking about them standing together on stage
Because our members really worked hard and again tried to create an album , please give a lot of love
Because Kangin can not exist without Super Junior, please send a lot of interest and love too.
I'll come back soon and i want to show my image being with the other members

As it's my beginning and end, please cheer for super junior until the end
All of you fans, you must also stay healthy
I hope that only good things will happen to you.

I’ll be Back~~^^*

* He wrote it in english

Translated by Alice (『SexyDino☆彡』) @ sj-World.net
Take out with full and proper credits. Do not add your own.

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