Tuesday, July 20, 2010

[MV] 100719 SHINee - Lucifer

Do you like SHINee? Leave some comment after watching this Music Video. I feel that SHINee have changed a lot. =D What do you all think about after watching it?

Credit : sment@Youtube


keidalovemachine said...

my kpop biases are BIGBANG n SHINee. So yes I <3 SHINee and they are all now my very own LUCIFER! I was super duper excited when I watched this MV that I felt like throwing up only bcoz of the butterflies in my stomach. HEHEHE...

Onew looks beautiful with the eye make up, they are piercing! Taemin baby is now a MAN! He totally pawned his hyungs. Minho looks like a vampire and do I really have to mention that he's the flaming charisma? Hahaha. Key rocks the new do too and he looks manlier in this MV. Jonghyun's sexy back! Enough said!


ღ Ivy ♥ Super Junior ღ said...

@Keida : Thanks so much for leaving a comment about this MV. I hope you get to enjoy their comeback on this Friday at Music Bank =D


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