Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[NEWS] 100711 Super Junior Passes the Goal of 200,000 CD Sales

"Album eater" Super Junior has passed the first goal of 200,000 CD sales this year.

According to the album sales count site Hanteo Information System on the 11th, Super Junior has sold 201,403 CDs with their 4th album. The 4th album A version which was released on May 13th sold 120,985. With B version, which was dressed up with new jackets, added another 46,590 CD sales. The repackaged album which was released on June 28th sold 33,828.

Thinking about the current music market which believes it is difficult for an album to be sold over 100,000, Super Junior's number of record sales is amazing. The time it actually took for the album to be sold over 200,000 was just 60 days. With their additional activity, there's a possibility of breaking their record once again. Super Junior is garnering interest as to whether they will sweep various awards like they did last year.

Super Junior is currently promoting their follow up single "No Other." On the 9th on KBS 2TV "Music Bank," following up their number one win with their title song "Miinah", they took the number one spot once again proving that they are still strong.

Source: Sports Korea
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