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[NEWS] 100905 In "Lively" Dramas, "I Am" the OST, About Kyuhyun's participation in drama OSTs

Note: All information unrelated to Kyuhyun have been omitted.

OSTs are rolling machines. The stars are gaining attention because of the popularity of dramas. SNSD’s Taeyeon became famous because she sang “If” for Hong Gil Dong, while Super Junior’s Kyuhyun delivered Pasta’s charm through “Listen… to You”.

That’s not all. If the drama does not have an OST, it would be akin to a “bland beer”.

1.To evoke the fresh feeling in dramas, the hero (main actor) would frequently be allowed to hold the microphone*.

2.The coveted Idol’s OSTs

SS501, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Super Junior, Dong Bang Shin Ki, 4minute, and other popular idol groups all have a common point. In addition to being popular, they also hold the similarity of being “singers who perform the OSTs for dramas”.

The OST for the KBS2 national drama “King of Baking Kim Takgu”, which is currently in first place for having viewer ratings of over 40%, is sung by Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Previously, Kyuhyun took part in the OST for the MBC drama “Pasta”, and this is the second time that he has held the responsibility for singing the OST for a drama. This time, “Hope is a Dream that Never Sleeps” (희망은 잠들지 않는 꿈), the title for King of Baking Kim Takgu’s OST that is performed by Kyuhyun, is a bright song with a medium tempo, and serves as the theme song for Kim Takgu in the series. Together with the rising popularity of the drama, the song is also gaining popularity.

*i.e. to be the one singing the OST

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