Sunday, November 6, 2011

[MESSAGE] 111106 Super Junior 6th Anniversary Message to ELF

Message from DONGHAE about SuJu’s 6th Anniversary

Super Junior 6th Anniversary!!!
Who can stop us!!
We are the best, SJ!
*If they question who who who we are, we show them our results ^-^(lyrics from SUPERMAN)
Don’t forget what I love!
Don’t forget what I like!
Don’t forget that you are the one!
WoW 6 years, without ELF there won’t be us!
Don’t forget that we have to be together in the future as well!
Don’t like anyone else!
Should we get married??
I love you ELF

[东海] 2011.11.06. Super Junior 6周年问候:大发!!!Super Junior 6周年!!! 谁能阻止我们!!我们是最棒的SJ .不管谁说什么,都以记录来说话.不要忘记我所爱的!不要忘记我所喜欢的!不要忘记你... wow!!6周年,没有ELF的话就没有我们!不要忘记我们以后也要一起!不要爬墙!我们结婚好不??我爱你们ELF

Message from EUNHYUK about SuJu’s 6th Anniversary

Super Junior Eunhyuk
I love you!! You amazing people.

[From. 银赫] 2011.11.06. Super Junior 6周年 问候:爱你们 这些amazing的人们啊

Message from KYUHYUN about SuJu’s 6th Anniversary

Unknowingly, Super Junior is 6(?) finally! These 6 years are time which was spent with everyone~ ♬ As a matter of fact, I’m 5.5 years.. hahahaha~ Anyhow, I am also (a member) of SJ so I’m 6 years too ^-^ There were many enjoyable memories, and memories that I want to erase but in the future, it will be great if we will all only have happy memories~ I will pray! So, for much of the remaining time, don’t cheat on us! Let’s do this together! I love you E.L.F ^-^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[From. 圭贤] 2011.11.06. Super Junior 6周年 问候:Super Jr不知不觉终于! 和大家一起已经6年了~当然..我是5年半..哈哈哈~不管怎样我也是SJ,所以我也6周年 ^^ 虽然美好的记忆和想要抹掉的记忆都很多,祈祷以后我们都只有幸福的记忆吧!那么剩下的很多时间不要爬墙哦!一起哦!我爱你们 ELF KEKEKEKE

Message from LEETEUK about SuJu’s 6th Anniversary

Ever so loving and grateful (for your) existence. E.L.F!! Super Junior is already 6 years old. SJ and E.L.F let’s write more and more history together in the future! I Love You

[From. 利特] 2011.11.06. Super Junior 6周年 问候:【E.L.F 】:那么可爱又值得感谢的存在 ELF!!Super Junior已经6岁了. SJ和ELF以后更加要一起书写新的历史!爱~你~们

Message from RYEOWOOK about SuJu’s 6th Anniversary

E.L.F. who have been with us for 6 years.
I love you and I’m also grateful~ I’m really happy.
Let us continue.

[From.厉旭] 2011.11.06. Super Junior 6周年 问候:六周年在一起的家伙们..E.L.F 爱你们也谢谢啦~真的很幸福。我们继续吧

Message from SHINDONG about SuJu’s 6th Anniversary

Congratulations!! Super Junior’s 6th year anniversary!!
Since 2005.11.6. Kkugoong~ (It’s a sound effect)
I’m Super Junior Shindong.
It’s been a while…
I won.. Fool…
When I was young..
If I wrote..
Love paper.. Style..
ㅋㅋㅋ.. Love paper..
(Exchange diary?)…

To. E.L.F.
It has already been 6 years…
I’m sorry always… Now I came to my senses..
I’m so embarrassed.. But thank you for believing me until the end..
I won’t make it more difficult for you so don’t worry…
Actually, I don’t say this often normally… I love you…
I’m going to work hard so let’s do everything together…
Everyone…E.L.F. Let’s be together~

[FROM:Super Junior 神童(CEO)]
Super Junior 6周年问候:
To:ELF 我们已经6年了...
总是很对不起 但是谢谢一直到最后都相信我们... 不会再让你们这么辛苦了 不要担心...其实平时不怎么会说这种话... 我爱你们...
我也会一起努力的.. .所有人一起! 各位.. ELF 我们一起

傻瓜 我小时候写过 ..
ㅋㅋㅋ.. love纸条 (交换日记?) ㅋㅋㅋ

Message from SIWON about SuJu’s 6th Anniversary

You guys who are now our companions are the best.
I believe that we will continue to walk together in the future.

[From. 始源] 2011.11.06. Super Junior 6周年 问候:【thank you】现在是同伴关系的他们最高 以后也是要在一起 我们都要相信

Message from SUNGMIN about SuJu’s 6th Anniversary

To: Dear E.L.F.
We have being in love for 6 years now!! We have to last for~ever! >3< I have to occupy the hearts of our E.L.F♡

[From.晟敏] 2011.11.06. Super Junior 6周年 问候:【我爱的ELF 】 我们相爱已经6年了!! 以后也chu~!>3< 我被我们ELF传染了

Message from YESUNG about SuJu’s 6th Anniversary

Our 6th anniversary~ in the future (let’s have) more love!

[From. 艺声] 2011.11.06. Super Junior 6周年 问候:TO E.L.F 我们的6周年~ 以后更相爱吧!

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