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[TWEET/WEIBO/BLOG] 111106 Super Junior's 6th Anniversary Message

Happy 6th SJ Anniversary to 우리 오빠들 ^^
축하해~ 사랑해~

SJ's anniversary message:
@ryeong9 (Ryeowook)

슈퍼주니어 데뷔 6주년입니다. 많은 분들의 사랑으로 6년이란 시간을 만들어낸거 같아요~ 정말 감사드립니다~ 멤버들 한명, 한명에게도 다 정말 고마워요>< 진짜진짜 사랑해~려욱
Super Junior's debut 6th anniversary. I feel that it's because of all the love from everyone that we were able to create this period of 6 years~ I am truly grateful~ To each and every one of our members, I am extremely thankful >< Really really love you all~Ryeowook

@shfly3424 (Yesung) 슈퍼주니어 데뷔6주년 ... 지켜준 엘프 사랑하는멤버 슈퍼주니어를 존재하게 해주신 모든분들... 감사합니다 Super Junior's debut 6th anniversary ... ELF who have always protected us (,) our beloved members and everyone else who had enabled Super Junior to continue to exist...Thank you

@special1004 (Leeteuk)

2005/11/6-2011/11/6 6년입니다.행복을 기쁨을 눈물을 우정을 알려준 우리멤버들 우리 스텝들 그리고 너무나 소중하고 사랑스런 엘프!^^감사하고 또 감사합니다!눈감는날까지 함께할게요!존경하고 사랑합니다
2005/11/6-2011/11/6 6 years. Our members, our staffs and (our) precious yet lovable ELF who had allowed me to experience bliss, happiness, tears and friendship!^^ Thank you and thank you once again! Until the day I close my eyes we have to be together! I admire you all, love you all

세상을 다 가지고 싶었다..모든게 금방이라도 잡힐것만같았다..그런데 지금은 나에게 있어 세상보다 값진 우리 멤버들 스텝들 팬들이 있다..난 이미 세상을 다진게 아닐까?감사하고 행복하다..이제 그 사랑 돌려드릴게요
I had once wanted to own the grasp everything for no matter how short a period of time..but I have now come to realize that I have my staffs...and my fans who are more valuable than the world...I have already owned the world, haven't I? (I am) grateful and happy..from now on, I will gradually repay (everyone's) love

@siwon407 (Siwon)

어느덧 6년을 함께 걸어왔습니다. 너무고맙고, 앞으로도 오랜시간 함께 걸으며 웃을수있길 바랍니다. 다시한번 너무 고맙고 사랑해요. Let's celebrate our 6th Anniversary!
Without realising it, we have walked together for 6 years. Thank you very much, I hope that we'll be able to walk together and smile together forever in the future. Thank you all once again I love you all. Let's celebrate our 6th Anniversary!*

*originally written in English

@donghae861015 (Donghae)

우린 슈퍼주니어~~~~~~~~에요!!!6주년 이네요 !! 사랑하고 또 사랑하고 더 많이 사랑하고 아끼고 또 아끼고 더 많이 아껴줄께요 !! 감사합니다 ELF I U
We are Super Juni~~~~~~OR!!! It's our 6th anniversary !! I love you and I love you and I want to love you even more, I cherish you and I cherish you and I want to cherish you even more !! Thank you ELF I U

@allrisesilver (Eunhyuk)

6년이다!!!!!!! 그냥 그렇게 흘러 온 시간, 악을 쓰고 기를 써서 버텨 온 시간, 우리가 만들어 온 시간, 이제 다시 시작 할 시간!! 슈주간다!!!!
6 years!!!!!!! the time which have just passed us by, the time which we endured and fought our way through the hardships, the time which we have created together and now it's the time where we start all over again! Suju let's go!!!!

Korean to Chinese translation by: 唯爱SJ13-ONLYSJ13
Chinese to English translation by: KyU Is L♥Ve @ SJ-World.Net

@Hangeng's Weibo
Since the first time I stepped onto the stage on 6th November 2005, it's the 6th anniversary today. Regardless whether I started out in music in the year 2005, or focused on movies in the year 2011, or whether it's the year 2012 and beyond, (I will) continue working hard and take every step earnestly. In a different period and environment, I only want to adhere to being the same old authentic "Han Geng". In these 6 years, (and) until the future, thank you for always accompanying me, and for continuously turning my dreams into reality!
Source: Han Geng's Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

@Sungmin Blog


ㅋㅋㅋㅋ우와~ 시간이 참 빨리..
늘 고맙고 ㅠㅠ감사하고…

이번 콘서트 무대는6년 거념 퍼포먼스를..

낚는거니까 믿지 마시구~^^

열댄중..오랜만에 연습하려니까 힘들당..

엄마께 콘서트 질하게 한약지어달라고 했음..
평소 써서 잘 안먹던 한약을 먹고
모두 나에게 물들게 하리라!!!!!

한약 냄새로.. ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

암튼 이제얼마 안남았다..

화이팅!! ㅋ


Is our 6th anniversary!!!!

ㅋㅋㅋㅋWow~Time flies..
I am always gratefulㅠㅠThank you...

Our concert stage this time (is/has) our 6th anniversary performance..

It is a bait* so please don't believe it~^^

I am dancing diligently..It's been a long time since I last practiced so it's tiring..
I asked my mother to brew herbal medicine so I can do well for the concert..
I have taken the herbal medicine that I don't usually take properly because it is bitter (so)
Infuse me with all of it!!!!!

With the smell of the herbal medicine..ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

In any case there is not much (of the smell) left..


* bait - as in a joke meant to trick us.
Translated by Ally! @
Source: Sungmin's Naver Blog
Please take out with credits.

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