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[INTERVIEW] 120217 Ellegirl Korea Magazine March Issue with Donghae

Elle Korea Magazine [March Issue] – Donghae Interview!!!

Interviewer: Not long ago you and Eunhyuk had duet performances. A special stage for only the 2 of you, how does it feel?
DH: very glad. Originally, Oppa Oppa was a song for our concert, because we wanted an opportunity to try disco style. The response was great, so we did promoting performances on music shows for our fans, even if it was just for one month.

Interviewer: A lot of guys like to be called “Oppa”, is it the same for you too?
DH: Before it was ok, recently I love it! Haha!

Interviewer: You and Siwon’s drama Skip Beat was a hot topic among fans. Your character was very similar to the original in the comic book. We saw a charm of yours that we have never seen before.
DH: I spent a lot of time thinking, just to be as similar to the original character as possible. I dyed my hair, and had lots of eyeliner. I didn’t like this style before, but when I saw the episodes I thought it wasn’t a bad look at all. If I have an acting opportunity in Korea, I want to show a different side of me as well.

Interview: While you were filming “It’s OK, Daddy’s girl”, you said you wanted to film more dramas. Is it as interesting as you thought it would be?
DH: It would be so interesting, if it wasn’t cold like today. (laughs) I want to continue to act. Maybe a movie in Korea, or in any other Asian countries. To be honest, I still feel unnatural when taking pictures. I am more comfortable when filming.

Interviewer: You have been to many countries to work, now you are Ok with working with foreigners. Right?
DH: Yes. Concert or CF filming, we often end up working with the same people again, so I know them. Same with hotels.

Interviewer: In recent overseas activities, which ones you remember the most?
DH: From Feb 2nd to 5th, we had 4 concerts in Taiwan. We heard that we were the first foreign artist to hold 4 consecutive concerts at the Taipei Arena. And even though we didn’t have any activities in Japan, but we performed in front of 80000 people in Osaka Kyocera Dome. We were proud of ourselves, and please look forward to SS4 in Tokyo Dome in May.

Interviewer: Last year SJ went outside of Asia and held concerts in New York and Paris. As the center of the Hallyu wave, how do you feel?
DH: I think the popularity of KPOP will be even greater. Many KPOP singers will debut in other countries. I feel surprised and amazed when I saw the flash mobs from oversea fans. Chile, Australia, and a lot more, sorry it’s just too long to list all the places.

Interviewer: Your twitter reached a million fans, right?
DH: Other than albums and promotional performances, there aren’t a lot of things we can do for our fans. I want to show our fans our daily life, so I often update my twitter.

Interviewer: As the stage and view got bigger (a metaphor for SJ’s popularity expanding), are your wishes and goals also getting bigger?
DH: Honestly, if there were no military service, I want to travel around the world. Even if there were only 100 fans, I still want to go and meet them. I wish we get 1 year which we do nothing else, but having concerts around the world.

Interviewer: For real? Are concerts not tiring at all for you?
DH: It is very tiring indeed, but I forget about it onstage. Our 4 days in Taiwan, we have a 4-5 hour concert every day. Even though we question ourselves, the moment we go on the stage, it feels like our members combined together. It is very fun when we do variety moments and fan services, and fans are waving their glow sticks and have different fan projects. That makes us feel like moving.

Interviewer: This January, you guys won 4 awards at Golden Disk, the biggest winner at this year’s GDA. This must feel special.
DH: We have different thoughts and feelings at every award show. We thought about the long and hard way we came, all the memories with our members, and we often cry. Our promise is “Become an artist that win awards next year as well, and achieve records that only Super Junior can achieve.”

Interviewer: When you think about trainee and debut time, do you feel like it was a long time ago?
DH: No, it’s still vivid, like yesterday. Time goes by fast. No matter where we go, Kyuhyun will record us with his camera. All the memories are so interesting, how we play together offstage, skiing, eating barbeque, falling into water…We remember when we see the videos he recorded.

Interviewer: You must feel satisfied, watching the members having fun on and off stage.
DH: Our members already know to be well prepared. When on variety shows, even though our seniors might say “You guys talk way too much, enough is enough”, but hyungs are really hardworking, and they received a lot of recognitions from our seniors. Leeteuk-hyung often says, you cannot defeat a person who is very observant and well prepared. Therefore, I prepare my best for shows.

Interviewer: In We Got Married, you become a couple through blind dates. It felt like you were really shy and nervous. Were you really feeling like that?
DH: Yes, that was not acting. I feel embarrassed because it was my first blind date.

Interview: It felt like you were attracted to a very feminine lady like Son Eunseo.
DH: I always liked a feminine lady. Even though it hasn’t aired yet, we actually went on another date, it was fun to film. I am the type who is very quiet in shows, Miss Eunseo is very quiet too, but she will try and come up with topics to talk with me.

Interviewer: Some rumors say you guys are already a regular couple on WGM, is that true?
DH: It’s not decided yet. WGM is a show I wanted to do for a long time, compared to other variety shows, this one fits me more. I don’t need acting, just do the things I want, and I can enjoy it comfortably. Some people may like it, some may not.

Interviewer: You also participated in As One’s new comeback song “Only U”, in both lyrics writing and singing. The lyrics were really sweet.
DH: I have a good relationship with the noonas in As One, so it’s very natural in collaborations. I write songs in my spare time, this is one of them (that I wrote before). When I am in my dorm or on the plane, I will write songs.

Interviewer: You have received so much love from the fans, and acted in dramas you wanted to film. Is there anything else that you want?
DH: How about Super Junior leading the world of TV shows? When I am on TV shows that Leeteuk-hyung was an MC, he took care of me, giving me looks and expressions, telling me what I am supposed to do. I want to be a person like him, giving members help and advices, but maybe in other areas, not hosting.

Interviewer: Apparently Super Junior’s average age is 27.5 years old? You guys are like old idols.
DH: My friends all look like ajussis now, but hyungs are not at all! Can you believe Sungmin-hyung is 28 already? He looks like he’s 23! Even though I am 27, I don’t think I am old. Now I still want to be a dongsaeng that needs his hyungs! (never grow up) I want to have enough fun.

Interviewer: Off the stage, as a 27 year old man, do you have a good plan for your life?
Donghae: I am not sure. First I want to be in love. Maybe I joined WGM because of this. But then I need to prepare things, and find a house, so much things to worry. But then I only had this thought since last year. When the pressure is too much, I will just say to myself “Don’t think anymore, just live as I please.”

Interviewer: Then what else do you want to do this year?
DH: First, Super show 4 will have a good finish, and more dramas or movies. And, send Leeteuk-hyung to the army! HAHA

Credit: Kor to Chi: 朴海希_海朵 @ weibo
Chi to Eng: Selena AllRise Silver @ facebook Via Super Junior no.1
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