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120111-120112 Super Junior Twitter/Blog Update - About GDA @ Osaka

Siwon Tweets

always proud of you all. and always love you all. thank you for everything. cheers!

thank you all our E.L.F ! We love you forever and ever :)

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Yesung's Tweet

골든디스크대상 그리고4관왕 .. 이상을선물해준 전세계ELF고맙고사랑합니다.
Golden Disk Daesang and we got 4 golden trophies .. ELF all over the world who has given this gift, thank you and i love you.

Donghae's Tweet

골든디스크 !! 슈퍼주니어 가자 !! ELF !! Let's go!!
Golden Disk !! Super Junior let's go !! ELF !! Let's go!!

슈퍼주니어 대상 !!!!!!! ELF 최고다 사랑해 !! 4관왕 !!!
Super Junior daesang !!!!!!! ELF are the best I love you !! 4 awards !!!

더 열심히 할께요^^ 감사합니다 !! 사랑합니다!! 슈주최고 !! ELF 최고!!
We'll work harder^^ Thank you !! I love you!! Suju is the best !! ELF is the best!!

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Translated by Diversity & vicтoяiaи☆규현 @ SJ-World.Net

Heechul's Tweet

Happy new years~

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Sungmin's Blog
Golden Disk

It's rehearsal now..

I had a good dream before coming~~

It seems like something good will happen!

Blue Waves Even at Golden Disk

Even at Golden Disk Many of our fans have come~~!!!^^
We really have many good memories at Kyocera Dome~Thank you~!^^

We will keep the promise we made at the concert~
Our fans also have to keep (yours)~~~!^^

Quadruple Crown..ㅠㅠThank you~!!

It's a really really...extremely happy day~
So as to repay all of you for these awards you have given us
I will work even harder from now on!!

I love you~(You're) the best the best!!!!

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Source: Sungmin's Naver Blog
Please take out with full credits.

Kyuhyun's Tweet

에이 모르겠다. 미운 오리새끼 Super Junior 큰 상 받게해주신, 사랑해주시는 많은 분들과 E.L.F 감사합니다. 이런거 잘안하는데, 사랑합니다❤
ey* I don't know. Thank you to all the numerous people who give us love and E.L.F., for giving such a big award to Super Junior the ugly ducklings. I'm not good with these things, but I love you❤**

* can be translated as aye, ah, aw, but I like the sound of ey
** He means that he's not good at expressing his feelings

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 Translated by vicтoяiaи☆규현 @ SJ-World.Net

Leeteuk's Tweet

드디어 해냈습니다!행복을 선물한 여러분들이 만들어준 상입다!늘 고맙고 미안해요 정말 행복합니다!골든 역사상최다4관왕!열심히 투표해주고 우리 음반을 사랑해주시고 추억을 함께 만들어준 모든 분들E.L.F. 사랑합니다
We finally did it!This is an award you all created, by giving us happiness as a gift!I'm thankful and sorry as always, I'm really happy!The most awards ever in Golden's history 4 Awards!To all E.L.F. who devotedly voted for us and gave love to our albums and made memories along with us I love you

앞으로 새로운 역사 써나가요~^^ 멈추지 않고 달릴거에요!!슈퍼주니어는 다 잘하는데 한가지 정말 못하는게 있어요! 바로 해체!!우리 멤버들이 정말 아주 할줄도 모르는 것~늘 새롭고 노력하는 모습 보여드릴게요!지켜봐주세요^^ 우리 영원해요~!!
We'll go on writing new history in the future ahead of us~^^ we'll run without stopping!!Super Junior is good at everything but there's one thing we really can't do! And that is breaking up!!That's something our members really don't even know how to do~we'll always show you a new and hardworking image of us!Keep on watching over us please^^ we are forever~!!

I was able to keep my promise at last!!!^^May 12.. and 13!!!Super Junior, who have never had official activities even once, are holding their own concerts at the Tokyo Dome!!!From Osaka and then all the way to Tokyo!!I can't believe it..ㅠㅠhow do such things happen??It's a daebak*!!!

* Daebak = big success
This tweet was deleted

믿을수가 없습니다!!!슈퍼주니어가 5월12..13일 드디어도쿄돔 단독 콘서트를 합니다!!!약속을지킬수있게 돼서 너무나 기쁩니다!!단한번의 정식활동도 없이 큰 사랑주시눈 여러분 감사합니다!!!!대박이죠????ㅠㅠ 우린 슈퍼주니어 ~~~!!이요!!!
I can't believe it!!!On May 12.. and 13, Super Junior are finally holding their own concerts at the Tokyo Dome!!!I'm so pleased to be able to keep this promise!!Thank you to everyone who's given us love even if we've never had any official activities!!!!Isn't it daebak*????ㅠㅠ We are Super Juni ~~~!!or!!!

* Daebak = big success

Source: @special1004
Translated by vicтoяiaи☆규현 @ SJ-World.Net

Donghae's Tweet

I ♥ SJ !! I ♥ ELF !! 이렇게 많은 사랑을 받을수 있다는게 믿겨지지 않아요 !! 받은사랑 천천히 돌려드릴께요^^ 그때까지 함께하기!! ^^
I ♥ SJ !! I ♥ ELF !! I don't believe it's possible to receive so much love !! We'll slowly return the love we received^^ Let's stay together until then!! ^^

Source: @donghae861015
Translated by vicтoяiaи☆규현 @ SJ-World.Net

Eunhyuk's Tweet

엄마 나 챔피언 먹어썽!! 고뤠~?? 안되겠다 엘프 불러야겠다 이거~ 이 상 머겅 두번머겅 세번머겅 네번머겅
mom I became a champion!! Reeeeally~?? This won't do I have to call ELF This~ have this award* get it twice get it three times get it four times

Source: @AllRiseSilver
Translated by vicтoяiaи☆규현 @ SJ-World.Net

Shindong's Tweet

@ShinsFriends : 골든디스크 4관왕 그리고 대상까지,, SNS로 축하해주신분들 너무 감사합니다,, 한분한분 답장을 못햐드려 죄송합니다 ... 이사진으로 대신할께요 ㅎㅎ 기분째진다!!!!!
@ShinsFriends : GOLDEN DISK4冠王还有大奖,,非常感谢通过SNS给予我们祝贺的大家,,不能一一回复大家 对不起...就用这个照片代替吧ㅎㅎ 气氛被搞坏了!!!!
@ShinsFriends : Golden Disk with 4 golden awards and so far, with the Daesang award,, To all of you who has given us a congratulations greeting through SNS, thank you very muchS... This photo will be in behalf of it ㅎㅎ I'm feeling good!!!!!

Source : @ShinsFriends
Translated credit : Super Junior [钟情云你 + K.R.Y] 马来西亚后援会@FB

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