Friday, May 22, 2009

{NEWS} Big Bang leader GDragon, “As compared to my solo album, Big Bang is more important”

Group Big Bang leader GDragon talks about the responsibilities he has as a leader to the group.

He met up with some reporters recently and talked about his solo album, “I am very sorry to fans about postponing the release date of my solo album. But as compared to my solo album, Big Bang is more important.”

GDragon’s solo album was initially set to be released in April or May. But a while back, YG Yang Hyun Seok wrote a note on YG Entertainment’s official website saying the album will be postponed till August instead.

He explained about GDragon had a little slump/depression symtoms from work and stress. And he had told GDragon to do his solo album at his own pace instead.

GDragon who has been back from his fashion vacation in Europe said laughing, “Since debut I have been working non stop, and I was tired. Furthermore it was much pressure on my side about my solo album. And my head went a bit complicated, but I assure it is not like the depression that everyone is worrying about.”

The pressure he had about his solo album was to show his individual style that is different from Big Bang. He said, “Currently the recording and working for the album has almost completed. But until the moment the album is released, I’ll have to work on brining out my own style. Because of that, I’ll keep the concept of the album secret for now.”

About his vacation to Europe recently, “If I had more time, I have more places I wanted to see but I went to London and Paris, and flew to Japan after that. Personally I like bustling and crowded London more. Going on a vacation like this without having to worry about anything, I think I cleared up my head a lot.”

GDragon will fly Japan on the 28th. Then he would attend MTV Video Music Award Japan 2009 on 30th with Big Bang, and the group will continue with the Japanese activites. GDragon will then release his solo album after that.

He said, “This time we are going to advance into the Japan major market. Because this plan is more important, we don’t know if my solo album release will have to be postponed further or not. But like I said, to me, Big Bang always come first.”

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