Sunday, May 3, 2009

[NEWS] Excerpts from Senoso: GD Talks About YoungBae

"Taeyang-ee never ceases to amaze me. Off stage, he’s an innocent and quiet fella but once on stage, he is such a powerful presence and shows such impeccable performance that even I watch in awe. Sometimes I feel so proud of him I can hardly believe that he is the YoungBae I know, my practice partner for 6 years.

"When I talk about “friends,” the first person that comes to my mind of course is Taeyang. In “Real Documentary Big Bang,” we were depicted as if we were rivals and wary of each other but the truth is, Taeyang, to me, is the one person I can depend on in the whole world no matter what.

"When I push and yell at the other members, Taeyang-ee comforts them with his warm and tender smile, just like his name. But when I am down or too busy to pay attention, he takes the leader’s role for me. When I think about how I learn and get inspired, stimulated and comforted by him every day, I am like a sunflower looking only at the sun, growing everyday thanks to the sunlight.

"His big, generous heart and unwavering will to pursue perfection to make himself better makes me push myself to stick to the goals I set for myself in the beginning. That is why I want to stay close to him, depend on him, get inspired and stimulated by him and get better every day for the rest of my life.

"I never had the chance to say this to him before but, if I had to choose one friend I want at my deathbed, I would not hesitate to choose Taeyang. I just can't thank him enough." [Translated by pgeorgie]

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