Friday, July 1, 2011

110701 Happy 28th Birthday Park Jung Soo

Happy 28th Birthday to uri Leader Leeteuk oppa
이특씨가 생일축하해요!
Happy Birthday Leeteuk!

Thanks for all the hard work you have done for SJ.
Thanks for the care of SJ and ELF.
Thanks for love for SJ and ELF.
Thanks for shouting 'Annyeonghaseyo, uri neun Super Juni~OR'
Thanks for bringing us lots of Fun and Crazy jokes to SJ and ELF.
Thanks for being SJ Leader.
Thank you so much! Saranghae

Thanks, Leeteuk oppa jokes which bring us lots of laughter
Thanks, Leeteuk oppa for taking good care of each member for almost 6 years
Thanks, Leeteuk oppa bring Teukigayo to ELF in Strong Heart program
Thanks, Leeteuk oppa who always shout the slogan of SJ 'Annyeonghaseyo, uri neun Super Juni~OR'
Thanks, Leeteuk oppa and SJ members give us ELF a Asia Tour of  SS2 and SS3
Lastly, thanks to Leeteuk oppa bring Fun, Crazy, Enjoyable, Cute, Imitation and Love to SJ and ELF. Yonwonhi Saranghae

Credit : ME

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