Monday, January 2, 2012

[MESSAGE] 120102 Super Junior's New Year 2012 Message

Donghae's New Year Message

[TRANS] I'm spending the new year with the members ㅎㅎ Jealous?? Have a happy new year with Super Junior!^-^ Be healthy! Just like the East Sea (Donghae)... Super Junior Donghae

翻译 : 新年也和SuperJunior一起 福气多多哦 要健康哦 东海

Eunhyuk's New Year Message

‎[TRANS] In 2012, let's stay in love~!!♡ Super Junior Eunhyuk

翻译 : Super Junior银赫 2012年也相爱吧~!!!

Kyuhyun's New Year Message

‎[TRANS] Well.. Let's forget everything in the past and expect brilliant things in 2012... To the rough open field~ let's run away♬ Super Junior Kyuhyun

翻译 : 好吧...过去的都忘记 期待灿烂的2012吧... 打破障碍~腾飞吧♬

Leeteuk's New Year Message

‎[TRANS] May this 2012 be a delightful year!! Coming back after 60 years, the year of the dragon! Wish this year will be a vibrant and colorful year just like a dragon for you. I keep growing oldㅠㅠ Super Junior Leeteuk.

翻译 : 2012年是壬辰年,说是60年一次的黑龙年 !请大家像龙一样充满活力的度过吧!年纪总是在长...ㅠㅠ

Ryeowook's New Year Message

‎[TRANS] 1]궁(0곡... What is this?ㅋㅋ I've also posted it on Twitter. "See it upside down" ㅋ It's a Ryeowook Gag. I love you Happy New Year!!! Super Junior Ryeowook. Love you!

翻译 : 2011 2012 Super Junior 厉旭 来过倒。。。。。 这是什么!! keke 推特也上传了.. "看看来过倒吧" ke 不管怎么说 爱厉旭吧 我爱你们 Happy New year!! 厉旭 我爱你!

Shindong's New Year Message

‎[TRANS] In 2012...I'll be the only one who's rich~♡ It's a joke!! Super Junior Shindong

翻译 : 2012年...只有我一个人成了有钱人~ 骗你的!!

Siwon's New Year Message

‎[TRANS] I wish we will be so much in love, thankful, and always together...SJ Siwon

翻译 : SJ member 始源 非常爱你们,感谢你们 不管什么时候也要在一起 ……

Sungmin's New Year Message

‎[TRANS] In 2012!! Let's also fill each day with only happy things!! Super Junior Sungmin

翻译 : 2012年耶!! 总是能充满开心的事!

Yesung's New Year Message

[TRANS] E.L.F! Have a happy new year. Super Junior Yesung.

翻译 : 新年的祝福全带走吧! Super Junior 艺声

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