Saturday, August 15, 2009

[NEWS] 090813 Sean, “Instead of ‘idols,’ Big Bang and 2NE1 are kids that are great ‘artistes’"

Producer Sean (of YG’s Jinusean) said about hoobaes Big Bang and 2NE1, “Instead giving them the label ‘idols,’ it’s better to call them extremely talented ‘artistes’ and kids.”

On August 16th, Sean will be appearing on MBS’s Entertainment Interview, during which he talks about his views on YG Entertainment’s Big Bang and 2NE1: “If we’re talking about any unique qualities of our company’s idol groups, it’s best and more reasonable to say that they’re just kids who really, sincerely love music.”

Sean said, “When compared to ‘idols,’ the regular audience that follows Big Bang and 2NE1 also tends to look at them as ‘artistes.’” “When talking about ‘idols,’ usually we just connect them to pretty faces and outer appearance, but recent idol groups all have a lot of talent. From the outer appearance to inner talent…”

Sean also says, “Ever since Big Bang was young, I’ve been watching them grow up. G-Dragon and Taeyang even more so, since they entered the company at a young age, when they were in 5th grade. Watching these kids grow up and mature, and now watching them become our country’s national representative group, and seeing their impression on others, there’s really a feeling of ‘if someone really has the talent and sincerity, there will always be people who acknowledge them,’ these kinds of thoughts.”

Sean adds, “When regular people their age would be playing, because these kids instead sacrificed all the things that they would have been able to experience and threw their whole heart and body into music, in the future they will definitely have good results.”

Korean to Chinese translations: 21‘s新闻组 @ 21.impact
Chinese to English translations: Lucy Miao @ BBVIP
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