Saturday, August 15, 2009

[NEWS] Date for operation yet to be decided, Family Outing members visit DaeSung at the hospital

The date for operation for Big Bang DaeSung, who had recently met with a car accident, has not yet been decided.

YG Entertainment said on 14th, “We were told it is best to operate the nose and eye together and we are currently finalising details of the operation. We are also discussing about his treatments to be received after the operation.”

“DaeSung is feeling much better now and is even joking around with the staff. And he is also receiving the appropriate treatments. The only thing is that he has injured his waist and it is inconvenient for him to move about. He was told not to move around too much too.”

Meanwhile, the team from SBS Family Outing – Lee Hyori, Yoo JaeSeok, Kim JongKook etc – are said to have visited him at the hospital.

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