Friday, August 14, 2009

[NEWS] MBC "Oppa band" all in....2 hours 35 minutes special episode

MBC have prepared a special episode for the corner "Oppa band" in order to bring "MBC Sunday Sunday night" (Ilbam) out of the depression of low rating.

A person from MBC on a recent interview with minitoday starnews said that "On Ilbam which will be aired on August 16th, we will prepare a ". He said on that day, both Ilbam's 1st part and 2nd part which last 2 hours 35 minutes will be used to broadcast "Oppa band special". On this episode, they will show the band's behind story and their process.

He also said "Although is received a lot of interest from viewers but the show's rating is still a single digit...with this special episode, we want to attract more viewers". In comparison with KBS Happy Sunday "Qualifying man" and SBS Good Sunday "Family outing" which are aired at the sama time, MBC "Oppa band" still has a low rating.

This is not the first time MBC make a special thing for "Oppa band", on August 3rd, MBC had done a promotion activity for Oppa band by inviting many reporters to the band's showcase

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