Saturday, August 22, 2009

[NEWS] Witness Describes DaeSung’s Car Accident

Witness Describes DaeSung’s Car Accident
Big Bang DaeSung who was injured in a car accident on 11th August has left fans much worried and shocked.

On MBC Section TV Entertainment News aired on 14th August, an interview with the witness to the accident was revealed. The witness has revealed his shock when he saw the car hitting up the guard rail and even caused a tree to uproot. An emergency officer Mr. Park said, “The car was damaged beyond recognition. The ceiling part to the car has also collapsed.”

“The coordinator was in between the seats. Manager’s right arm was stuck in the damage and he was screaming in pain. DaeSung was taken to the management office. He was complaining of back pain, and blood was flowing from his nose, his own face continued to bleed.”

A witness at the hospital also provided, “He looked like he hurt his face a lot. It was bandaged.”

It has been revealed that DaeSung will be undergoing an operation for his nose and eye area where there are fractions. And he will need 8 weeks of treatment.

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