Friday, June 26, 2009

[INFO] June 26th Music Bank stages

June 26th Music Bank stages include:
This is a special for the first half of the year

1. Wan Seok Hyun & Lee HwiJae ‘Noona I Love You’
2. So Nyeo Shi Dae comeback stage – ‘Tell Me Your Wish’
3. 2NE1 special stage – ‘Umbrella’
4. Girls Generation So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Boys Generation’ 2AM, 2PM, Super Junior, SHINee
5. Rookie dance battle - ChungRim vs AJ vs TaeGoon
6. KWill, Baek Ji Young, Jo Sung Mo with ‘That’s what friends are for’
7. [Special 'Idol Parade'] KARA performing Fin.K.L
8. [Special 'Idol Parade'] SHINee performing HOT
9. [Special 'Idol Parade'] So Nyeo Shi Dae performing S.E.S
10. [Special 'Idol Parade'] 2PM performing G.O.D
11. 2NE1 with ‘Fire’
12. Super Junior with ‘Sorry Sorry + It’s You’
13. KARA with ‘Pretty Girl + Honey’
14. 2PM with ‘Again & Again + I Hate You’
15. Son DamBi with ‘Saturday Night’
16. Davichi with ‘8282′
17. Chung Rim with ‘Step’
18. AJ with ‘Dancing Shoes’
19. TaeGoon with ‘Superstar’
20. 2AM with ‘A Friend’s Confession’
21. SHINee with ‘Juliette’
22. Jo Sung Mo with ‘I was happy’
23. K Will with ‘One drop one second’
24. Baek Ji Young with ‘Like Being Hit’
25. Im Chang Jung ‘It’s being long’

Rumor: I heard K Chart #1 contestants tomorrow are said to be So Nyeo Shi Dae, Super Junior and 2NE1
But let's all be mentally prepared just in case this rumor is not true. Although I would love to see a 13th award

P.S: OMG! I can't wait to watch all these performance... XD

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