Friday, June 12, 2009

[VIDEO] 090513 Love's Family Kyuhyun,Sungmin

Part 1

Part 2

WOW... This shoe was so sweet and lovely.
I really love to watch this show.
It's show how a idol love the kids.
I will describe the summary of this show.

Sung Min and Kyuhyun first mission was to wash the kids blanket..
They was so easily with the kids...
And having fun too!! ^^

After that, Their next mission was to help the kids to bath.
It's not easy to bath a kid, although a playful kid right?
They bath them very carefully.. [what a great future dad XD]
But they also get success on bath that playful kids.

Next, they have to cook for the kids.
their main dish was spicy rice cake.
So they are going to cook it with ramen noodle too!!
They named their dish as Sorry Sorry Ddukbokki.
The reason they name the dish with the sorry words on it is because they feel sorry because it was too delicious and they will eat up all, nothing will be left.
Sung Min was good at cooking too... He was damn perfect guy!! :)

After thier lunch, they have to feed the baby kids with the bottle of milk. Kyuhyun first start was kinda dificult to feed the baby but at last he get to be success it.
But in the other side, Sung min was able to handle the baby. Wow! He was really good to be a perfect dad. ^^
When the DP ask Kyuhyun, It is a success?
Kyuhyun answer, it is. Now i'm ready to be a groom! [LOL]
After that the DP ask Sung Min, What do you think when you see a baby?
Sung Min answer, I want to get married. Aren't people at my age supposed to get married already? [WOW, I would like to be his wife, if he want, Just Kidding only][Hahaha]

Time passes so fast, it's time for everyone to get a nap.
Even Sung Min oppa was get a nap with the kid.
[Owwwhh... How cute to see Sung Min oppa sleep]

After the nap, It's time for them to playing around together.
Kyuhyun decide to show a scary performance to the kids, after Kyuhyun press the tone, these kids didn't get scared just feel funny. Kyuhyun feel so embarrassed. [Poor Kyuhyun!!]
They also perform thier Sorry Sorry dance.. ^^ [Cool oppas]
Lastly they also sing the carrot song with the kids there...

At last is the ending of this show, the MC ask them how do they feel after taking care the kids.
Kyuhyun answer, We are really Thankful to have experienced this if there's a chance we'll be back again.
Sung Min also answer, I'm also thankful to my parent's. [He also sing sorry sorry song change to thanks thanks song to his parents.]

That all for today. Hope all of you got enjoy. Thanks.
Video taken from: SJSubs @ Youtube

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