Sunday, June 14, 2009

[NEWS] SeungRi, “After ‘Intimate Note’, I’m much closer to DaeSung hyung”

Big Bang member SeungRi and DaeSung was in Seoul Lotte Hotel for the press conference for their upcoming music ‘Shouting’ on 12th June.

That day, SeungRi said, “This is my second try at musical. Even though I’m nervous and little pressured about it, I’ll work hard.”

“Because we had experienced in musical, we were casted instead of the other members. The other members are also giving us much support.”

SeungRi also talked about the aftermath of their appearance on SBS Close Note, “After the filming for the show, I am much more closer with DaeSung hyung. And with this production, we will present ourselves as even closer hyung and dongsaeng.”

SeungRi continued, “We hope that the youngsters who did not know much about musical culture but because of us, many of them will become more aware of it.”

SeungRi and DaeSung had participated in the musicals ‘Sonagi’ and 'Cats’ in 2008. And SeungRi even won the popularity award for the 3rd The Musical Awards.

Meanwhile the musical ‘Shouting’ will take place from 12th till 23rd August in Seoul HanJeon Art Centre.

1st window for tickets sales will start on 17th June.

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