Sunday, July 26, 2009

[INFO] G-Dragon’s Hollywood Debut

G-Dragon’s Hollywood Debut

G-Dragon’s definitely taking a step into Hollywood, but not in the way you’re probably thinking. Remember his infamous “half pineapple” haircut for Big Bang’s 'Stand Up' mini-album last year? It has finally arrived in Hollywood. You would think that it would’ve spread like wildfire amongst the men of Hollywood but no, it’s the ladies that are channeling G-Dragon. Remember this? It's back.

I don’t know about you but I was hoping that this trend ended with G-Dragon. So if you thought G-Dragon was insane for shaving half of his head off, just wait to you see the females sporting them.

In 2008, rapper Eve and singer Keyshia Cole were seen with shaved sides but it wasn’t dramatic enough to stir up some talk. Some dubbed this look as the “female fade”. However, the celebrity that got people talking about this half-shaved hairdo was singer Cassie (P. Diddy’s rumored gf) in April. She soon started a trend as Rihanna, Lala (former MTV VJ), and Cassie Davis (Australian singer/songwriter) were spotted with this risqué haircut recently. Carmen Electra has also been caught by the paparazzi although hers is less noticeable than the rest, or more like the closest to normal.

G-Dragon’s label of ‘fashionista’ may be true after all with his half eaten pineapple haircut reaching the US. But which female celeb pulls it off the best, or is G-Dragon the only one that should be seen with it? Whoever it is, G-Dragon’s made a mark in Hollywood, although Hollywood may be completely unaware of it.

G-Dragon during a photoshoot for YG

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