Friday, July 10, 2009

[NEWS] “The Taeyang That I Know” – Dr. Kim Junhyun, Doctor Kim Jun Hyun, Taeyang’s LASIK eye doctor and ultimate fanboy

The singer TaeYang is the youngster that I saw in the hospital whose name is Dong Young Bae.
The TaeYang that I have seen only through the public media and performances is someone who has this innocent young looking face, the member of the talented group Big Bang. He is holding the post as the main vocalist in the group, and with his good voice, he is having many female fans as well as the regular maniac.

Among the charms that emitted from his look, the no.1 charm still is his smiley eyes.
The eyes of the smiling face logo that we used to stick onto our shirts during primary school are just like the eyes of TaeYang. Having lotsa fans, enjoying this popularity, the prejudice about him being ego in his real life had just turned out to be my misunderstanding.
His actual appearance, the way he talks is just same as the one we saw from TV, it’s his true self.

It’s just like what he has mentioned about his philosophy in the Big Bang’s best-selling book “Let’s Shout to the World!”.
He is just like his gentle smile, also having this beauty named modesty.
He treated every hospital staff sincerely and this has affirmed about his motto which is ‘life is completed with one half from self hardworking and the other half is the help from the surrounding’.

The managers and stylists around have praised TaeYang a lot, from this point it seems like he is a mature youngster that knows how to manage his interpersonal well.

Voice of a superficial person is loud, and talks a lot.
While ambitious person is quiet, and rarely talks.
TaeYang is just like the latter.
Everything of him being quiet and kinda shy is just as friendly as the brother from next door, and not like a star.
The look of being distressed about what to write during autographing the new published Big Bang’s autobiography is just like a special star having the characteristic of a normal person.

It is very impressive that TaeYang posed and smiled with every staff during the photo-taking after his operation.

Now, a month later after the operation, his sight is above 1.5. He didn’t apply the eyedrops on time due to the busy schedule, but he still manages to remain his vision well and this indicates that he is really a healthy guy.

I’m very surprised by his talents where he communicated with the Japanese fans in Japanese fluently at the Jamsil Arena Gymnastics not long ago.
The recent new generation of idols seem like are not only having singing and dancing training.
I heard that they are going to start their formal activities in Japan soon.
Strive with the foundation of the strengths and the accumulated hard works of Big Bang, I think they will become an international star.
And the role of TaeYang will have an important effect on it.

TaeYang is really a hardworking talented singer, is also a beautiful youngster that wants to live his life modestly.
I’m so glad that I get to know this good singer TaeYang through the LASIK operation.

Big Bang’s TaeYang is a very charming guy either his is a singer or his personality.

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