Sunday, July 26, 2009

[NEWS] Hidden camera on "Oppa band" - target Sungmin & Jungmo, + "Oppa band" sang Sorryx2 at SJ concert

The other members of Oppa band Kim Gura, Tak Jaehoon, Shin Dongyeop had set up a hidden camera on Sungmin & Jungmo.

Kim Gura, Tak Jaehoon, Shin Dongyeop had got angry and yelled at Sungmin & Jungmo when they arrived 10 minutes late of the filming time. Those three even suddenly said that the next filming day will be the same day with Super Junior's concert and force them to choose one. Jungmo who couldnt choose between "Oppa band" filming and Super Junior's concert had even cried.

However, on that day, "Oppa band" also came to "MBC Golden fishery - Radio star" and said that they'll volunteer to make an opening performance for Super Junior's concert. In the end, "Oppa band" had performed "Sorry Sorry" rock version at Super Junior concert.

"Oppa band" episode with Sungmin & Jungmo's hidden camera and "Oppa band" performed "Sorry sorry" rock version at SJ concert will be aired at July 26th.

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