Friday, July 10, 2009

[NEWS] 8000 Fans Attend Big Bang Event, @Yoyogi Park's Yagai Concert Hall

BIG BANG, who released their new single titled "Gara Gara GO!!" yesterday on the 8th held a special event to thank their fans at Yoyogi Park's Yagai Concert Hall.

All who bought their Japanese major debut single "MY HEAVEN" and their second single, "Gara Gara GO!!", which was released yesterday, could attend the event for free. At their previous Japanese major debut commemoration event, 2000 fans rushed in, and the event had to be canceled. However, this event was much bigger; 8000 fans gathered there.

On that day, it was raining off and on, unfortunate weather. However, when the five members appeared on the stage, the assembly hall was filled with big cheers. "In this rain, so many people came to see us. Thank you very much. Today, until the end, let's enjoy ourselves," greeted TOP with a smiling face. The other members also one by one expressed their thanks to the fans that came despite the bad weather.

BIG BANG gave a hot performance, starting with "Gara Gara GO!!" and "MY HEAVEN", singing a total of 4 songs in addition to announcements. In particular, despite the fact that "Gara Gara GO!!" had gone on sale earlier that day, fans sang along in unison and enjoyed the stage choreography.

Also, they announced a "big surprise" at the event: on August 19th they will release their first album entitled "BIGBANG". (note: I guess Number 1 doesn't count or something? haha) In addition, on the same day they will release an "best of" album called "ASIA BEST 2006-2009" that is comprised of their big Korean hits such as "Haru Haru" and "Make Love" and recap their early career in Korea. Also on that same day, they will release their "BIG SHOW" DVD, dedicated to their live performances from January and February of this year.

Credits and Translation: tsuyogari @ yg_bigbang LJ
Post Taken From : bigbangvip

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