Friday, September 4, 2009

[INFO] Bigbang's Schedule for September (Aug. 2 edit)

*All times are based on the Korean time (GMT +9)
*All schedules are based on the information posted in the 'PLAN ROOM' @ bbvipz
*If there are any more schedules that come up I'll edit this post

September 2
[TV] [17:00-] Mnet Bigbang TV (2 hours straight)
[Recording] Kim Jungeun's Chocolate (G-Dragon)

September 4
[TV] [18:30-] KBS2 Music Bank (G-Dragon debut stage)

September 5
[TV] [21:05-] KBS Yeonyaegajoongae - Iris Showcase (TOP)

September 6
[TV] [16:00-] SBS Inkigayo (G-Dragon)
[TV] [17:10-] SBS Good Sunday - Family Outing (Daesung)
[TV] [23:20-] 'SBS Special' Hit Song Secret Key (G-Dragon interview)

September 7
[TV] [09:30-] SBS Good Morning Plus One - Iris Showcase (TOP)
[Radio] [20:00-] KBSR 2FM Maybee's Raise the Volume (GD)

September 9
[TV] [18:00-] Mnet Bigbang TV

September 13
[TV] [17:10-] SBS Good Sunday - Family Outing (Daesung)

September 19
[Performance] [18:00-] 2009 Asia Song Festival
[Performance] [00:00-] 2009 Global Gathering
[TV] [00:10] SBS Kim Jungeun's Chocolate (GD)

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