Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[NEWS] 14/09/09 G-Dragon & T.O.P’s pasts revealed!

VIP's, the news just keep getting better and better! It has been announced that from the popular male idol group, Big Bang, rapper T.O.P and leader G-Dragon will also be featured on MBC Everyone's "Star, The Secret" along with members Tae Yang, Seung Ri, and Daesung.

T.O.P, known for his flawless looks and overflowing charisma from his glares, is said to talk about his past secret when his health was at the high risk of obesity. T.O.P's past also reveals how he had lost about 20 kilograms of weight forty days before his debut. His senior year homeroom teacher mentioned that "after T.O.P returned after forty days I realized that his old shirts and pants were able to fit a little more than two people inside. Another thing from T.O.P's past that will be revealed is his older days when he was still an underground hip-hop artist performing at clubs in cities like Hongdae and Itaewon.

A friend that made an audition demo tape with T.O.P said, "T.O.P loves to act silly and joke around most of the time, but when it gets down to music, he gets very serious and surprisingly has a vast amount of knowledge of music. In addition, he also is very skillful at memorization to point where its really admirable." T.O.P's story will air on September 16 on MBC.

G-Dragon's past story will be about how he debuted with the name, "G-Dragon" under YG entertainment when he was only five years old. He will also be talking about how he once captured the spotlight as a rapping prodigy and started projects with the best indie artists and rappers in Korea when he was only in the sixth grade. He also will reveal the hardships he has when through when many people did not agree with a thirteen year old trying to become a rapper. Many things were mentioned such as his work in musicals (footage will be shown in the episode), and his first sweetheart.

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