Monday, September 21, 2009

[NEWS] 090914 GD: "I could never beat TaeYang"

In his recent interview with Money Today Star News, Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon spoke about his “unlimited trust” in TaeYang, his fellow bandmate and close friend since childhood.

Commenting about TaeYang’s solo album scheduled to be released early November, GD smiled and admitted that their promotion periods could partially overlap. When the reporter said, "The competition between you two will be interesting to watch," he humbly replied, "(A deep sigh) I could never beat TaeYang."

They are now fellow bandmates but their friendship began 10 years ago when they were both in the 6th grade and joined YG Entertainment as trainees. Naturally they know each other better than anyone else. G-Dragon speaks highly of TaeYang because he knows about his consistent dedication and passion towards music and performance. TaeYang, too, do not hesitate to use the expression, "the best" when he talks about his buddy G-Dragon.

[Original source: HeSeong Gil@StarNews]
[Translated by pgeorgie]

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