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[NEWS] 090920 Kangin shed tears twice - a touching yet playful concert, Recap of SSII in HK

Hankyung, Siwon, Eunhyuk and Donghae led Super Junior in one of their many
fast songs and hot dances, dazzling happy fans from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and other countries

SJ performed many hot numbers, including one with Leeteuk
revealing his sexiness as he pulled up his shirt

Super Junior held its first concert in Hong Kong on Friday night. Kangin, who is involved in an assault case, constantly bowed to the audience and even shed tears twice in total during the concert.

With Kibum absent due to injury, SJ's other 12 members staged their first overseas stop for at the Asia World Expo on Friday night. The concert lasted three hours, opening with a short film by the members before they took the stage one by one. Kyuhyun, Leeteuk and Yesung greatly surprised fans when they suddenly appeared amongst the audience.

Speaking Cantonese

Kangin made his first public appearance at the concert after getting involved in an assault case last week. Even though his fellow members took turns introducing themselves in Mandarin, Cantonese, or with a dance, Kangin simply waved and bowed. He looked pale, and hardly spoke during the concert. While thanking the fans for their support since the group's debut four years ago through , he merely sat on the stage and, along with Leeteuk who approached him, cried. Singing their last song , Kangin could not fight back his tears once again and bowed to the fans, crying. Upon seeing that, Heechul, Siwon and Yesung immediately went forth to comfort him, while fans relentlessly screamed "Kangin" to offer him their support.

SJ performed over 30 songs during the concert, taking off their jackets to reveal well-built arms after ending . During , Siwon even unbottoned his suit to reveal his chest muscles. They also performed separately in their respective sub-groups SJ-T and SJ-K.R.Y, with Zhoumi and Henry making surprise appearances and performing as part of SJ-M. So as to fulfill fans' audiovisual needs, the group made use of fireworks displays and played several painstakingly-made footages on the screen.

Shooting fans with water guns

Being the mischievious boys that they are, SJ did not forget to display their hilarious antics, with Shindong crawling out onto the stage as a baby, while Heechul's 'fart' fought off the members acting as a bat and a spider respectively. They even got SNSD to act in their short films and then performed their version of their hoobaes' popular song with wigs on. During the encore segment, SJ transformed into different animals, playfully shooting one another with water guns while also directing their aim towards the audience every now and again. Hankyung even threw his animal head gear off the stage. Throughout the concert, the members often gave one another flying kisses and kissed one another on the cheek (Siwon, in particular, kissed Heechul several times), indicating the close ties that they share.

Hankyung's dancing skills beat Rain's

Chinese member Hankyung performed Gary Cao's famous song <背叛> ("bei pan", or "Betrayal"), getting excited responses from the fans present. He recently beat Rain and claimed the top spot in the "Best Korean Celebrity Dancer Contest" held by a Chinese website.

Sexy dances and 'kissing'

There were also solo performances prepared for the concert, out of which Leeteuk and Ryeowook performed hot dances with female partners. The former faked a kiss with the dancer through the clever positioning of their heads, while the latter had much skinship with the female dancer who was wearing a see-through attire, leaving fans screaming mindlessly. Heechul, who sang a slow song, suddenly sat by the stairs and grabbed hold of a fan's hand before kissing it.

Sr: 腾讯娱乐讯
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