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[NEWS] 160909 Kangin involved in a fight (Sept 18th UPDATES from police's interview), Kangin wont attend 2009 ASF, the result might be out on Sept 21

About 3.35AM on September 16th, Kangnam police were reported a case of fighting at a bar in Non-hyeon Dong, Kangnam which Kangin is involved. According to them, Kangin went to that bar to drink with a friend and was caught between a fight of two or three other guests when there ended up being violence in the bar. Therefore, Kangin and 4 other people who involved in this assault case were investigated by the police. Both SM Entertainment and Kangin himself stated that Kangin is innocent and he's just the eyewitness. Kangin himself also said that he's the victim, the one who got hit, not hitting other people. However, according to the police, one of a suspect claimed that Kangin had attacked him so they need to do more investigation about the case.

One person from Kangin's side said that while Kangin was drinking, a random person suddenly came into the room and displayed an act of violence for no apparent reason, not only to Kangin, that person also used abuse language to the waiter. Because of that sudden event, Kangin had left the bar and came home. But when being asked about the mess, some person said that Kangin was there so after coming home, he had to go to the police station for the investigation process.

The police said that Kangin was not drunk at the time the fight happened while the other suspect (a 35-year-old company employer called Kim-sshi) was dead-drunk so it's a high possibility that he was the one who started the fight. Kangin and the other 4 suspects were at the police station for the investigation process until 10.50AM.

On September 16th afternoon, Kangnam police have got the CCTV about the incident's footage and they said the truth about this case might be revealed on September 17th

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UPDATES on September 17th

- because of this case, Kangin being the main model with 2009 Miss Korea Kim Joori at a fashion show on September 22nd of Andre Kim is cancelled. Andre Kim said he is finding another one to replace Kangin.

- It seems that CCTV had caught a fight and Kangin was there but since the CCTV is quite blurred, the police might request the National Lab of crime investigation science to do more analysis about this so the investigation of this CCTV will take one or two more day and it will end on tomorrow September 18th so the result might be out after then. They said it's not easy to say anything because the case was happened at night time.

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according to SM Entertainment, Kangin had flied to Hongkong today afternoon with Super Junior to prepare for the SS2 in Hongkong which will be taken place tomorrow. However, SM said that Kangin's schedule after SS2 in Hongkong havent been confirmed yet

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UPDATES on September 18th

this is information from the interview with Kangnam police, there are some points which are much different than the previous statements

- According to the police, the fight did happen on the street (aka outside the bar) where a CCTV had caught the footage. It seems that Kangin and his friend were drinking in the bar when two other guests who couldnt find their room came in and there was a dispute between them. However, after Kangin came out of the bar, those two had followed him and started a fight. There was a passerby who said that he tried to stop the fight, thus being dragged into this case.

- The police said the friend who drank with Kangin isnt involved in this case because the fight happened outside the bar after they had drunk. They also said no one was dead-drunk when the fight happened and no one is seriously hurt .

- Besides, the police said that in the middle of the fight, there were 2 more people who had joined in....Kangin said that he doesnt know these people but the police are investigating about them so they cant say anything yet.

the link of the interview is here

Although Kangin headed over to Hong Kong for Super Junior's Super Show 2 concert, it has just been confirmed that he will not attend the 2009 Asia Song Festival.

SM Entertainment stated to Newsen on the 18th:

"Kangin will not be attending the Asia Song Festival. Although Kangin will not attend, the rest of the Super Junior members will continue on as planned and perform on stage."

Kangin will be returning to Korea immediately after the Super Show 2 concert is over. In addition, Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Joon will be replacing Kangin for the Andre Kim fashion show.

Kangin is currently under investigation for a recent assault case, which occurred at a bar in Seoul on September 16th, 2009.

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Kangnam police said that although they had done the watching and analyzing of the CCTV, the result will be only revealed next week Monday September 21st

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