Thursday, October 22, 2009

[NEWS] 091021 SJ-M guests for Stefanie Sun's concert

In Chengdu, Stefanie Sun “Meeting” SJ-M 2009/10/21 03:12 Sze Chuan news website- Chengdu newspaper

After 5 years, Stefanie Sun’s Chengdu Concert, who would be the guests at the concert? Is it him, Chen Chu Sheng? Or them, SJ(Super Junior) group? Confirmed, yesterday. The spokesperson for the concert had confirmed it to the media. 6th of November, Stefanie Sun’s “The answer is…Stefanie Sun 2009 World Tour” guests would be Korea’s hot band’s SJ’s sub group that is venturing into the Chinese market-SJ-M( Super Junior-M). Joining Stefanie Sun’s concert, what exciting performance would leader Han Geng leading SJ-M seven handsome guys bring? Would they and Stefanie Sun sing 《Yu Jian》in Chengdu together? Let us anticipate the idols in Chengdu who would “fly” in the Super show!

SJ-M released their first album 《Mi》 in April of last year and entered the Chinese market, 5 of the members from SJ: Han Geng, Si Won, Dong Hae, Kyu Hyun and Ryeo Wook and new additional members, Henry and Zhoumi formed the group- SJ-M, the M stands for Mandarin, and shows that SJ-M will use mandarin to perform.

This time to support Stefanine Sun, SJ-M will perform songs from their latest mini album 《super girl》、《sorry sorry》and other songs. Korean members that have been in china for quite some time, their Chinese speaking skills have improved a lot and their abilities to adapt to the local places is very good, When they speak “Hu jiao Sze Chuan dialect”, it wasn’t half-bad, let us see then…

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