Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[NEWS] 091013 Suju Heechul - Shinee - f(x), SM 3 groups' picture "it's heartwarming"

The heartwarming picture of SM 3 idol groups was made public.

On October 13th, girl group f(x) member Suli had posted on her own me2day a picture of her own group f(x), Shinee and Super Junior Kim Heechul which was taken on October 10th at 2009 Dream concert.

Suli wrote "This is a picture which was taken at the waiting room of Dream concert with Heechul sunbaenim and Shinee sunbaenim ! I gained more strength because Heechul sunbaenim, who I really admire, has gave me a lot of support" and "Like sunbaenim (Heechul) said, I will become a good Suli who always listen to leader Vic unnie ~^^ !", thus showing the love for her same company sunbaenim.

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