Thursday, October 15, 2009

[NEWS] 091010 "Miracle" MC's video msg to Kangin "Dont be depressed too much"

On the show KBS Drama "Super Junior's miracle" which will be aired at 8PM on October 10th, MC Park Kyunglim, Lee Sooyoung, SJ Leeteuk, Eunhyuk & Shindong had sent a video msg to Kangin.

The members on the October 28th's filming had said that Kangin is a "strong & patient person" and send support msg to him "It's pity that we cant be together (on the show)", "You cant be so depressed at time like this. Stop being depressed so much", "I hope that you'll come back soon", "We'll wait for you".

Besides, Super Junior's leader Leeteuk also revealed the story of him sending a msg to Lee Sooman to lighten the serious atmosphere about Kangin's incident. He wrote "Sunsaengnim, I will give a good talking to him. Plz dont worry" and Lee Sooman sent a msg back to him said that "OK, I believe in all of you", Leeteuk also imitated Lee Sooman's voice which made everybody laughing.

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