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[NEWS] 091013 Heartbreaker or heartbreaking?: G-Dragon Heartbreaker Review

Heartbreaker or heartbreaking?
G-Dragon Heartbreaker review


The reason why we raise this issue is that we find this particular piece a very thorough well-written song review by Joelle of [/] Fly Reviews. She did some researches on the terms of hip-hop sampling, rap, intellectual property law and, of course, plagiarism. We totally agree with her that shifting of people’s mindset is very hard.Let alone ours.

When people hear from a news, they start judging others by the headlines in which we think that it’s a prejudicial and unfair treatment to the creativity and musicianship of those hardworking lyricists, composers and artists.

We highly recommend you all to go read her full review here smile.png.

In Verse 1 of Flo-Rida’s Right Round, the second eighth-beat is broken. Flo-Rida took a breath and separated the sentence into two. This is the same for the fourth eighth-beat. If you listen carefully to the pauses in Flo-Rida’s rap, they are always on the eighth beat.

Heartbreaker’s Verse 1 had three different breaks found on the second fourth-beat, the third fourth-beat and the fourth fourth-beat. G-Dragon’s breaks in raps are always on the fourth beats.

The second verse repeats the same pattern, mentioned above, in Heartbreaker. The second verse of Right Round however, is longer with eight beats of eight.

During the chorus, Right Round uses only bass drums. The down-tempo is significantly absent. The use of the down-tempo beat returns only during the final part of the chorus. As for Heartbreaker, the down-tempo is used throughout the song, except for the bridge.

Both bridges of the songs are very different. The bridge of Right Roundcomposes of rapping, whereas Heartbreaker has a singing bridge.

To my best knowledge, at least I do not think G-Dragon plagiarized. Sampled probably, but not plagiarised. It is pretty obvious to me that Heartbreaker has a more commercialised and mainstream sound compared to Right Round.

Heartbreaker follows the ‘standard’ structure for popular music (pop songs, if you’d like to call them). It starts with a verse followed by a chorus and repeats this pattern, before a bridge and then a chorus to end the song off.

Then on does who start at the first win?

Lastly, don’t people always say ‘the first one to come out wins’? Well, now you know why.

For all we know, G-Dragon might have been working on his solo album for the past eight years and wrote the song two years ago. Just because it came out afterRight Round, it is plagiarism. Of course, that this is just my assumption.

G-Dragon started training in YG Entertainment since he was 13. If he had been trained to write music this way, then is it not natural that he wrote his debut album this way? If you listened to all of the songs he had written, was it not all done this way – a rapping verse, followed by a singing chorus?

It really sums YG & G-Dragon up

If G-Dragon is branded as a ‘plagiarist’, there is no way Big Bang or YG Entertainment can rebuild their reputations again. People need not hear for themselves to decide if G-Dragon plagiarised or not. As long as they believe the news that is circulating online, they, without second thought, will strike him off their list of listens, like I did two years ago.

It’s disheartening for me to come to this conclusion: Music is not the common language anymore; money is.

Credits: teambigbang.wordpress nd [/] Fly Reviews

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