Friday, October 23, 2009

[NEWS] 091021 Big Bang and 2NE1 on CNN

Back in April, Korean Electronics company LG recruited YG Entertainment artists Big Bang and 2NE1 to sponsor and advertise their new Lollipop phone. On October 20th, CNN aired a segment on what many have called "Asia's most wired city" and sent reporter Kristie Lu to Seoul, Korea.

The segment basically talks about the phones in Korea and why Korean electronics companies Samsung (world's largest conglomerate, world's largest electronics company, and world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer) and LG (large conglomerate, one of the world's largest electronics companies, and world's third-biggest maker of mobile phones) are the ones dominating the market there. The answer given was because of the marketing / celebrity endorsements by Samsung's Anycall Haptic and LG's Lollipop. After this, a small portion of the Lollipop MV was played.

Even though it was for a few seconds, I thought it was pretty cool to see Big Bang and 2NE1 on CNN. Rain / Bi is also scheduled to be on CNN's Talk Asia soon. Also check out the BBVIP Forums and YG Ladies Forum.

The Big Bang and 2ne1 part starts at 1:05 youy can sheck it out HERE

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