Friday, October 2, 2009

[NEWS] 091002 Leeteuk's slip of the tongue to reveal that Boom has a girlfriend

It has been known that Boom is currently in a relationship.

This truth had been revealed on October 1st, during the filming for SBS's new variety show "KangShimJang" and it was a slip of the tongue.

On that day, Boom had unintentionally said "I dont have a girlfriend now" but soon after that, he showed that he's quite uncomfortable. After noticing Boom's expression, MC Kang Hodong had asked Super Junior Leeteuk, who knew Boom very well about this and in the end, Leeteuk had revealed that Boom is currently in love.

A person from the show said that "It's the situation that Leeteuk shouldn say anything but instead, he said 'It's true' and Boom has a girlfriend, thus confirm that Boom is in love"

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