Friday, October 30, 2009

[NEWS] 091029 SJ-M’s High Popularity, New Single Seizes Number 1 on China’s Charts

Super Junior-M (of Korea’s SM Entertainment), who are active in the music world, monopolized number one on China’s well-known television and radio charts in one move with their recently released new album “Super Girl”. Once again proving their super high popularity in China.

SJ-M released “Super Girl” at the end of last month and obtained good results with number one in the fourth week of October on China’s authoritative music charts, “Pepsi Music Chart” and CNR’s Music Radio “China’s TOP Chart”. These two charts separately represent China’s television and radio, these two are largely the most authoritative music charts. They do not only represent some regions in China, but rather it is based and judged on nationwide album sales and degree of popularity. With their peak popularity, SJ-M ascending such popular Chinese music charts has also undoubtedly confirmed their super high popularity once again.

Also, when SJ-M’s first mini album “Super Girl” hit the market in Taiwan it achieved number one in album sales soon afterwards. Now at present after achieving such proud achievements on China’s two most authoritative charts on television and radio, this truly proves the “Super Girl” craze is already blowing everywhere.

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