Friday, October 30, 2009

[NEWS] 091028 An article about Sungmin's Dad and family

If you vist "sendbill" official homepage, you will be surprised to hear popular idol group Super Junior members singing the logo song for the company.

Super Junior member Sungmin is the son of the president of the company Lee ChunHwa. Because of his Dad, Sungmin had written a cheerful, catchy logo song to promote for "sendbill" service.

Lee president said that "Sometimes there are fans of my son come crowding around my house. It's because my son is famous, I find it a good thing rather than feeling annoyed" and showed a satisfied expression. Besides, Lee ChunHwa president's wife has done a lot of charity activities for the handicapped people for over 3 years, she even received a Seoul City award for that.

With the father being successful with his own company, the mother with her charity activities and the son with his popularity in the showbiz, we expect to hear more good news about Lee ChunHwa presient's family in the future.

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